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One Critical Excel Function for Faster, Smarter PPC/Google Ads Management

Why Learn Vlookups? So, you’re a PPC veteran.  You’ve dabbled in quick Excel shortcuts that get the job done faster. … Read more

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The Best Bankruptcy Attorney Text Ads For AdWords

If you are a bankruptcy attorney already using AdWords or thinking of using it in the future, text ads similar… Read more

Webrageous Offering Free PPC Audit

With Google regularly updating Adwords features and changing their search algorithms, you can’t just “set it and forget it” when… Read more

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Great Way To Monitor Multiple AdWords Accounts

Being able to quickly spot problems across many AdWords accounts is important especially if you work at an agency. When… Read more

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AdWords Client Success Stories

Here is an overview of the PPC account performance for the past 6 months for the Memphis Laser Clinic. They… Read more

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Google Changing how Exact Match Functions in Adwords

What’s Changing: Last Friday, Google announced some changes to the way exact match keywords function in Adwords.  For a few… Read more

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I Need to Be #1 for [Keyword]…

I’m on-boarding a new client. I’ve sailed through the introductions and pleasantries. I’ve noted several excellent points to consider while… Read more

Using AdWords IF Functions to Create Tailored Ad Experiences

AdWords recently introduced IF functions to users as a new method of creating customized ad content. The new feature allows… Read more

Optimizing Desktop PPC Ads for Cross-Device Conversions

It should be no surprise to advertisers that mobile devices are important to robust PPC strategies. But that doesn’t mean… Read more

Optimizing Expanded Text Ads

Now that all AdWords users are obliged to use the new AdWords Expanded Text Ads format for their PPC campaigns,… Read more

Best Practices for Leveraging Shopping Ads in 2020

A recent article in Search Engine Journal featuring predictions for PPC trends in 2017 indicated that Shopping Ads are going… Read more

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AdWords update: automated call extensions

Google announced that starting on February 6, 2017 AdWords call extensions will be automated. What are call extensions? Call extensions… Read more

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Is AdWords New “Click to Text” Message Ad Extension the Next Big Thing?

  AdWords recently debuted “Click to Text” or “Click to SMS” Message Extension, a new ad extension to help advertisers… Read more

Why Smart Bidding for AdWords Might Not be the Smart Choice

Machine learning has become more and more integrated with the tools we use every day for personal and business purposes,… Read more

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AdWords Management: how to tell if your PPC manager can be trusted

If you are using an external agency to manage your Google AdWords account, chances are your knowledge of AdWords is… Read more

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Keeping Your PPC Budgeting Strategy On Track

It’s no surprise that novice digital advertisers often experience their first bumps in the road when it comes to PPC… Read more

5 Ideas for Boosting Landing Page Conversion in 2017

Optimizing landing page conversions is an ongoing process for any good advertiser. It is also one of the most critical… Read more

5 Ideas for Boosting Landing Page Conversions in 2020

Optimizing landing page conversions is an ongoing process for any good advertiser. It is also one of the most critical… Read more

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AdWords new feature: message extensions

Google is releasing a new ad extension: message extension. What are message extensions? Message extensions allow users to connect with… Read more

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AdWords individual device bidding: what is going to change and how to get prepared

Another change announced by Google during their May performance summit was individual device bid adjustments. Although this change is not… Read more