There are many advantages to be had from working with Webrageous Studios. For example, all account managers who work for Webrageous Studios are Google Adwords Accredited and therefore highly trained at what they do. Webrageous Studios also has a very broad range of PPC Management experience. We manage accounts for clients ranging from independent businessmen to non-profit organizations and therefore we have experience working on some of the newer initiatives, including the Google Grants Program, as well as utilizing the basics of PPC Management, including Google Adwords Editor, on a day to day basis. However, one of the best reasons for working with Webrageous Studios on any aspect of PPC Advertising is the fact that Webrageous Studios has a Google Adwords Representative.

Our personal Google Adwords Representative is a vital and integrated member of the team. We are indebted to him in a number of ways and would not have been able to achieve some of the fantastic results that we have achieved without his support and expertise. For example, on a basic level, our Google Adwords Representative is readily available to discuss any matter about any of our PPC advertising accounts every day. We communicate regularly via email and have all of our pending questions answered immediately.

Webrageous Studios has received special invitations to begin working with new Google tools and features whilst they have still been in the beta testing stage because of the simple fact that it has its own personal Google Adwords Representative keeping everyone at the company abreast of new developments that occur in the world of PPC Advertising and PPC Management. For instance, when the Google Remarketing Tool (a new way of reaching and targeting qualified leads on the content network) was still in the beta testing stage, Webrageous Studios was invited to try out the feature by its Google Adwords Representative. As a result of this early invitation, many Webrageous Studios´ clients benefitted from conversion increases and decreases in costs per click too….. an absolute must in the world of PPC Advertising.

On top of offering Google Adwords Phone Support and being invited onto new Google programs ahead of schedule, such as the Google Remarketing program, Webrageous Studios´ personal Google Adwords Representative has also been responsible for contributing directly to the PPC Management of a number of particular PPC campaigns that Webrageous Studios is responsible for. Our Google Adwords Representative has worked with us to write new and effective advertisement text for certain campaigns and has also worked on investigating further into the development of more effective keyword use and keyword phases. His support, expertise and personal care have had some excellent direct results on the PPC optimization results of some of the Webrageous Studios’ PPC campaigns and for this reason we will remain forever indebted.

Webrageous Studios is unable to recommend its Google Adwords Representative enough. We would like to make it perfectly clear for anybody who is searching for a PPC Management Company to manage their Advertising Campaign, that the search is over. The continuous support received at Webrageous Studios from its personal Google Adwords Representative has helped it become a highly successful management company in the world of PPC Advertising. It is well worth the time contacting us directly to discuss the ways in which you might begin to benefit from the personal support Webrageous Studios receives from its Google Adwords Representative. Click on the Contact Tab in the top right hand corner of this website to speak with us directly.