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Webrageous Studios PPC Christmas Gift

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a…

PPC Manager!
Yes! It’s Christmas and it might be the only time in the year when we actually see the PPC Managers at Webrageous Studios switch off their laptops, shut down the Google Manager and wake up for breakfast without reading their emails at the same time as scoffing down whatever sustenance seems to be the easiest and quickest things to sling down their busy throats.
As we approach another new year and as we plough our way through the piles and piles of snow outside in the cold, the thing that fills us most with that Christmas cheer is all the memories with friends and family; all those photographs full of smiles and laughter.
So, what fills the Webrageous Studios PPC Manager full of cheer in the run up to Christmas? What makes them feel all proud and warm inside as they think about opening those carefully wrapped gifts under the tree?
The answer? (more…)

Google AdWords Phone Tracking: An Overview

Google AdWords Phone TrackingThere are many ways in which a PPC Advertiser can track the progress of his or her PPC Google AdWords Campaign using a variety of PPC Tools created by Google in order to make the optimization process as smooth and as effective as possible. However, one of the best PPC campaign management features that Webrageous Studios now offers to its AdWords PPC Clients is its very own version of the Google AdWords Phone Tracking feature.
It is easy to see how many people click on a PPC Advertisement because everything can be traced on the Internet. It is easy to count how many of those clicks convert into conversions. It is easy to figure out which keywords are soaking up the budget and which keywords are delivering constant and profitable traffic to your website. It is easy to track these things because the Internet and the various Google PPC Tools can be used to record all the digital information that internet user activity creates every day.
However, what happens if your website has a telephone contact number? What happens if you receive telephone calls every day? How do you know whether those telephone calls came from someone who saw one of your PPC Advertisements, or someone who was told by a friend via word of mouth about your services, or maybe someone who saw a printed advertisement in one of the places where you advertise offline?
How can you measure all of this? How do you know that the money you are investing in online or offline advertising is actually worth it or not? Is there a way to find out?
If you allow Webrageous Studios to be your PPC Management Company then yes, there is a way…

The Google AdWords Phone Tracking Feature

Webrageous Studios now offers its very own version of the Google AdWords Phone Tracking feature for its PPC Clients in order to ensure that they are 100% happy with the PPC Campaign they are investing money into and that the work Webrageous Studios puts in to the campaign every day is time well spent.
So, how does Webrageous’ Google AdWords Phone Tracking work? How much does it cost? What does it involve? Who can ask for Google AdWords Phone Tracking through Webrageous Studios’ PPC Management? When can you start to implement this fantastic PPC measuring feature into your PPC Campaign?
If you want the answers to these questions and more then all you need to do is read the full article on Google AdWords Phone Tracking with Webrageous Studios today. If you read the article and still have a few questions unanswered, then you can contact Webrageous Studios, without feeling any kind of obligation to begin using its PPC management services, for more advice and a trained PPC Manager will be able to put your mind to rest about anything which remains unclear.

Calling All Qui Tam US Law Firms

Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management is now a popular form of online advertising for many US law firms which specialize in Qui Tam claims. It’s a popular and effective form of advertising for many Qui Tam law firms because when most people think about filing a Qui Tam claim they don’t already know a Qui Tam lawyer whom they can call.
As this is the 21st Century, the quickest, the most effective and the cheapest way of looking for that perfect Qui Tam lawyer is via the Internet. Therefore, Qui Tam law firms, if not doing so already, should be investing time, money and expertise in Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management if they want to get ahead of their competitors and attract those clients with big Qui Tam settlement potential.
For example, Webrageous Studios runs the Qui Tam Pay Per Click Management for a successful Qui Tam US law firm at present and was pleased to be celebrating with this same law firm recently on the biggest Qui Tam settlement that the US has ever seen, coming in at $128 million dollars.
Granted that the lawyers did all the hard work towards winning this case in the courtroom, but the fact of the matter is that Webrageous played a huge role in marketing their Qui Tam success and directing new Qui Tam clients towards the company’s website and offices every day. (more…)

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