2024 Top 10 Moving Company Keywords for SEO and Google AdWords

If you are looking for keyword ideas for SEO or AdWords for a moving company then you have come to the right place. Here you can see some of the top keywords that are working for one of our AdWords clients. Our account for this client has over 1000 keywords. We can’t share all of our great ideas for free, but here’s many of the top 20 keywords:


Notice the low cost per lead for this client. For this client, it costs under $55 for each phone call or contact form submission in a very competitive market. In only seven months since they started working with us they received over 550 leads! As long as you aren’t competing where this client is located we’d love to help you! If you are not seeing a similar cost per lead then please call us at 855-945-1596 to see how we can improve your Google Ads account today. We can generate  campaign with hundreds of keywords-many more than just the keywords you see here.

Keep I mind that there is much much more that goes into creating a Google Ads account other than keywords.  you have to structure the account right, you get all the settings just right, write  fabulous ads, setup call tracking , and create a great landing page that converts well.  All we do is manage Google Ads accounts and as you can see from the results we are very good at it. Please let us know if we can help you!