White Label AdWords Management – Earn 15% Referral Fees Forever On The Clients You Don’t Want! 

Webrageous is excited to announce our permanent 15% referral reward for anyone who refers a new Google Ads management client.  Some of our competitors only offer 10% for only one year.  We pay you a more generous cut of revenues forever for your AdWords management referrals, even for white label services.

Here are the top reasons to refer your PPC clients to Webrageous:

  • 15% Commission, Forever!
  • We can handle sales, just send us your leads!
  • Ability to mark up our prices to earn higher commissions
  • In business since 2001
  • Your reputation is on the line when you refer out work. Our reputation is stellar: A+ BBB rating, many 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp
  • Low account load of 15 or fewer accounts per account manager
  • Most  account managers have over 10 years experience  
  • Eliminate recruitment expenses and HR headaches

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Please note this video incorrectly mentions a 25% referral fee. That has changed – we now pay a 15% referral fee.

If you focus on web design, social media, or  anything other than paid search then just send us all of your PPC clients.  But le’s say you run at PPC agency. Every agency has accounts it doesn’t want. Here are some examples of the clients you might refer us:

  • Complicated accounts –  maybe you moonlight in PPC  but want to avoid the difficult accounts. Send those to us! That’s where we excel.
  • Difficult clients –  we have an account manager that excels at managing  difficult clients.
  • Smaller accounts –  some agencies only take on accounts with spending over $10,000 per month.  we help law firms starting at $2000 per month plus the management fee,  and other accounts starting at about $3000 or $4000 per month in ad spend.
  • International clients – some agencies don’t want to deal with  overseas clients.  Let us handle them!
  • Legal accounts –  some agencies hate lawyers.  We love them! these are some of our best clients.
  • E-commerce or lead gen – some agencies only handle e-commerce and others focus just on lead generation. We handle both.



We are strong in both lead generation and e-commerce.  We specialize in managing accounts in excess of $2,000 per month for  attorneys and about $3,000+ for everyone else. Interested?  Schedule a call Or give us a call now at 800-645-9521.  We will put together a referral structure and revenue share agreement that helps both of us succeed together!

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