5 Reasons to Choose a Conversion Optimizer Manager

When PPC Campaigns and other elements of your online advertising strategy in general start to really develop, you might need to consider hiring different PPC Managers to fulfill different roles. One of those roles might be a conversion optimization manager, or simply a conversion optimizer.
A conversion optimizer is someone who focuses entirely on generating more conversions for you from your PPC Campaigns, while other members of the online advertising team devote their attention to separate issues.
Choosing the right conversion optimization manager is an essential and important task. It pays to take the time to investigate into the best ways of hiring a conversion optimizer, which is why this article is designed to highlight five specific areas to analyze when going through the hiring process with a number of candidates.

How to Choose a Conversion Optimization Manager

Imagine that you are in the process of hiring a conversion optimizer and you are looking for some advice about how to approach the interview and select the right candidate for the position. Use the following five pointers as a way of choosing the right man/woman for the job…

1. Find out what your conversion optimizer would choose to optimize first.

One of the first things to do in an interview with a prospective conversion optimizer is to find out how they go about choosing what to optimize first when working on a new PPC Campaign with a new company.