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The world’s largest search engine, Google promises a host of advertising opportunities via Google AdWords. Its scope for potential customers is enormous. And best of all, Google Advertising is not restricted to just multinational corporations and the big conglomerates.

Google Advertising AdvantagesEven the smallest businesses, such as home businesses, authors, consultants, niche marketers and local retailers, can have great successes with the right Google Advertising campaign. When it comes to making the most of your online advertising budget, Google Advertising is the way to go.

Here is a list of some the Advantages of Google Advertising:

Huge customer base from all over the world

One of the advantages of AdWords advertising is it allows you to target your advertisements to anyone, anywhere in the world. By tweaking your campaign you can choose to have your Google Ads seen by a whole continent, a specific region, or an area of just a few streets wide. With AdWords, you can run your entire campaign – targeting people from anywhere in the world – from your own home.

Huge number of Google searches

Google handles more than 250 million searches every day or 3,000 searches a second. This means business owners can literally make money while they are sleeping as clicks on their Google Ads lead potential customers (who might then make conversions) to their websites.

Gone are the days when business owners had to go out into the marketplace and spend wads of advertising dollars on print, radio and television advertising in order to build their customer base.

Benefits outweigh the costs

The benefits of Google Advertising far outweigh the costs involved. By determining how people use Google to access information, Google Advertising takes the hard work away from advertisers, making advertising simple and effective.

With the ability to target qualified customers who are not only ready to make a conversion but are actively seeking it opens up a whole new world of customers.

Google AdWords is the top online advertising tool

Google’s Advertising tool Google AdWords allows advertisers to target their Google Ads to people who are looking for their product or service. With Google AdWords they can create advertisements and campaigns and easily edit them after judging their success, work to a budget, and then see their Google Ads live online soon after creating them.

  • With Google advertising there is no minimum spend.
  • It is easy to create campaigns and you can see the results instantly.
  • You can get your Google Ads up online quickly if any new developments occur.
  • You only pay for clicks on your Google Ads, not for them to appear on Google’s search results pages.
  • You can set a daily budget.
  • And you can stop or pause any campaign when required.

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