When was the last time you ventured all the way to the second page of Google to find what you were looking for? More often than not, when people search for something on Google, they are looking at the top results. Earning one of those top spots can be a daunting task for smaller businesses. We reached out to Google PPC specialists to hear how they think the reputation of a business can be impacted by the use of Google PPC. Keep reading to see what they had to say.
Daniel Veiga

Daniel Veiga

Daniel Veiga, Founder of Danny Veiga Marketing.

Reach Large Number of Audience

Google PPC helps a business’s reputation because it allows one to manage the tone of a business, how they present themselves in public, and what their credibility ends up being. PPC marketing and advertising enable businesses to maintain their reputation by reaching a larger audience of potential customers than traditional radio or TV ads.

With PPC advertising, marketers can reach more people in broader language and geographical [area] than they could with other channels. The added advantage of this kind of exposure is that you also tap into the user base of Gmail, YouTube, Android, and all other Google products.

This kind of awareness allows for more visibility in terms of brand recognition both nationally and worldwide. Alternatively, people can target hyper-focused niches to get even more exposure within their chosen sub-industry or industry, making it easier to magnify your pool of potential customers than ever before with targeted word advertising.

Your Ads Will Display to Specific Niche Targeting the Desired Audience

Google PPC helps in managing the online reputation of a business by being able to show ads only when targeted words and phrases used on blogs, websites, videos, or emails are entered.

Online reputation management is one of the most important aspects for businesses to consider. The vast amount of information that can be found online doesn’t have to be a problem if you have the right tools and techniques in your arsenal.

Google PPC uses keywords as triggers, which will automatically display ads related to those specific words when relevant searches are made. This helps ensure that your company’s identity will only be associated with content that is positive and beneficial.

For example, if you own a shoe store and want to make sure your business is always associated with content containing words related to the style of shoes or brands that you sell, it is within your best interest to use Google PPC.

There are several other ways in which Google PPC can help improve your business’s online reputation. Between social media, forums, chat rooms, and online reviews you will find it nearly impossible to manually monitor everything that is being said about your company. With the help of PPC, however, you can choose whether or not ads are displayed when relevant keywords are used. You will be able to avoid having negative posts resulting in a loss of customers show up on top of search results.

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When consumers are searching for a service or product online, you must stand out from the crowd and make sure your business has been properly represented. With Google PPC ads displaying only when specific keywords are used, it becomes much easier to keep track of any content containing information relating to your company.

Michail Korovin

Michail Korovin

Michail Korovin, Owner of Pearl of Caviar.
Ravi Davda

Ravi Davda

Ravi Davda, CEO of Rockstar Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in the UK

Personalize Your Ads to What People Need

When people search for something on Google and your business shows up, people take notice. You’re spending money on advertising. You’re paying to be at the top of Google. This business must be a market leader in that industry because they’re able to spend money on Google PPC.

This is exactly how Google PPC helps with managing your business reputation. You’re no longer that small business that’s struggling for business. Now, you’re dominating Google. If you want to do this properly and without spending bundles of cash, your advertising needs to bring in results. Otherwise, it isn’t a long-term strategy.

You can personalize your ads to create a positive impression in the eyes of anyone who sees them. What makes your business stand out? Why should people click your business over your competitors? This is the next step.

Create Ads Based on Testimonials

No matter the customer acquisition strategy, most prospects will check the reputation of the business before making a decision. Customers need to know what is in it for them. This can be achieved by quoting customer testimonials, reviews, and case studies. A perfect example would be creating an ad quoting a customer testimonial, which takes you to a landing page that has the client case study.

Harshad Ghodke

Harshad Ghodke

Harshad Ghodke, Digital Marketing Consultant at Conduce Media in Melbourne, Australia.

Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens is a Search Engine Marketing Specialist with over 8 years of experience in eCommerce PPC marketing at New Silver LLC.

Protect Your Brand from Ambush Marketing

Google PPC gives you the ability to protect your brand from ambush marketing by competitors. To be more specific, by bidding on your brand terms, you make it considerably more expensive for your competitors to do the same.

Conversely, if you fail to bid on your brand terms, your competitors can feast on the brand equity that you have built up, without incurring a high cost for doing so.

Two Ways to Influence Online Reputation with Ads

  • Google PPC can help you tell the story of the brand and have full control over your brand narrative. Your story can be seeded wherever you want using exact wording.
  • Google PPC, and especially Google Display Network, drastically increase your online visibility, both directly and also by attracting more quality organic traffic.
Alexandra Ponomareva

Alexandra Ponomareva

Alexandra Ponomareva, Head of Demand Generation at Uploadcare.
Max Benz

Max Benz

Max Benz, Founder, and CEO at remote-job.net.

Display Ads on Relevant Websites

With high-quality Google PPC service, businesses can get the best results in a short period. Google PPC is a promotional marketing option that helps businesses to build their brand by getting the right kinds of customers. It is also helpful in managing the reputation of a business.

Businesses have to be careful choosing PPC partners as many companies offer cheap services with low-quality output.

Reputation management is an important part of any business strategy, and it comes with a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits include attracting new customers and retaining existing customers.

Google PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, helps businesses to manage their reputation by making sure that the ads are displayed on relevant websites that have high traffic, typically referring to keywords related to the business. It also helps in targeting specific audiences for their ads, through keywords or topics related to their product or service.

Increased Brand Awareness

Google PPC can help in managing your business reputation in several ways.

  1. It can make your brand more visible to consumers. This helps you to build reputation simply through repetition. As consumers become more familiar with seeing your ads, they’ll be more comfortable clicking through to your website and eventually making a purchase.
  2. If you use the right techniques, the content of the ad itself can help you to build a better reputation. This can be through the way your ad looks (i.e., quality and professionalism), or it can be through something such as the use of customer reviews which show other customers what an experience with your brand is like.

PPC is an excellent tool for your business and can provide you and your customers with a lot of value

Josh Wright

Josh Wright

Josh Wright, CEO of CellPhoneDeal.
David Fernandez

David Fernandez

David Fernandez, CEO, and Founder, Capital Solutions.

Attracting New Customers

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a technique that allows you to advertise on Google, reaching a large audience of people looking for products, services, or information that you can supply. Google PPC helps manage the reputation of a business by increasing the number of clients who come through your doors.

The first stage in developing a brand is to raise awareness by informing your target audience that you exist. PPC is also helpful for attracting new customers and establishing favorable brand perceptions. Shoppers will visit your website if it appears in search results. If customers don’t see your ads, there’s a chance they’ll click on one of your competitors’ ads, resulting in lost revenue.

PPC Means More Exposure for the Business

Unlike traditional paid advertising, Google PPC offers firms unprecedented levels of control, allowing them to increase ad spend for demographics that work while decreasing ad spends for demographics that don’t. Google PPC helps in managing the reputation of a business by increasing exposure and trustworthiness.

The only way to make money and expand a business is to increase sales. Making even a single sale, on the other hand, requires a lot of time and work, which is why you should always be looking for ways to maximize your efforts to increase your profits.

PPC and SEO are linked. You effectively put your business name in front of more potential buyers by developing optimized PPC advertising, which means more exposure. Since most consumers feel more secure when they buy from a well-known brand, you’ll profit from a word-of-mouth recommendation, which accounts for half of all purchasing decisions.

Dan Barcelon

Dan Barcelon

Dan Barcelon is the Owner & Editor-in-Chief of Non-Athlete Fitness, a health and fitness blog for non-athletes and the athletically inclined.
Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta, Marketing Director at Incrementors Web Solutions.

Improves Exposure and Credibility

Expanding sales is the only way to make profits and develop a business. However, producing even a single sale takes a lot of struggles, which is why you should always look for a way to boost your efforts to grow. By creating optimized PPC ads, you typically place your brand name in front of more potential customers, meaning more exposure.

PPC marketing also helps build your credibility. As you know, customers don’t trust a business without a website and would never deal with doing business with them.

Make the Ads Directly Related to the Customer’s Problem

A business’s reputation is based on the experiences that people have when interacting with the brand. PPC advertising on Google is hyper-personalized since it is tailored to the search patterns of each individual. If a company wishes to maintain a good reputation, it must communicate a clear message that assists its prospects in solving their problems.

The commercial message must be direct, without ambiguities or opportunistic misinterpretations, and directly relate to the prospects’ issues to establish the company as a provider of solutions.

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia, Founder of Serg Velencia.
Marty Kelly

Marty Kelly

Marty Kelly, Founder, and Editor of Actively Outdoor.

Build Authority and Trust for the Brand

A company can successfully manage its reputation and brand through the use of a Google PPC campaign. What a successful PPC ad campaign will do is to build authority and trust for a brand with its customers.

Organic search results take time, so using a Google PPC campaign can quickly deliver results and traffic to a growing brand. If customers convert after visiting a business’s landing page, the brand will be strengthened and build authority within its industry.

The goal of any business or brand is to become synonymous with their branded search terms and to become a trusted authority within their industry. In this way, Google PPC ads can deliver quick results to bolster a business’s reputation.

Invest in High-Quality PPC Campaign to Attract Clients

Reputation-building mechanisms behind pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are quite simple. The sake of investing in PPC ads is to drive a website to the first page and, preferably, within the first three lines of search results on specific high, medium, and low-frequency keywords. It’s a much faster way to generate traffic on a website than with the use of organic methods.

How does PPC affect business reputation? The short answer is directly. The more you invest in a high-quality PPC campaign, the higher your chances are of attracting potential clients. Regardless of the niche, people always give their preference to the links on the first page of Google until they match the search query. If your PPC campaign will bring your website to the top search results for a variety of thoroughly selected keywords, and the service you provide matches user expectations, your reputation will keep growing continuously.

Dmytro Serhiiev

Dmytro Serhiiev

Dmytro Serhiiev, Tax Consultant & Co-Owner at PDFliner.
Daniela Sawyer

Daniela Sawyer

Daniela Sawyer, Founder & Business Development Strategist at FindPeopleFast.

PPC Drives More Customers to the Company

Google PPC is an advertising strategy where the advertiser only needs to pay for the number of times users have visited the link by clicking it. All search engines rank the search results, which ideally means a better resemblance to the search query.

Users tend to connect the top results more often. The top of the list of search results is of extra importance. Results appearing at the top are clicked more, get more organic traffic, and focus more than those appearing near the end of the list.

Before the actual search results, PPC ads are generally placed at the topmost position in the search result. These ads have two-fold benefits. One, by being placed at the top of the page, they quickly come into focus. Second, users tend to get answers to their queries on the advertised website and some other promotional benefits.

Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC ad systems and shows ads on Google’s search results page and some other Google services.

PPC ads drive more customers to the company by letting them know about the company’s presence. A good PPC landing page with proper SEO leads to improved exposure of the brand and enhanced credibility of the company.

Always Tailor Your Keywords for Better Results

Google PPC is not only a great tool for generating qualified traffic to your site, but it can also help with managing your business’ reputation. Customers are always researching before making a purchase and PPC can be leveraged to manage the narrative of your brand.

Paid results often show up above the organic search results, which allows you to manage first impressions on those who are not yet aware of your brand.

With Google Ads, you can optimize the ad copy to a specific customer query, which can be very powerful when it comes to bidding on long-tail keywords. The more your message is tailored to a search query, the more effective it can be in leaving a lasting impression on a customer.

Brian Lim

Brian Lim

Brian Lim, CEO and Founder of INTO THE AM.
Olga Voronkova

Olga Voronkova

Olga Voronkova, Marketing Director at KeyUA.

Reach your Goals Faster

Google PCC allows us to expand ourselves and achieve our organizational goals more quickly. It is a tool that we use to drive traffic to our websites and end up with better customer relations. It supports sales and customer relations in many ways. Here are some of those ways.

  • It collects and provides critical data, which allows us to have better CR.
  • It helps us to save handsome advertisement costs in our ad campaign.
  • It works smartly by spending only where it’s working.
  • It improves sales to a great extent.
  • It makes our presence in vital places and thus enhances our reputation.
  • It also allows us to reach overlooked market spaces.

Use an Engaging Headline

Since everyone is on Google these days, utilizing Google PPC ads is an excellent tool for maintaining a strong sense of brand awareness for your business. This can greatly help with your business’s reputation if you do it right; there are several different components that all contribute to a successful PPC ad.

For example, an engaging headline is extremely important because since the headline font is usually bigger than the rest of the text, it’s typically the first part of the ad that catches people’s eyes. This headline should summarize the point of the ad while not being too lengthy and be sure to include a call-to-action.

Chris Caouette

Chris Caouette

Chris Caouette is the Co-Founder of Gorilla Bow and has been an accomplished entrepreneur and business executive for more than 25 years.
Warner Quiroga

Warner Quiroga

Warner Quiroga, President, and Owner of Prestige Home Buyers.

Increased Exposure Helps Grow Your Customer Base

Having your website on top of the Google search takes a lot of hard work. One has to have in-depth knowledge of search engines and how they work. With Google PPC or Pay Per Click, your website will be put on an ad label on top of the Google page, which will deduct on your budget for every click made by visitors.

Being on top means more chances of website traffic for you and your brand. It builds a reputation to be on top of the page when someone looks up on Google for your service, product, or brand. Google PPC is simply put as buying website visitors rather than a natural click. It somehow shows that, “It pays to be on top.”

A PPC campaign helps in hitting target audience and produces quick profit. The ad label is awarded to the brand with the highest quality and most searched by visitors, including connection to the keyword and caliber of content.

Grow your customer base by gaining exposure through showcasing your brand to potential customers. Never underestimate the power of referrals and word of mouth from satisfied customers.

The first impression plays a vital role in giving a permanent image of your website and your brand. The same goes if negative posts are hurled against your brand name, which will significantly affect the company’s image. Having a good impression and a good reputation is good leverage to gain conversion.

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