Pay Per Click (Google Ads) Management Pricing


Pricing & Included Services

We are proud to offer a premium service. This means you will see far better results than you’ve seen anywhere else. It is not uncommon that a client has tried working with 5 or 10 of our competitors before finding us. Clients stick with us for years because of our attention to detail, great customer service, and most importantly our amazing results. You will find lower pricing elsewhere. But you will have a very hard time achieving better results.

Price List

Our prices can vary depending on a variety of circumstances. For accounts with ad spend over $40,000 per month please contact us for special pricing. The pricing quoted here reflects pricing for most, but not all, clients who contact us.

We typically charge the greater of $1500 or 25% of click charges per month. When your ad spend is over $25,000 per month the pricing would drop to 20% of click charges.


  • if your ad spend is $5000 we would charge you the minimum management fee of $1500 that month
  • If your ad spend is $10,000 we would charge $2500 that month.
  • If your ad spend is $30,000 we will charge $6000 that month.

Services Included in our Monthly Pay Per Click Management Fee:

  • High-level strategy development for your online marketing campaigns
  • Consultation regarding conversion rate optimization of your website pages for pay per click (web design additional)
  • Optimization of your campaigns for maximum quality score on Google by having highly targeted campaigns and ad groups around focused individual themes
  • Keyword research for existing campaigns and ad groups
  • Creation and testing of different text ads
  • Bid adjustments as needed to optimize your return on investment
  • Budget optimization and execution of budget changes/optimization following an increase or decrease in your budget
  • Preparation of any requested reports
  • Communication by phone or e-mail about your campaigns
  • Much More!

Services not included in our monthly fee:

  • Web design/changes to your website (we will advise you of recommended changes but making these is your responsibility)
  • New content for your website
  • Creation of videos or image ads
  • 3rd party feed management charges (only for some ecommerce accounts – NOT for regular text search campaigns like for auto accident attorneys for example)

Please contact us to find out how much it will cost to manage your account as every situation is different.


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