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Why Google is better than Bing for PPC advertisers

May 21st, 2013

If you’re thinking about investing in a Google AdWords campaign,, you couldn’t make a better decision for your company.  With 67 percent of market share and unmatched capabilities, Google is the clear choice for PPC advertisers.


Sheer popularity is reason enough to opt for Google, especially if you’re starting to use PPC advertisements. Obviously, the more often people see your advertisement, the more well known your business becomes, and the more users who see your advertisement, the more chances you have for sales.


A pay per click campaign with Google AdWords guarantees potential access to a more Internet users than Bing. Google is the default search engine for a lot of browsers and the choice most people make when searching.


If you still need some convincing, read on for the top reasons why Google is better than Bing, and any other search engine, for a pay per click campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

Why you should invest in a PPC mobile campaign ASAP

May 20th, 2013

If you’re an online advertiser, it is a fantastic idea to invest in a PPC mobile campaign. While it is not absolutely necessary, doing so can benefit your company greatly.


Marin software recently released a report stating that mobile devices will drive one third of paid clicks in the US by December 2013. Do you want to potentially increase business by 33.3 percent? Then you should invest in a pay per click mobile campaign.


One of the exciting elements of mobile advertising is that you can show a different set of advertisements and set different bids based on the mobile device you are targeting. Like all Google AdWords campaigns, you can also target by location and time.  People use their smartphones constantly, so targeting users on mobile devices is an obvious choice. As smartphones become both cheaper and more advanced, mobile PPC advertising is becoming more important for businesses. Read the rest of this entry »

What are the Main Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising?

May 17th, 2013

What are the main advantages to be had from marketing your business online via pay per click advertising?


1. Anything from a local to global audience at the touch of a button

The first top advantage of pay per click advertising is that worth nothing is the fact that you can easily select the focus and scale of your target audience at the click of a button in your pay per click advertising account.


If you want to focus your online advertising on a small, localized area, within a few square miles of your business or store, you can choose to do so. If you want to advertise your products or services across more than one continent, you can choose to do so thanks to the technical advantages of pay per click advertising.


Being able to geographically target your audience is a huge pay per click advertising advantage, particularly because the boundaries that you set can be changed at any time. There are also lots of other ways to continue targeting your audience, such as their social or cultural preferences which can be gleaned from your audience’s social networking activities for example. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Tips for Creating the Best Image Advertisements

May 16th, 2013

AdWords image advertisements will always generate a higher click-through-rate and higher conversion value through impression rate compared to other forms of advertisements. People are automatically drawn to images as compared to texts. A marketer creating an image advertisement would just have to pay a little more for image advertisements which will not pose a problem considering the benefits it can bring to the campaign.

tip-jarSince an image advertisement will cost a few extra cents, it will be best to take note of these 5 tips that will help create the most effective advertisement a marketer can make out of his or her budget:

Create image advertisements like a movie poster.

No, this is not about getting a popular star posing for the AdWords advertisement. This is as simple as using a picture of someone with a pretty face using the product; a happy family enjoying the services; good-looking peers sharing what the company is offering; an adorable kid; or a lovable pet. Use an image of a person to whom the users can relate instantly; a picture able to grab the interest of the users right then and there. Read the rest of this entry »

How does Webrageous help Law Firms improve their Google AdWords Campaigns?

May 10th, 2013

Webrageous continues to welcome new law firms needing help with their Google AdWords campaigns. The growing database of its clients is gained through favorable testimonials shared by Webrageous’ clients in the past. Satisfied law firms have shared testimonials about how Webrageous  improved their Google AdWords Campaigns.


judge-gavel-mouseSo how does Webrageous help Law Firms to improve their Google AdWords Campaigns?

  • Webrageous increases the number of conversions while the cost per conversion consistently decreases
  • Webrageous perks up law firms’ Google AdWords Campaigns through conversion optimization. Webrageous does conversion optimization not just by examining the results and activity within law firm Google AdWords Campaigns, but more importantly, Webrageous examines WHY this activity occurs in the campaigns. Read the rest of this entry »

How will the new Google venture known as “Art, Copy and Code” benefit PPC Advertisers?

May 8th, 2013

“Art, Copy and Code” is Google’s new project which marries the classic storytelling rich in human insights with today’s highly technological digital advertising.


jumping“Art, Copy and Code” benefits PPC advertisers in crucial ways.  It can provide a higher visibility rate for PPC advertisements, drive large qualified traffic to a site, which thereby increases the site’s click-through-rate resulting in a higher Quality Score.

PPC is purely built on data, tools and software. With “Art, Copy and Code” PPC advertisers can utilize the intelligence of Google AdWords, and at the same time bank on what is real, what could touch the audience and what could really grab the audience.

Having both forms of advertising working together, Google provides an all new platform which PPC advertisers can utilize. Read the rest of this entry »

What makes Google AdWords the best PPC advertising network in the US?

May 7th, 2013

This year, Google AdWords continues to change the game in the world of paid search marketing through its competitive keyword tools, Enhanced Mobile Ad Campaign and Remarketing, thus making it the best PPC advertising network in the US.

dirtbikeCompetitive Keyword Tools

Google AdWords’ research tools pull up keywords with a higher rate of clickability or marketability for campaigns compared to any other PPC tools, as highlighted in the infographic presented by Dr. Pete.

Dr. Pete and his team collected data from 10,000 page one Google SERPs via both for typical business hours on a particular day and random hours on random days. They turned off the personalization and saw to it that crawlers were logged-out from Chrome browser. They retrieved 500 keywords in 20 different categories through AdWord’s keyword tools and generated the following results: Read the rest of this entry »

How can the PPC Manager improve keyword bidding techniques?

May 3rd, 2013

The PPC Manager can improve his or her keyword bidding techniques through these 7 simple ways:

  1. tip-jarPay attention to the users’ queries and bid consequently.

PPC Managers should know when to increase or decrease bids on a particular keyword or ad group to improve their keyword bidding techniques. The Search Query Performance Tool can be really helpful in deciding whether to higher or lower the keyword bids. Paying attention to what the searchers are actually typing aids PPC Managers to choose the perfect keywords they should bid on.

PPC Managers should base his or her decision to bid on freshly retrieved data and this means retrieving words to be use as keywords from actual traffic and actual conversions. The best tip to keep in mind is that searchers’ queries should control the keywords to be bid on rather than bidding blindly on keywords in the hopes that these keywords will drive customers to the site. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Reasons to Outsource your Law Firm Pay Per Click Management to Webrageous

May 2nd, 2013

Why should you choose to outsource your law firm’s pay per click management to Webrageous? Here are some of the most compelling reasons why:


  1. judge-gavel-mouseThe company’s track record.


As of December 2012, 72% of Webrageous’ clients are discerning and reputable attorneys across the US.


This 72% of US attorneys is composed largely of divorce lawyers, attorneys whose practices deal directly with medical device liability law and those which focus on pharmaceutical liability law.


Webrageous is proud to say that it began managing the marketing campaigns for some of these clients from a 0% visibility in the market. Thanks to Webrageous’ efficient Pay Per Click Management advertising, these law firms have been able to get a higher position on the Google SERP.


As more and more law firms outsource their Pay Per Click Management to Webrageous, the company continues to gain expertise in law firm Pay Per Click Management. It continues to find more efficient ways to create campaigns for law firms and advertising for US attorneys that can really generate successful results.


  1. Webrageous never stops at one thing.

Read the rest of this entry »

Why must PPC Managers learn to generate reports? What kind of PPC reports are useful?

May 1st, 2013

PPC Managers need to effectively generate reports, most importantly because they are usually solely responsible for the PPC campaigns they manage and they have to track and analyze their campaigns in order to make the best decisions for the advertising success of their clients.


laptop-workerThe PPC manage is the very first person expected to organize and analyze data and to immediately act on whatever findings a PPC report generates before passing this information to the clients.


Generating reports allows managers to successfully troubleshoot when and where it is needed. PPC reports are all about damage control and they inform the advertising clients of the problems encountered and solutions applied.

Read the rest of this entry »