Why You Should Hire a Google Ads Pay Per Click Specialist

If you’re doing business online, you are probably well aware of the need to have an effective marketing mix that includes social media, a website that sells, and some kind of ad presence depending on your industry and the size of your customer base. The fact is that your customers don’t just want to buy your product or service; they also want to know who you are, why you do what you do, and exactly why you are qualified to meet their needs.

Marketing online is now a daily reality for most businesses regardless of size, and it can seem like your work is never done. How many times have you said to yourself, “If only I had an extra two hours per week to make videos!” or “I just don’t have time to master even one of the ads platforms I need to know, let alone all of them!” You may have dabbled with PPC here and there, but if you’re like most online business leaders, you’re not a PPC expert.

At the same time, you probably recognize that Google Ads is one platform you can’t afford to ignore. More than 90 percent of search engine searches happen on Google, and of those, 98 percent of the clicks come from the first page of search results.

The complexity of the Google landscape is not on your side—and the stakes are higher than ever. Split second decisions made by consumers can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line, and your competition is just a click away. When every piece of the puzzle matters—from nailing your messaging, to selecting the right keywords and key phrases out of thousands of possibilities, to ensuring that your prospects land on a page that converts—you may rightly feel that to go it on your own could be marketing suicide.

That’s where a Google Ads pay per click specialist could be your new best friend. In today’s world, an experienced and effective PPC consultant can pay for itself many, many times over. The upside of a well-planned and executed pay per click campaign is massive, but the pitfalls are many. Let’s look at what it takes to get it right.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising on Google

If you’re not running Google pay per click ads, you’ve probably realized by now that you’re missing out. If you’re already running Google pay per click ads, you probably have a sneaking suspicion that with the help of a PPC specialist, they could be far more effective.

There are as many ways to fail as to succeed with pay per click ads. When done right, utilizing Google Ads is one of the quickest ways to gain brand recognition and increase revenue. You don’t necessarily have to have a content-rich website, a vast social media presence, or an existing client base to appear at the top of Google’s search results. Google allows you to buy your way to the top—provided that you know how to play by its rules. And this is where a Google Ads PPC specialist comes in.

There’s as big an advantage to your prospective clientele to seeing the right ad for their search query as there is for you to be able to show it to them. The Google algorithm rewards relevancy, because when users get what they want, they keep coming back to Google, and in turn, Google sells more ads. If your product or service is new, highly relevant to a particular market segment, or, for whatever reason, as-yet unknown to searchers, using Google Ads to put your message front and center is good for both you and your prospective clients. It’s the job of your PPC specialist to understand what sets you apart and then to serve up that message to prospects.

Relatively low cost of customer acquisition is another major advantage to being able to effectively leverage the Google Ads platform. While the Google Ads PPC market has seen explosive growth since its inception and competition is fierce, it is still hard to beat for the price. Consider the cost of running a newspaper, magazine, television, or radio ad, or even paying for inclusion in those packs of coupons that are sent around to residential neighborhoods (and inevitably wind up in the recycling bin). Google Ads is a competitive market, but a competent Google Ads PPC consultant can make Google Ads work for you.

Why Choose Webrageous for your Google Ads Pay Per Click Specialist?

Effective PPC campaigns are multi-faceted, and a weak link in any of the elements can sink a campaign. A PPC consultant who cannot cover all of the bases can bleed your marketing spend, leaving you with nothing to show for it.

Goals/Budget—What does success look like for your business? This is an obvious question to ask, but often goals are ill-defined. “I want to grow my business” is a fairly universal goal, but what does this really mean for you? How will you handle the growth that will ensue? As a lawyer or doctor, could you take on a 25 or even 50 percent increase in clientele on your own? Would you need to hire additional staff? To effectively meet your goals and avoid spreading yourself too thin, our Google Ads PPC consultants help you to define exactly what you are looking for—then and only then can we plan an effective campaign.

That, of course, leads to budget considerations. If the lifetime value of a client for you is $20,000, spending $500 to acquire that client is money well spent. If you can only handle five new such clients over the next 12 months, however, that too needs to be built into the campaign. And that’s exactly what our PPC experts have been trained to do.

Messaging—What do you want your future clients to know about you? What is the one thing you can offer them that none of your competitors can? You know the answers to these questions, and it’s the job of our PPC specialists to help you formulate them and then to locate the keywords that will bring your message to the best possible audience.

Keyword selection—Among the most important facets of Google Ads PPC marketing, choosing the right keywords can make or break your budget. Too high a search volume, and your ads may never see the light of day; too low a search volume, and too few will be searching for your terms to ever find you. There is a “Goldilocks” sweet spot when it comes to keyword selection, and even those terms can have dozens or hundreds of variations to choose from. Our experienced PPC specialists have made Webrageous one of the top Google Ads management firms in the industry by studying the art and science of keyword selection, quite literally on a day to day basis for more than a decade.

Effective copy—With Google Ads, you have just a handful of words to get your prospect’s attention. The ad copy must be compelling, relevant, and engender trust. If it sounds like an ad, your prospect may scroll right through it. BUT, it is an ad! It’s important that your PPC expert knows how to walk that line. Many searchers come to Google with the express intention of heading straight for the organic results. It’s the job of an effective PPC consultant to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

Testing—Once your campaigns go live, the fun really begins. An ad that might have seemed like a winner could underperform. On the other hand, a dark horse could wind up getting massive attention. You never know until your ads go live. When they do, we watch them with an eagle eye to find out what works and what doesn’t. You want a PPC expert on your side who can monitor every variable and who knows how to make even tiny changes that get attention. Adding negative keywords, removing expensive or superfluous keywords, and adding new keywords that could yield better results are all part of the continuous scans we make on your campaigns to keep them fresh and improve their performance.

Analysis— The entire Google Ads ecosystem has become increasingly complex as it’s had to handle more and more users. It generates tremendously valuable information about your market and potential market, uncovering a wealth of exceptionally granular information about user behavior and demographics. When you know how to interpret this data, not only can you make your ads more effective, you can also utilize it across multiple platforms to improve all of your marketing efforts. Our PPC specialists can translate that data to give you a significant advantage.

Conversions—When our clients think of pay per click, they usually think about—well, clicks! However, clicks on their own are necessary but not sufficient. Ads that don’t convert are no more effective than ads that don’t get a click.

An ad that gets no clicks is an opportunity cost. A click that does not result in a sale wastes time, money, and other precious resources. The process that used to happen face to face—converting a prospect into a paying customer—now must be done to large extent online. At the very least, you want to interest your prospect enough that they take the next step and call you, or even make a purchase online (if you have an online store). At Webrageous, we don’t just count clicks and leave you to your own devices. Our PPC experts can strategize and then help you create landing pages tailored to specific targets.

Let’s say you’re a personal injury lawyer. You know well that there are myriad ways that people suffer injuries: slips and falls, medical malpractice, product liability, car accidents, mishaps on the job, and many others. What if your firm could run ads speaking to each of these types of victims of personal injury and then funnel them to a landing page that’s designed to speak specifically to their needs and pain points? Well, you guessed it—you can! The more targeted your message, the easier it will be for your prospective clients to find you, and the easier it will be to sell them on your services once they do. It’s a complex process but one that our Google Ads PPC specialists do on behalf of our clients every single day.

See What Sets Our PPC Experts Apart

Trust in a Google Ads pay per click consultancy is paramount. Choosing a PPC expert is not unlike how you choose your car mechanic.  Most of us wouldn’t know if parts cost $40 or $400 because most of us know little to nothing about how to fix a car. We have to rely on reviews, reputation, and maybe even our gut feeling to some extent.

At Webrageous, we’re proud to have been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, along with a coveted placement as a Top B2B Company by Clutch, a leading ratings and reviews platform in the IT space.

Of course, an objective metric of any Google Ads pay per click specialist is their results, and ours speak for themselves. We’d love the chance to show you what we can achieve for you, whether you’re a doctor or an attorney specializing in personal injury, pharmaceutical or medical device liability, family law, criminal law, or bankruptcy.  Whatever your industry, if you’re ready to level up your Google Ads campaign, Webrageous is here to help.

Our seasoned, hands-on Google Ads pay per click specialists design every campaign from scratch after taking the time to understand your goals, budget, and messaging, and we deliver an ROI that is hard to match. With an 85 percent client retention rate, we believe that our results tell a story that you, quite literally, cannot afford to ignore. Our business load is such that Google has appointed us our own Google Ads representative, giving us direct insight into the constant evolution of Google’s infamous search algorithm. This is an invite-only status and confers a level of access to our clients that money cannot buy.

Contact our PPC specialists about your business goals today.