Are conventional marketing strategies proving to be lackluster? Maybe it’s time to employ a little more creativity. Read on for innovative ideas from legal professionals.
Andrew Jezic

Andrew Jezic

Andrew Jezic, Founding Partner of Law Offices of Jezic & Moyse.

Affiliate marketing

Even though “guerilla marketing” campaigns and tactics tend toward trendy products as opposed to legal practices, the concepts can, in fact, be shaped for use in marketing law firms. In addition to raising visibility by involvement with local events, fundraisers, and community panels, try using a variation on affiliate marketing, wherein referrers are paid when they send paying clients your way.

Colleagues should be the primary angle of attack here; references are always welcome. If you’re a divorce lawyer but don’t handle criminal cases, you can foment arrangements with attorneys who specialize in criminal law to refer appropriate clients to each other.

Social media

When it comes to lateral marketing tactics, social media remains fertile ground for unconventional outreach to potential clients. Twitter has become a virtual marketing mecca for people in legal situations who are seeking someone to advocate for them. By taking advantage of these platforms, most of which are free to create profiles and use, attorneys can put themselves in front of more than 2 billion social media users, some of whom are seeking legal counsel at any given time.

Ken Eulo

Ken Eulo

Ken Eulo, Founding Partner of Smith & Eulo Law Firm, provides criminal defense representation for clients facing criminal charges in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.
Renata Castro, Esq.

Renata Castro, Esq.

Renata Castro, Esq., Founding Immigration Attorney of Castro Legal Group, a full-service immigration firm in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Personal branding

Investing in personal branding was “out of the box,” as sharing a personal opinion on subjects in videos on social media created a conversation with prospective clients. The result? A practice which has grown by double digits every year.


Our best out-of-the-box marketing strategy has always started with creative and out-of-the-box marketing campaigns.

Some of these campaigns included Client Closet, Email Pronouns, Mother’s Day Covid-19 Coloring Books, and Torn Apart. Torn Apart has been the best example because we started with the unique idea of getting an artist to fly to America and work out of a NYC apartment for three months, building life-size artwork, using dozens of boxes of legal files of clients.

The artist created three beautiful art pieces (that hang in the office), which we turned into an out-of-the-box marketing campaign. It included commercials/billboards/full-page ads – and resulted in Emmy awards, MarComm awards, and national recognition.

Maura Kennedy

Maura Kennedy

Maura Kennedy, Director of Marketing at Pond Lehocky Giordano.
Elizabeth Ricci

Elizabeth Ricci

Elizabeth Ricci, award-winning attorney, named the “Go-to lawyer for veterans,” Presidential appointment to the Selective Service System Board. Web:

Pro bono work

My pro bono work representing foreign-born US military veterans denied citizenship has been my best “out of the box” marketing. My work has spread among vets, been covered by major media, and led to a partnership with the American Legion. In the last seven years, I have become an expert on foreign-born vet issues without trying. Of course, I log the hours and report them to the Florida Bar as part of my pro bono obligation. It has been a “win-win”.

Be engaging

Create brand awareness by providing useful, informative, and valuable information freely to your viewers.

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Be engaging on social media and use your name as a foundation to then seek out questions that are on groups online and give advice and support.

As difficult as this can be to provide free advice, you are investing in the future of your business as you are pushing to become a thought leader and ‘go-to’ for when other viewers who see your comments, or the individual themselves, look for further support.

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor, Director of

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