Webrageous can audit your Google Ads account at no charge as long as you are spending at least $2,000 per month.

Google ads allows you to show up at the top of search engine results immediately, schedule your ads to run anytime, control your daily budget, and calculate the success of your campaigns. Additional advantages of PPC on Google Ads are:

  • huge customer base from all over the world
  • huge number of Google searches
  • benefits outweigh the costs
  • and many more benefits listed here

To prevent overbidding or over paying for Google PPC ads you’ll want to improve your quality score, and test both manual and automatic bidding.

Webrageous pays a 25% referral fee forever on white label Google Ads clients that you send our way. Contact us to start earning money today.

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The most successful bankruptcy bankruptcy attorney PPC keywords are:

  • bankruptcy
  • bankruptcy attorney
  • bankruptcy lawyer
  • file bankruptcy
  • bankruptcy law
  • bankruptcy chapter 7

In February 2021 a bankruptcy attorney client who has been with us for several years in a very competitive metropolitan area told us their cost per signed case from Google Ads is only $388.89 including our management fee.


Watch This Video To See The Amazing Cost Per Lead We See With
Google Ads For Bankruptcy Attorneys in 2021

Webrageous Bankruptcy Attorney Testimonial

Webrageous Bankruptcy Attorney Testimonial

The most successful personal injury attorney PPC keywords are:

  • accident attorney
  • accident lawyer
  • car accident attorneys
  • car accident lawyer
  • car crash attorney
  • car crash lawyer
  • injury attorney
  • injury lawyer
  • personal injury attorney
  • personal injury attorneys
  • personal injury lawyer
  • personal injury lawyers

The most successful family law PPC keywords are:

  • divorce attorney
  • divorce lawyer
  • family law attorney
  • family law lawyer
  • uncontested divorce

The most successful criminal PPC keywords are:

  • assault lawyers
  • attorney {city} criminal
  • criminal lawyers
  • domestic violence defense attorney
  • domestic violence lawyers
  • expunge your record
  • expunged record
  • how to expunge a record
  • probation lawyers
  • theft lawyers

The most successful drug rehab PPC keywords are:

  • alcohol abuse center
  • alcohol abuse centers
  • alcohol abuse clinic
  • alcohol abuse clinics
  • alcohol abuse program
  • alcohol abuse programs
  • alcohol abuse rehab
  • alcohol abuse rehabilitation
  • alcohol abuse service
  • alcohol abuse services
  • alcohol abuse treatment
  • alcohol abuse treatments
  • alcohol addiction center
  • alcohol addiction centers
  • alcohol addiction clinic
  • alcohol addiction clinics

The most successful cosmetic surgery PPC keywords are:

  • breast augmentation
  • breast enhancement surgery
  • breast lift cost
  • breast reduction doctor
  • lipo center
  • lipo cost
  • liposuction
  • liposuction cost
  • liposuction surgery
  • tummy tuck cost

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