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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does AdWords management cost?

Our rates are in line with other top management firms in the industry. importantly you will be getting much better service. we have one of the best ratios of clients to account managers in the industry. Most of our account managers only manage 5 to 10 accounts.

What sets Webrageous apart from its competitors?

Our service and experience! We are very picky about the employees we hire and they get a tremendous amount of training and support so that they in turn can give you fabulous service. our knowledge of how to solve problems and expand accounts, when appropriate, really sets us apart.

Would PPC advertising be effective for my company?

to be honest, it depends. We will always be up front if we don’t feel that PPC advertising will be effective for your business and we tell that to a certain percentage of potential clients who call us. If we don’t think we can help you we won’t waste your time. Most of the time we work with clients who already advertised on Google AdWords for several months and are already spending several thousand dollars a month. One exception to this would be attorneys – we do take on attorneys who have not advertised before with paid search.

Which is better, Adwords or BingAds?

Unless a client is already advertising on Bing then we don’t recommend that they start until they had been with us for several months and are spending over $10,000 per month and we are having trouble finding the traffic you need on Google. We like to get Google up to speed first and work on some initial optimizations expansions before we start with Bing. That being said some clients have unique situations or are already advertising on Bing.

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