What To Do When PPC Isn’t Working

If you are a PPC professional, I can bet you have encountered a situation where a client’s PPC campaigns stop being profitable. Their ROI starts declining and your client starts screaming, “What the hell did you do to my campaigns? PPC performance was good last month!” To this, you honestly answer, “Don’t worry, I am working on getting things back on track and the campaigns will start performing well again.”

Now you start looking into the change history to revert any changes you may have made since the ROI started declining. Still, you notice no big improvement. You play with different bids, pause low performing ads and/or write better ad copies, review search term reports and add negative keywords. Despite all of this, nothing works.

You have tried everything but still can’t reach the point where your client’s ROI improves. What do you do next? Here’s the answer – start to cut.

Reduce Radius Targeting

If you are a local business that has radius targeting, try reducing the radius. If you are targeting 30 miles, try 25 instead. If things still don’t work then try 20 miles. Just keep cutting until you start seeing profit from your campaigns.

Turn Off Broad or Phrase Match Keywords

In a situation where you stop seeing results, it’s a good idea to stop broad match keywords. Broad match keywords can silently eat your budget by showing your ads for irrelevant searches. It’s very important that you keep monitoring your search term reports. When you stop seeing profit, turn broad match off and see if your result improves. If you still don’t see results, try turning off the broad modifier and phrase match. Let nothing else aside from exact match keywords run and see if performance improves.

Turn Off the Display Network

If you are running ads on the display network, turn those off too and see if the results improve. There are some best practices for running ads on the Display Network and if you are not following them, you are probably just wasting your money.

Turn Off Search Partners

If your campaigns are running on search partners, it could be time to turn it off too. Simply uncheck the “include search partners” option and see if your results improve or not.

Turning off Google Search Partners

The idea is to get your hacksaw out and keep cutting every few days or every week and see if your campaign is doing better or worse. You want to focus on the key element that returns your campaign to profitability.

Turn Off Low-Performing Ad Groups and Campaigns

Review your ad groups and turn off those that have high cost-per-conversion. Do the same with campaigns if you have multiple campaigns. The idea is to run only your best campaigns and ad groups. Every account has several keywords, ad groups and campaigns with better performance than the others. The goal is to cut down to just those and see if you can do better.

Cut the Hours Ads are Running

Try cutting the number of hours during which your ads run. Review the hourly report and find the hours when you get most of your conversions. Schedule the campaign to run between those times. If your client wants to get calls, run ads only during business hours so that no call gets missed.

Case Studies

We had a client who was spending $100,000 a month but was barely making money after a change in market conditions. Both his website and his PPC account were well optimized. When optimization wasn’t working, cutting back was the only thing left to try. As an agency, you don’t like cutting your right arm off and seeing your fees going down, but it’s the right thing to do. And we have done it before for several clients. We always put their interest first. So we cut his budget to $50,000 per month and things worked great from there.

Another client was desperately trying to ramp up sales and was spending about $30,000 a month. The client decided to ramp up to $250,000 per month. They hemorrhaged a tremendous amount of money for over 1 to 2 months with no increase in sales. It didn’t seem like things were working for them, so we cut their budget to $1500 per month and started careful testing.

Another client was spending $100,000 a month and things weren’t working. When they were working with another agency, they did what a lot of other agencies do – suggest that they needed to increase their budget. But if things aren’t working now, they aren’t going to work with a higher budget. They started spending $200,000 a month and it was a disaster. They hired us and we cut the budget down to $50,000 per month. From there, things worked much better for them.

Sometimes, you have to guide your client in a direction, which hurts as an agency, but we feel if you do the right thing for your clients, they see results and stick around.

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Pharmaceutical Liability Marketing with Google Adwords

Webrageous manages pharmaceutical liability and medical device liability campaigns for law firms via Google AdWords.Pharmaceutical liability and medical device liability is one of the most lucrative spaces within the legal industry right now. We have been managing pharmaceutical liability campaigns for over 10 years. We helped a client become one of the lead plaintiffs on an important birth control lawsuit. And we have managed campaigns for failed pain pumps, failed hip replacements, a diabetes drug causing cancer and many more. We routinely manage Google AdWords accounts for law firms spending at least $100,000 per month. We have delivered thousands of leads in pharmaceutical liability for several clients nationwide. There are of tricks we have learned to manage pharmaceutical liability campaigns. The competition and cost per click can heat up very quickly. And there are large ebbs and flows of search volume as news breaks on these cases. As seasoned veterans in this space we know how to maximize your advertising dollars.

Here are the all time results for several pharma campaigns for one of our clients. These results don’t include calls which reduce the cost per conversion by about 50%.
pharma results

Watch All Webrageous Client Testimonials

Here are several video testimonials. After watching the first testimonial by the owner of a resort in the Bahamas you will see several videos of attorney clients.

The Legal Industry PPC Market is Highly Competitive

Because of the potential business that successful PPC campaigns can generate, pharmaceutical liability and medical device liability digital advertising is a highly competitive space. Unfortunately, keywords related to the legal industry are some of the most expensive keywords on the market. Law firms can expect to bid upwards of $100 per click to secure the most competitive keywords. Many advertisers are finding greater success with mobile advertising campaigns, but effective mobile PPC can be just as time-consuming and costly for amateur advertisers. after managing dozens of pharmaceutical liability campaigns we know the tricks of managing these campaigns. The trick in 2016 and beyond is to drive live calls which are in most cases the best leads. We do this by giving people the option of clicking to call when they search on a smart phone. And when potential clients are on your website on a smart phone it’s important to have one or more opportunities to click to call.

The Unique Challenges of Pharmaceutical Liability Marketing

For firms specializing in pharmaceutical liability, creating effective advertising campaigns can be especially challenging. New rulings and cases can create an unpredictable ebb and flow to the most popular search terms for pharmaceutical liability. When a new case hits the news, search volume for related terms skyrockets and competition for the top keywords explodes, but then after time the volume dies down. These fluctuations can be difficult to navigate and challenging to keep track of over time. Search volume for these terms can have dramatic ups and downs as new developments hit the news wires but then go through weeks or months with much less interest before flaring up again. Your time is worth too much to spend playing catch up with the whims of an online audience, so having a solid, battle hardened digital advertising partner is your best bet against wasted time and energy. We helped one of our clients become one of the lead plaintiffs for the Yasmin case. And we manage tens of thousands of dollars for ongoing pharmaceutical liability cases every month.

Gain the Benefit of Years of Pharmaceutical Liability Marketing Experience

Because we dedicate our time managing successful advertising campaigns for law firms, we have a deep understanding of the pay per click advertising industry. We’ve done the hard work of figuring out what works and what doesn’t work over the years, so we can bring tried-and-true techniques to your PPC campaigns.

We also have a direct working relationship with Google AdWords representatives, making us a reliable resource on the latest PPC trends and strategies.

Webrageous’ team of legal advertising specialists has years of experience optimizing PPC campaigns within the pharmaceutical liability space. Our extensive experience with advertising in the legal industry has given us a wealth of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to dealing with the nuances of digital advertising for law firms. Our specialization within the pharmaceutical liability space lets us understand your needs and create strategies that work, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns. We have helped many pharmaceutical liability clients see better results than they can achieve with self-managed campaigns or an inexperienced provider that doesn’t understand the tricks of managing pharmaceutical campaigns. Most importantly, you don’t want to risk running afoul of State Bar regulations. With our years of experience you won’t have to worry about us getting you in hot water.

See The Results We Have Delivered For Others

Our PPC professionals have the experience and time to focus in on creating a solution that works for you, so you can spend less time trying to navigate digital advertising and more time with your clients.

Change Your PPC Strategy Today with Webrageous and Start Seeing Results

Contact Webrageous today to jumpstart a pharmaceutical liability PPC campaign that performs well and helps you hit your advertising goals. Let us review your existing Google Adwords campaigns on a no-obligation basis, and we will give you a brief analysis of your performance and help you understand why your campaigns might be falling flat. We’ll help you create a customized PPC plan that gets conversions and drives business for your firm.

Five Most Common Pay Per Click Management Myths

Pay Per Click Management MythsThis is an article designed for PPC Managers, PPC Advertisers who are working alongside PPC Managers in order to promote their business or service and anyone else who happens to be involved in the PPC efforts of both small and large corporations.


Too often, people who know very little about PPC Advertising are either put in charge of the PPC Management of a company or the PPC Expert is continuously invaded by ill-informed suggestions (or, better said, demands) made by those in the company who have the power to exercise a lot of control over what goes on. Unfortunately, these people rarely have any idea about the ins and outs of PPC Management.


For this reason, the following five Pay Per Click Management Myths have been listed in order to highlight some of the most common ways in which inexperienced staff in a company can ruin a PPC Advertising Campaign because they only understand results and data available from a very basic point of view.


triohandshake (2)1. More is Better

Just because you have lots of people working on a PPC Advertising Campaign, this does not mean that the results will be better. If one element of your PPC Campaign begins to do really well, this is no reason to begin throwing manpower at it from all directions.


Too many people focusing on the same thing can cause a lot of problems. Too many cooks spoil the broth and all that.


Equally, when one element of a PPC Campaign is working well this does not mean that all efforts should be streamed to run wild with this element, ignoring other possibilities in the mean time. Variety and experimentation can be the source of success when it comes to PPC. Therefore, avoid overdoing an element that shows promise. Be careful of doing something too much; of wearing it out so much that it dies.


fallingcurrency (1)2. Fixing the Easy and Most Visible Problems is the Most Effective

Inexperienced PPC Managers or members of a company who are working alongside a PPC Manager, inputting ideas, tend to think that the problems which are most visible are the problems that should be tackled.


Unfortunately, this means that problems within a PPC Advertising Campaign that are perhaps hidden a little deeper below the surface are not looked for; they are not even considered.


This lack of focus on those all important details in the work of a Pay Per Click Campaign can be dangerous and it demonstrates a thorough lack of understanding. If a campaign is not working, avoid accepting the most obvious cause as the answer to all your problems. PPC Management is technical and very complex. You must be well trained or at least learn to follow the advice of someone who is well trained, even if your inexperienced instincts are telling you that the most glaringly obvious problem is the root cause of the issue.


842893623. All Data is Relevant

PPC Advertising Campaigns need time to run for a while before data can begin to be useful and accurate. If you make changes to your PPC Advertising Campaign, those changes need to be given a fair run before you decide that they are not working for you in your favor.


People who are inexperienced in the arena of Pay Per Click Management are impatient and believe that the data they receive in the first week or even within the first few days of a campaign is data worth analyzing. This is not always true.


Some PPC Campaigns need to be given more time to run their course. Only then can truly effective data be gathered for analysis that is meaningful.


diceinhand (2)4. Knowing your Competition is Helpful

Lots of inexperienced PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers spend lots of time worrying about their competition. They look at what their competitors are doing, what kind of advertisement text is being used, when and where their advertisements are being impressed and more.


While this may be useful in some respects, it is a far better use of your time to be concentrating on the positive elements of your own campaign. Ignoring your competition is not what is being suggested here. However, putting more effort into your own affairs is recommended.


The less time spent on your own PPC campaign and the more time spent on observing the efforts of others only means that you are easily distracted from following both your instincts and from working on a campaign that suits your business. It as opposed to recreating the campaign of another and trying to make it fit the style of your business and website.


whichwaysign (1)5. Planning Ahead Creates More Success

Just like the stock market, predictions can be made but not so far ahead. PPC Managers need to work with short time frames and cannot be asked to predict what they are going to be suggesting to you regarding your campaign two or three months down the line.


To make these kinds of predictions is very difficult for a PPC Manager as the market changes constantly. Requesting that your PPC Manager makes a plan for the months ahead and then sticks to this plan may help you, the PPC Advertiser, to feel more in control and aware of what is going on with your advertising budget, but it is not going to help the PPC Manager to create a successful campaign.


In fact, these kinds of demands are likely to constrict the creativity and skill of your PPC Manager. Try to avoid making such precise demands on your PPC Manager and refrain from asking for concrete plans of action months in advance. In this kind of work, it is simply impossible.


3 Tips for Turning Errors into Conversions

tips for turning errors into conversionsIt is probably best not to think about the number of times an internet user has not converted on your site only because they encountered an error, particularly if your site is large and heavily visited. Errors are unavoidable. The Internet, like all technology, cannot escape moments of malfunction and therefore it is impossible to eradicate errors completely.


However, instead of allowing these errors to go to waste, why not do some work on your website to increase the prospect of turning errors into conversions?


Make something positive out of what could potentially be a huge loss of business by redesigning the look, feel and tone of the error message that the Internet user is presented with.


In this way, errors do not have to result in a negative action. Errors can create positive outcomes and the success of your website can continue to grow despite the inevitable existence of these errors.


The first thing to do is to test your website for what happens when someone types in a bad URL. For example, the following is the correct URL for a page on the Webrageous Studios Website: PPC Imposters However, if someone mistakenly types in the following bad URL that includes a stray number, for example: PPC Imposters Bad URL they are then presented with a polite message that tells them exactly what went wrong. Try clicking on both of these links above to see what we mean by this exactly. Then follow in the footsteps of Webrageous Studios and prepare for bad URLs by creating pages like the one Webrageous has set up above.


Once you have taken a look at the above, follow the 3 tips below in order to redesign the error message that the internet user is presented with so that you can increase your chances of achieving a conversion despite the existence of that technical error:


97452608Images and Visual Layout

An error message that is visually inviting or that includes an image which aims to brighten the mood of the Internet user is very important.


If an internet user is presented with a message that is difficult to read, this can cause them to leave the site immediately without bothering to retry what it was they were trying to do in the first place. In short, a visually poor error message can cut dead any chance you have of securing a conversion.


On the other hand, if the internet user is presented with an error message that is clearly presented or which includes an image that may help to lighten their spirits, they may be convinced to either return to the site again later to try once more or they may continue trying to convert in that same moment (if you provide them with the option to do so, that is… more on this below in “Links and Options for What to do Next”).


Take a look at examples of error messages that are poorly constructed visually and examples of error messages that visually entice the internet user to keep trying to make a conversion by following this link.


dv488035Links and Options for What to do Next

Error messages that provide no exit route are extremely poorly designed. The kind of error message that simply says “there has been an error,” but which offers no way in which to continue or resolve the matter means that the internet user cannot convert, even if they are prepared to continue trying.


Therefore, if you provide links to alternative pages, telephone numbers or email addresses for internet users to make use of, you are more likely to turn an error into a conversion.


To see examples of the ways in which optional links or contact information in an error message can be used in order to keep the internet user on the path to conversion, read the Webrageous Studios article that presents visual examples of some effective solutions.


triohandshake (2)Tone of Language

Finally, if you “shout” the error message to your possible converter, or if you construct the error message without any thought given to the tone of the language you are using, then you run the risk of angering the internet user.


This is a really bad move because you run the risk of that internet user never returning to your site again. Anger is such a powerful emotion that you also run the risk of that internet user spreading their poor experience on your site by both word of mouth and through comment boxes, etc. on the Internet. Poor online reputation is something that you really should avoid at all costs.


Therefore, make sure that the message you offer doesn´t make the internet user feel responsible for the error. Avoid an error message where the tone of the language is brash, unhelpful or completely different to that which you utilize throughout your website in general. Make the language you use internet user friendly and in keeping with your website style.


Take a look at some examples of error messages that alienate the internet user further because of language tone and examples of those that help to encourage the user to continue in their quest towards conversion by reading the article on the Webrageous Studios.


Turn your errors into conversions and turn what could be detrimental for your business into something very, very positive.


Divorce Attorneys, Pay Per Click and Webrageous Studios is a Match Made in Heaven!

triohandshake (1)The irony is simply too good to ignore, but there are many divorce attorneys out there who are so happy with the Pay Per Click Management Services provided by Webrageous Studios that they are willing to make a commitment for life. If Webrageous Studios’ divorce attorney clients could marry with Webrageous, they would!


Webrageous Studios is one of the best Pay Per Click Management Companies in operation today via the Google AdWords Network. It provides a fantastic service which not only demonstrates a wealth of expert knowledge, but which also creates true success for its clients. The online marketing strategies employed by Webrageous mean that its PPC Advertising divorce lawyer clients benefit from increased quality score, higher conversion rates and a much healthier looking ROI.


fallingcurrency (2)As a simple example, one of Webrageous Studios’ divorce attorney clients in Austin, Texas, had 21 potential clients fill out his contact form in one month thanks to the Pay Per Click advertising strategies of Webrageous Studios. The same divorce lawyer client also received a huge number of direct phone calls as a result of the PPC Advertising Campaign that Webrageous Studios had put in place.


In addition, this particular divorce attorney has also reported that he recently signed off $10,000 worth of cases in one week thanks to the PPC Management skills of Webrageous Studios. His advertising costs only reached $1000 for that week too and therefore he is more than just a little pleased with these results.


See the results from this campaign below.


divorce attorney-2




The reason why Webrageous Studios achieves such fantastic results for divorce lawyers through Google AdWords is because the company is solely made up of Google AdWords Certified PPC Account Managers. In addition to this, the company is also extremely well versed in various types of divorce attorney work.


googlelogoFor example, Webrageous Studios can help divorce attorneys who wish to generate success through online marketing by concentrating those PPC efforts on the following areas of divorce law:


  • general divorce
  • contested divorce
  • uncontested divorce
  • divorce mediation
  • child visitation
  • child custody
  • child support cases

It is this specific focus and this specific knowledge owned by those PPC Account Managers who work for Webrageous Studios that makes the company so effective in online marketing for divorce lawyers in general.


Therefore, if you are a divorce lawyer who is interested in improving your online marketing efforts and utilizing the powers of Pay Per Click Management, Webrageous Studios is only a few clicks away. The company is waiting to hear from you today.