PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on Google is an excellent way to draw leads to your law firm. With each campaign, you can gain exposure, traffic for your website, and an increased chance of conversions.

However, getting the best possible results out of each campaign means dedicating sufficient effort to ad optimization. You need to regularly check the performance of your ad, test variations, and adapt your campaigns to suit changing circumstances to drive the best ROI.

Updating Display Ads
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So, how often should you update the content of your Google display ads?

The Importance of Updating your Ads

Google display ads work according to an auction system, where the success of your campaign is dependent on both the amount you bid and your ad quality. Google determines ad quality by looking at various factors, including the relevance of your content, the historical performance of your ad campaign, and the number of clicks it generates.

Updating your display ads can enhance your quality score by allowing you to:

  • Implement new features: Google regularly introduces new extensions, ad formats, and tools to make your ads more effective.
  • Keep offers fresh: Outdated ads can drive customers away from your law firm by making your team look unprofessional.
  • Test ad designs: You can experiment with different campaigns and run A/B tests to see which content generates the best ROI.

When Should You Update the Content of your Display Ads?

On the one hand, updating your content too frequently means you’re not giving each ad enough chance to have a significant impact on your audience. To generate insights from each campaign and get the best ROI from your display ads, you need to avoid regularly switching the content.

That said, failing to refresh your content often enough means your campaigns become stale and ineffective. Poor quality ads left to run for too long can even impact your firm’s reputation.

The frequency with which you change your display ads will depend on factors like:

  • Your budget: Creating new display content requires time and investment. Firms with a lower budget might not create as many ads.
  • Recency: Your ad needs to run for a decent amount of time so you can examine its performance effectively. It can take a few weeks before you get a clear view of whether the campaign is successful or not.
  • Campaign performance: If your Google display ads are already driving a lot of attention to your law firm’s website, you won’t want to change the content too quickly. Most firms will wait until their traffic begins to slow down before they consider an update.

How to Update your Display ads: A monthly checklist

On a monthly basis, check your ad campaigns and make changes, updates, and alterations based on what you learn. This should give you enough time to gather data within your Google ads account, which you can use to make strategic ad decisions.

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Each month, you should:

1. Examine your metrics

Look at your ad results, paying close attention to the metrics that are most important to your firm. The most critical number to look at will be your conversion rate. Is it rising, falling, or staying the same? How are your display ads performing in comparison to each other?
Examining your conversion data should give you an insight into which of your investments are still generating results and which might be losing the attention of your target audience.

2. Adjust bids, keywords, and placements

If you’re using a manual bidding strategy, monitor the position of your keywords, and adjust your bidding based on what you’ve learned over the last month. Make sure your ads are still appearing in the top spots wherever possible.
You may also need to keep an eye out for additional keywords and placement opportunities for your display ads, so you can test which combinations bring you the highest number of new clients.

3. Check for relevancy

Make sure your display ads don’t look outdated or contain irrelevant information. For instance, if your current ads are still showing information about a seasonal offer provided by your firm, it might be time for an update.
It’s also worth considering your current demographic, and asking yourself whether your copy, your choice of image, and other content will still make the right impression on your target audience. If your target audience has changed, determine whether your current ads will still make the right impression.

4. Run Ad tests

The core of a good PPC campaign is testing. Every ad should usually have a handful of variations running simultaneously. Those tests may include changes to your law firm’s landing page, or alterations to your ad copy. When designing tests, make sure you change one variable at a time so you can see what’s causing the results.
Each time you review your ads, review these tests. If they’ve been running long enough to collect some significant data, you can alter your ads based on what you’ve learned.

5. Update your target audience

Make sure you’re still targeting the right audience with your ad campaigns. If you’ve learned more about your clients in the last month, you can update your Google display ads accordingly, perhaps focusing on a slightly different age range, or another demographic.

You can experiment with custom audiences to improve your overall targeting. Based on your campaign objective, custom segments let you reach users based on what they’re passionate about, their interests and habits, and their recent purchase intent.

Knowing When to Update your Google Display Ads

Running any effective marketing campaigns requires law firms to regularly monitor, review, and alter their campaigns. The more you test the different elements of your campaigns and learn from each display ad you run, the more effective your future ads will be.

Give yourself a chance to gather data each time you implement a new campaign, but don’t become complacent with your advertising techniques.

Need advice on what changes to make in your Google Ads campaigns? Contact a PPC specialist at Webrageous. We specialize in Google ads management for law firms and can help you make appropriate updates to your display ads for improved performance.