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6 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Lawyer PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click can be a powerful tool for your lead generation, but it can also be risky if not configured correctly…. Read more

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How Google Ads “Call Extensions” Can Help Lawyers Find New Clients

Is your law firm aiming to secure more cases and initial consultations from Google Ads? Then you need to start… Read more

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Google AdWords Suspension

Why does Google suspend AdWords accounts? Google wants its users to have a safe and positive experience with Google ads…. Read more

YouTube Retargeting Videos Work Great

We have been running retargeting campaigns for our clients for nine years. A fairly recent development is the ability to… Read more

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How to Secure Your Pay-per-Click ROI from Click Fraud

Warning! Click fraud is worse than ever, and it’s taking a toll on PPC advertising. Losses from fraudulent clicks amount… Read more

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New Results Video

Check out the results we’ve achieved recently for our clients – it may be easier to view if you click… Read more

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Important Elements for Websites To Convert Better With Google Ads

When you pay for clicks it is essential to have a website that converts well. Otherwise your competitors will be… Read more

Increase Your Sales With These Easy Callrail Tips

I just threw together a quick 3 minute video to go over a few really simple tricks in callrail.  In… Read more

Increase Live Calls With Google Ads Using Advanced Bid Adjustments

Check out this tutorial on how to boost calls from Google Ads. This is a really easy optimization trick and… Read more

Google Ads Target CPA Bidding Case Studies & How To

Check out this video on the success we’ve seen with Target CPA bidding. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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One Critical Excel Function for Faster, Smarter PPC/Google Ads Management

Why Learn Vlookups? So, you’re a PPC veteran.  You’ve dabbled in quick Excel shortcuts that get the job done faster. … Read more

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The Best Bankruptcy Attorney Text Ads For AdWords

If you are a bankruptcy attorney already using AdWords or thinking of using it in the future, text ads similar… Read more

Webrageous Offering Free PPC Audit

With Google regularly updating Adwords features and changing their search algorithms, you can’t just “set it and forget it” when… Read more

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Great Way To Monitor Multiple AdWords Accounts

Being able to quickly spot problems across many AdWords accounts is important especially if you work at an agency. When… Read more

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AdWords Client Success Stories

Here is an overview of the PPC account performance for the past 6 months for the Memphis Laser Clinic. They… Read more

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Google Changing how Exact Match Functions in Adwords

What’s Changing: Last Friday, Google announced some changes to the way exact match keywords function in Adwords.  For a few… Read more