To begin with, it is important to explain what is actually meant by the term pay per click optimization.

The word “optimize” literally means to improve the effectiveness of something; to ensure that the intended result which is being sought after is achieved. Therefore, in terms of pay per click optimization, the focus is all on trying to achieve a high conversion rate with a low cost-per-click expenditure at the same time. In addition, increasing the amount of conversions that are actually achieved is another important factor for all PPC advertisers or management companies to consider. Essentially, every PPC advertiser should be aiming to optimize their PPC campaigns through various different techniques and tools on offer so that the advertising is more effective and less costly.

Pay per click optimization can be achieved through a number of features, tools and management techniques that are continually being developed by Google and other PPC providers and Webrageous Studios is an example of a PPC management company which spends every minute possible looking for ways in which to further optimize all client accounts. In this brief article, we would like to take the opportunity to share a few ways in which pay per click optimization can be improved through good management techniques and Google programs. These programs are almost always available to anyone who has a PPC advertising campaign to manage (with the exception of some features that are often offered to select parties whilst being developed by Google) via the internet. These programs or features help with the analysis of PPC data and as a result present viable suggestions on how to continue moving forward with any given campaign.

Pay Per Click Optimization by Raising the Google Adwords Quality Score

There’s an excellent video on YouTube which leads you through the creation of a PPC advertisement with a particular focus on the increase of what is known as the Adwords Quality Score. Raising the Quality Score of any campaign is very, very important, as it will firstly help to secure a higher advertising spot on the Google Search Listings (even if a number one advertisement position is not necessarily being sought after). This is because, a while back, Google decided to begin using Quality Score as one of the means by which to generate the cost-per-click for each individual advertisement. Click through rate, which used to be one of the main variables taken into consideration by Google, remains an important part of the equation, but the additional need for a high Quality Score has now made the matter of pay per click optimization even more difficult still.

In a nutshell, the cost-per-click for each advertisement now begins to fall as a result of improved Quality Score, which is simple enough to understand. However, working out how to improve the Quality Score is the difficult part and a subject which is far too detailed to begin to try to cover in this brief article. It is suffice enough to say, however, that the pay per click optimization of any PPC campaign now needs to take Quality Score into account if advertising costs are to fall and conversions are to increase.

Pay Per Click Optimization through Google Remarketing

As a second option, Google Remarketing is one of the newest features on the market to aid advertisers with pay per click optimization. Webrageous Studios was one of the lucky PPC Management Companies to be invited onto the Google Remarketing trial program when the feature was still in the beta testing stage and therefore, at the time, unavailable to most. Essentially, the Google Remarketing tool subtly helps to draw a possible client / converter back to any given website once they have already left it. It can be likened, in many ways, to employing someone who will follow somebody around on the street all day. The employee will continually show an advertisement for something that the possible buyer has already been thinking about and started investigating into, until they make the decision to buy that product. The “following” that Google Remarketing does is inoffensive and highly subtle, but that is also one of its charms. It is an excellent way to focus on pay per click optimization and Webrageous Studios has seen some fantastic results.

As a very basic explanation, a possible converter, who has clicked on an initial PPC advertisement which popped up on a Google Search Listings Page, takes a look at the website that the PPC advertisement leads them to, but for some reason decides not to convert; not to buy that product or to fill out that application form. They then leave the site and begin searching further elsewhere. The Google Remarketing tool allows the PPC advertiser to follow that person wherever they go and to present them with further advertisements to draw them back to the website that they just left. Google Remarketing in this way is a fantastic pay per click optimization tool because it hones in on a converter who has already shown an interest. To find out more about how Google Remarketing can assist with pay per click optimization, read our detailed website article on the matter.

Pay Per Click Optimization through Google Adwords Editor and Online Google Adwords Account

A third way of improving pay per click optimization on any PPC campaign is through the constant and dedicated use of programs like Google Adwords Editor and Online Google Adwords Account. Both programs work together to provide a great deal of information that is necessary to successfully run a PPC campaign properly. The information provided by these pay per click optimization tools can be accessed in easy to read charts, lists and diagrams and an analysis of important PPC features can be followed through with ease (once becoming familiar with the programs, naturally).

For example, through these programs an analysis of which keywords or keyword phrases receive lots of hits can be found. It is equally possible to find out which keywords cost too much or which ones should be placed into separate ad groups in order to avoid devaluing the quality score or click through rate of other keywords in the same ad group. More opportunities exist, but the point is that pay per click optimization, especially in terms of keyword focus, can be made much easier when using these two Google features.

Indeed, successful pay per click optimization is perhaps almost impossible if not utilizing the data available from Google Adwords Editor or from Online Google Adwords Account. Logic denotes that in order to improve pay per click optimization, sufficient study of the advertising campaign and the behavior of internet users must be done. If unaware of the problems with a PPC campaign, very little “effective” work can be accomplished to ensure improvement in those weak areas. More simply put, little can be done to “optimize” a particular campaign without these key analyzing tools.

Pay Per Click Optimization Concluded

Naturally, the list of pay per click optimization techniques is fairly long and this article has only managed to scratch the surface of just three useful features to help PPC advertisers make those vital improvements. However, Webrageous Studios is a company dedicated to pay per click optimization in many ways and can lay proof of its abilities through a number of happy PPC clients, ranging from independent businessmen to non-profit organizations. We focus day in, day out, on pay per click optimization and thanks to our own personal Google AdWords Advisor, we are always aware of new pay per click optimization tools that are developed before the majority of many PPC advertisers even know that they exist.

For this reason, if you are interested in finding out more about how Webrageous Studios could help to improve the pay per click optimization of your PPC campaign, please click on the Contact Tab in the top right hand corner of this website and a Google Adwords Accredited Account Manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible.