If unaware of the Google Grants Program, what it entails and for whom it was constructed, read the in-depth article posted on the subject on our website. In a nutshell, the Google Grants Program is a scheme created for the benefit of non-profit organizations who receive a monthly $10,000 PPC Advertising grant after successfully completing the application process onto the program. However, if you take the time to read our in-depth article devoted to the subject of Google Grants on our website, you are bound to feel more knowledgeable about the very basic principals of the scheme at least.

In this article, however, Webrageous Studios would like to focus further on explaining the way in which it has specifically become involved with the Google Grants Program. We would like to explain through this article how we have been recently developing an extremely positive working relationship with one of the non-profit organizations that is currently involved with the program. As one of our current PPC clients, Webrageous Studios is presently managing the PPC Advertising campaign for this Google Grants non-profit organization and, as such, we can now boast a strong working knowledge of the Google Grants Program from many angles.

Non-profit organizations accepted onto the Google Grants Program used to have their PPC Advertising Campaigns designed, set-up and managed by Google representatives working specifically in conjunction with the scheme. However, a fairly recent development within the Google Grants application system has made some important and effective changes to the way in which the Google Grants pay per click management can be run. At present, any non-profit organization which successfully completes the Google Grants application process and is accepted onto the program now has a number of options to choose from in terms of its Google Grants pay per click management.

The Google Grants Program coordinators are working constantly to provide up-to-date information and guidance on how to successfully run a Google Grants pay per click management account. This information is disseminated through a number of different ways including highly useful Google Grants video explanations via its very own YouTube Channel and through the Google Grants Blog, covering everything from basic Adwords features to open forums where help is always at hand. These resources mean that the non-profit organizations which successfully complete the Google Grants application process and are accepted onto the program are now able to manage their own PPC Advertising accounts, giving them a lot more freedom and control over the way in which their campaigns are run. It also means that the whole process is a lot quicker than before and this can only be a good thing for any organization which is looking to publicize itself better.

In addition to being able to manage their own PPC campaigns, non-profit organizations that are part of the Google Grants Program can also seek out highly trained third party professionals in Google Grants Management to monitor and develop their PPC campaigns as well. As previously highlighted, Webrageous Studios is one of those highly trained third party professional companies working alongside a non-profit organization at present. This particular NGO was is in need of a specific kind of Google Grants Management support and the working relationship we have built together continues to grow from strength to strength.

In the past two weeks alone, for example, Webrageous Studios is pleased to report that it has made substantial progress with this particular non-profit organization’s PPC advertising campaign and as such it has been able to support the organization concerning its present focus. The NGO in question is currently looking to apply for an increase in its monthly Google Grant from $10,000 to $40,000; a possible second option that exists for all non-profits already involved in the program. This opportunity is likely to result in increased publicity for the NGO and is therefore worth every minute of the time which has been spent on its implementation.

Indeed, Webrageous Studios has expertise in working on PPC Advertising campaigns of many different types and for a range of clients. This experience now includes the Google Grants Management of non-profit organizations which need help in the monitoring of their Google Grants pay per click management accounts. Therefore, if you would like to speak further with one of our highly trained Google Adwords Accredited PPC Account Managers regarding either the Google Grants application process or indeed advice about Google Grants management in general that we could offer to your organization, then do not hesitate in clicking on the Contact Tab in the top right hand corner of this website. A trained professional will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss how Webrageous Studios could provide effective Google Grants pay per click management for your organization. You can trust that we will bring you clear and visible results, regardless of your company’s needs and foci.