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Pay per click marketing firm Webrageous is running a new yearly Marketing Scholarship Competition for anyone interested in studying or currently studying Marketing.

Webrageous Marketing ScholarshipAnd we are currently looking for the next brightest new marketing star to prove their flair for marketing. What’s up for grabs? A $500 scholarship to go towards educational expenses to get you through your marketing degree!

All you have to do is come up with a marketing campaign for our firm and make sure that the campaign receives a huge amount of hype and is the most talked about of all the campaigns run on or linked to our site. (more…)

50,000 PPC Conversions in 30 Days

Webrageous, a Pay Per Click (PPC) management company, effectively generated almost 50,000 PPC conversions for one of its clients this month. They attribute their success to a few simple but important factors:
ppc conversions

  • the huge importance of remarketing strategies
  • implementing the right mix of paid search and display network campaigns at the same time
  • the constant professional development of its PPC management team

Looking closely at the 50,000 conversions achieved within a month for one client, the data reveals that 35,280 of them are common, standard PPC conversions while 13,902 are referred to as ‘view through conversions’.

View Through PPC Conversions and Remarketing

These view through conversions are achieved via the effective management of PPC advertisements on the Google Display Network. “View through conversions are PPC conversions that take place within a 30-day time frame,” explains Mr. David Chapman, Director of Marketing at Webrageous. “In PPC advertising, the online user does not convert instantly. They do their research well, make notes, remember the companies that they come across in the initial search and then they make their decision, they make their conversion, at a later date.”
By analyzing the number of view through conversions that the client’s campaign generates, Webrageous is able to highlight the proportion of PPC conversions that are successfully achieved, thanks to an intensive remarketing campaign. This campaign specifically targets those internet users who have already shown some kind of interest in the business in the past but have not made the final decision to convert yet. This makes it easier to push them into becoming part of the statistics in these PPC conversions.

Constant Professional Development

The knowledge and experience needed to recognize the positive effects of an aggressive remarketing campaign has been developed and nurtured over the years at Webrageous, thanks to the heavy emphasis placed on the constant professional development of its team of PPC management experts.
“All pay per click managers at Webrageous are Google AdWords Qualified and we have just ensured, only a month ago, that those certifications were renewed by all,” said Mr. Chapman. “A number of the PPC managers that make up the marketing team hold Masters in Marketing and one of our experts actually lectures in Marketing at university level.”

Combining Paid Searches and Display Network Campaigns

Based on what Webrageous practices, a combination of paid search campaigns and display network campaigns can achieve truly outstanding results. There are online users who will convert from a paid search advertisement in the first instance, following through with the conversion tunnel until the very end. However, there are also a number of online users who need a little more time and persuasion.
This is where the importance of remarketing on the display network comes into play. It allowed a monthly campaign that brings home 35,280 standard PPC conversions each month to suddenly turn into a campaign that generates almost 50,000 conversions within the same time period. Here, the data acquired from view through conversions is also taken into consideration.
For more information on view through conversions or for more information about how to improve the effects of your remarketing strategies at any time, contact David Chapman at 866-720-5172.

Watch our Pay Per Click Management Review Videos

Webrageous is a successful pay per click management company and our pay per click management review videos are available for everyone to watch so that we can prove just how effective we are at managing pay per click advertising campaigns via Google AdWords.

Take a look at the many pay per click management review videos that we have to share about out company via the Webrageous YouTube Channel as soon as possible.

Webrageous YouTube ChannelWe guarantee that you will find the pay per click management reviews on this channel incredibly useful and enlightening.

Some of the videos on our YouTube Channel focus on the specific successes that we have secured for our pay per click advertising clients. Some of the videos are designed to reveal the ways in which we approach the pay per click management of your Google AdWords campaigns in order to achieve even further success in the future.

If you are looking for the best pay per click management provider around, take the time to listen to the positive pay per click management reviews about Webrageous via our YouTube Channel and then contact us directly to find out what kind of improvements we might be able to make to your pay per click campaigns within record time.

Our pay per click management specialists are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Get an Online Marketing Sales Job with Webrageous

Are you looking for a job in online marketing sales? Then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of online marketing sales jobs out there but not all of them offer a steady pay check and growth opportunities.
Pay per click management firm Webrageous is one such company. And we are now looking for salespeople and account online marketing sales jobmanagers to join our ranks.

The Perks of Having an Online Marketing Sales Job with Webrageous

For the right people, an online marketing sales job with Webrageous will be a means of opening up a lot of doors both within your career and through the experience that you will gain with us.
An online marketing sales job with us will open you up to a world that is still growing and developing but very much thriving. Webrageous specializes in pay per click marketing management and Google AdWords. (more…)

We are offering Online Marketing Sales Employment

Webrageous is a highly successful pay per click management based in Reno, Nevada, and we are looking to offer full time, dynamic and stimulating online marketing sales employment to the best online marketing sales managers we can find.
Online Marketing Sales JobsAre you the online marketing sales manager that we are looking for? Are you on the hunt for online marketing sales employment that is both challenging and gratifying at the same time?
If you have answered “yes” to the above two questions, keep reading. Webrageous only ever employs the best of the best and we have a number of openings in online marketing sales employment at present that you may well be interested in.

What can you expect from the online marketing sales employment at Webrageous?


Webrageous Gets Top Google AdWords Reviews

If you are looking for a pay per click management company to outsource your Google AdWords campaign management to, you must find a pay per click management company with great reviews.

Search for Webrageous Reno on google and you’ll find our amazing reviews. Here you can check out our Yelp reviews. And here you’ll find our BBB profile and reviews. Here is one last place to find more 5 star reviews .

Also check out our Testimonials page.

Drug Injury Pay Per Click Management for Lawyers

If you are involved in the drug injury industry – whether you are a lawyer, or involved in any aspect of drug injury or pharmaceutical litigation – then you may know how difficult it is to market your services online.

Many providers of drug industry legal services find it incredibly difficult to get their advertisements approved through the various pay per click marketing systems. As soon as you put the word “drug” or the name of any drug or class of drugs, such as “antidepressant”, into your advertisement, it is rejected.

But does that mean that you have no business using drug injury pay per click management? After all, it is widely agreed that pay per click marketing is one of the best forms of advertising out there.

Thankfully there is a solution. Pay per click management firm Webrageous has experience working with drug injury claims and our pay per click managers know how to get your drug injury advertisements showing up on pay per click.

Drug Injury Pay Per Click Management

There is no reason why a lawyer offering legal services to a client online – whether it is for divorce or drug injury or any other aspect of the law – should not be able to take advantage of pay per click. As a pay per click management company that specializes in pay per click management for law firms, this issue has come up with Webrageous and luckily we have been able to find solutions to provide effective drug injury pay per click management for lawyers.

With careful pay per click management by Webrageous, you will have your advertisements showing up and your drug injury pay per click management efforts showing positive results in no time.

However, the solution is not easy, certainly not easy enough to explain in a short article. It is complex and takes time and commitment from a team of professionals who specialize in drug injury pay per click management.

But through a lot of patience and hard work, our pay per click managers have found a solution so that drug injury lawyers can advertise through pay per click. And we are delivering tremendous results for our drug injury pay per click management clients.

Drug Injury Pay Per Click Management through Webrageous

At Webrageous we are all about pay per click management for lawyers and drug injury is part of that. We do not believe it is fair that you should miss out on pay per click when you are not doing anything wrong. We understand why there are some terms that are banned from pay per click but we also believe that those people who are honestly trying to help people involved in drug injuries or recalls should have access to quality pay per click advertising too.

That is why we are offering our drug injury pay per click management services to any drug injury or drug recall lawyer who wishes to advertise their legal expertise to potential clients on pay per click.

We have been helping lawyers across the U.S. with their pay per click management needs since 2001 – almost as long as the concept of pay per click has been around. And we are now proud to be able to offer up our pay per click management services to drug injury clients too.

So if you are a lawyer who offers legal representation for drug injury, drug recall, pharmaceutical liability or any other drug-related service, then seek the experts in drug injury pay per click management for lawyers.

Webrageous also provides a range of pay per click management services specific to lawyers so if you decide to outsource management of your pay per click campaigns to us then you should know you will be in good hands.

Check out the list of pay per click management services Webrageous and our team of qualified pay per click managers provides lawyers, and drug injury lawyers more specifically, in this article entitled The Experts in Drug Injury Pay Per Click Management.

And for more information on Webrageous and our drug injury pay per click management services, feel free to contact us today. We can promise you a free quote and expert advice on pay per click.

Success through Attorney Pay Per Click Management

Attorneys need advertising in order to find clients just as much as the next business. But for the average US attorney, having an in-house advertising expert is a luxury that most can’t afford. So exactly how are you supposed to find time to worry about your own attorney pay per click management strategies?

What You Should Do about Attorney Pay Per Click Management

Attorney Pay Per Click ManagementThe answer is outsourcing your pay per click advertising needs to the experts in attorney pay per click management. This does not only give attorneys more time to focus on their job, but it also increases the chances of success for their advertising campaigns.
As any attorney will know, time is very precious. But then, so is finding clients. Outsourcing pay per click management offers attorneys a way to get on with the day to day running of their law firm while pay per click management experts help them find clients.
But if you are an attorney and are looking for a pay per click management firm, it is important not to go with just any pay per click management expert. You want to find one that has proven success in managing pay per click campaigns for attorneys. (more…)

The Importance of Natural Search Optimization on Google

If you are looking to boost your natural search results on Google then there is one easy way to do that. Hire an experienced content writer.

Optimization is very important to the natural search results. You can’t expect to achieve top rankings on Google Google Natural Search Optimizationwithout doing the hard work. Hiring a content writer is a simple of way of achieving interesting, new and highly optimized content full of hyperlinks that appeal to Google.

Here’s how it works:

Google’s web crawlers routinely scan websites searching for the ones that best match users’ search queries and that are interesting and relevant to their search. They want up-to-date content and they want content that is interesting. That’s why natural search optimization for Google is incredibly important.

Web crawlers then copy the websites’ hyperlinks to visit later. Those sites that have been more recently updated and that have a lot of activity will be searched first by the web crawlers. That’s why it is important to keep the content on your website fresh and interesting so it will receive a lot of hits and eventually be linked to other sites. The better you achieve this type of natural search optimization, the more likely you are to be ranked higher on Google. (more…)

Hiring an SEO Writer is the Way To Go

The world of online advertising is incredibly vast. In fact, if you’re advertising online you could be up against competitors from all over the world. What if you are just a small business with a limited advertising budget?
Well, there are ways to boost your natural listing on the search engines through search engine optimization (SEO). And you can do it all for a fairly minimal cost.

Perhaps most successful of all in improving your natural ranking is by hiring an SEO writer.

Hire an SEO Writer
When the search engines’ web crawlers scour your website they are looking for a number of things. They are looking for a means of providing the most up-to-date data to their searchers. They are looking for websites with interesting content.
Web crawlers also copy all the hyperlinks listed on a page and add them to a list of URLs to visit at a later date. As you can imagine, it is impossible for web crawlers to get through every site listed on the Internet so they prioritize their downloads, visiting those sites with the most recent updates and large amount of activity. (more…)

Where to Find the Experts in Family Law Marketing

As a family law firm, you will know that when it comes to marketing, your needs are very particular. Your clients are already dealing with sensitive issues when they seek out your help.

Click here for our updated page on helping family law firms with Google AdWords.
Family Law Marketing

Family Law Marketing through Webrageous

Pay Per Click management company Webrageous has extensive experience in creating family law firms marketing campaigns. Whether your clients are after legal advice on divorce or child custody or any other family issues, our marketing consultants are very experienced.

We are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable about the business of family law marketing, but we are also very understanding of the sensitivities when it comes to targeting family law clients. For this reason, we offer specialized family law marketing help that address your specific needs.

The Webrageous Advantage

As a Pay Per Click marketing company, we specialize in Yahoo, Bing, and Google AdWords. Most importantly we have been helping several family law firms for close to 10 years. in the navigation at the top check out our testimonials and results tab. Our video testimonials include testimonials from two family law firms.

With our years of experience in Pay Per Click management we can get your keywords converting for you and draw more clients to your site.

But we also go one step further. It is one thing to get clients to your website, but keeping them there and ensuring that they make the call or enter their details on an online contact form is another thing altogether. We understand that conversions are the most important part of family law marketing, a step that is often overlooked by other online advertising companies.

please fill out our contact form to learn more about how we can help including information about our 60 day risk-free trial.


Webrageous Studios’ Updates

webrageous studios updatesWebrageous Studios, a Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Company, has been developing its services quickly over the past few months. The company has increased its Pay Per Click client base, it has been hiring and training more Pay Per Click Managers to join its expert Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Team and it has put plans in place for some serious improvements to its blog and website.
Webrageous Studios, which began as a website design company in 2001, has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of David Chapman, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Not only does David Chapman ensure that each of his Pay Per Click Managers are Google AdWords Qualified and thoroughly trained in all aspects of the work, but he also prides himself on the fact that Webrageous Studios offers a highly personalized service thanks to the relatively compact size of the company.
In addition to expanding its client base and to recruiting a number of highly qualified and experienced Pay Per Click Managers in recent months, Webrageous Studios has also focused heavily on improving the content, usability and design of its blog and website to provide an even better resource service for its clients and readers. These developments will be visible to all our readers soon. (more…)

What is Pay Per Click Call Tracking?

You are a fairly typical US business owner of some kind. You might be in retail, cosmetics or law. Maybe you work for a huge organization, perhaps even a medical clinic. Whatever line of work you are in these days, you probably have an online presence of some kind. Your business needs Pay Per Click Call Tracking.

Even if you don’t have your own website, the Internet is such an all-powerful force in today’s world that someone else will have mentioned your business at some point somewhere on the Internet, whether that be on another website, blog or even a social site, such as Twitter or Facebook. It is almost impossible to not be touched by the Internet in at least one way in your life.

Pay Per Click Call Tracking is an invaluable tool for any business which receives lots of customers, whether it be in the form of a purchase or a simple inquiry, over the telephone.

Have you ever though to yourself… “How did that telephone customer find my telephone number?”

Maybe you’ve thought about this question so much that you have even asked some customers to explain. Perhaps their answer was, “from the Internet.”

But was that answer actually helpful to you or not? Our guess here at Webrageous is that it probably was of little true use and this is why Webrageous Studios believes that every business should have the Pay Per Click Call Tracking feature in place. Webrageous offers its PPC Clients its very own call tracking service as part of the services it offers as a PPC Management Company.

Allow us to explain a little further… (more…)

Google AdWords Qualified Badge


Click on the Webrageous Studios Google AdWords Certification Badge below and you will be able to see the exact qualifications that Webrageous Studios has earned through the various different Google AdWords Exams on offer.

Google AdWords Certified Badge

Webrageous Studios PPC Christmas Gift

best webrageous ppc articles‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a…

PPC Manager!
Yes! It’s Christmas and it might be the only time in the year when we actually see the PPC Managers at Webrageous Studios switch off their laptops, shut down the Google Manager and wake up for breakfast without reading their emails at the same time as scoffing down whatever sustenance seems to be the easiest and quickest things to sling down their busy throats.
As we approach another new year and as we plough our way through the piles and piles of snow outside in the cold, the thing that fills us most with that Christmas cheer is all the memories with friends and family; all those photographs full of smiles and laughter.
So, what fills the Webrageous Studios PPC Manager full of cheer in the run up to Christmas? What makes them feel all proud and warm inside as they think about opening those carefully wrapped gifts under the tree?
The answer? (more…)

Google AdWords Phone Tracking: An Overview

Google AdWords Phone TrackingThere are many ways in which a PPC Advertiser can track the progress of his or her PPC Google AdWords Campaign using a variety of PPC Tools created by Google in order to make the optimization process as smooth and as effective as possible. However, one of the best PPC campaign management features that Webrageous Studios now offers to its AdWords PPC Clients is its very own version of the Google AdWords Phone Tracking feature.
It is easy to see how many people click on a PPC Advertisement because everything can be traced on the Internet. It is easy to count how many of those clicks convert into conversions. It is easy to figure out which keywords are soaking up the budget and which keywords are delivering constant and profitable traffic to your website. It is easy to track these things because the Internet and the various Google PPC Tools can be used to record all the digital information that internet user activity creates every day.
However, what happens if your website has a telephone contact number? What happens if you receive telephone calls every day? How do you know whether those telephone calls came from someone who saw one of your PPC Advertisements, or someone who was told by a friend via word of mouth about your services, or maybe someone who saw a printed advertisement in one of the places where you advertise offline?
How can you measure all of this? How do you know that the money you are investing in online or offline advertising is actually worth it or not? Is there a way to find out?
If you allow Webrageous Studios to be your PPC Management Company then yes, there is a way…

The Google AdWords Phone Tracking Feature

Webrageous Studios now offers its very own version of the Google AdWords Phone Tracking feature for its PPC Clients in order to ensure that they are 100% happy with the PPC Campaign they are investing money into and that the work Webrageous Studios puts in to the campaign every day is time well spent.
So, how does Webrageous’ Google AdWords Phone Tracking work? How much does it cost? What does it involve? Who can ask for Google AdWords Phone Tracking through Webrageous Studios’ PPC Management? When can you start to implement this fantastic PPC measuring feature into your PPC Campaign?
If you want the answers to these questions and more then all you need to do is read the full article on Google AdWords Phone Tracking with Webrageous Studios today. If you read the article and still have a few questions unanswered, then you can contact Webrageous Studios, without feeling any kind of obligation to begin using its PPC management services, for more advice and a trained PPC Manager will be able to put your mind to rest about anything which remains unclear.

Bienvenidos a Webrageous Studios

Pay Per Click for Divorce Attorneys

60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementPay Per Click Management is becoming more and more complex and competitive by the day, particularly if managing Pay Per Click Campaigns through Google AdWords. For this reason it is important to search for a trusted and experience Pay Per Click Management Company that can take care of all your advertising needs for you whilst you concentrate on running your business. That’s why we put together a page that  highlights the results we have achieved for several of our divorce attorney clients.

However, what is perhaps even more important is to find a Pay Per Click Management Company that has sufficient experience and success in managing advertising campaigns within your line or area of business. Therefore, if you work as a divorce attorney Webrageous Studios should be your first choice. We have been helping divorce attorneys for 10 years now. We have deep bench of experience and great success helping divorce attorneys,personal injury attorneys,bankruptcy attorneys and pharmaceutical liability attorneys.


Click Fraud Rate is on the Rise as Shown by Recent Numbers

Next six Click Fraud in PPC Advertising is of course a concern for everyone and anyone who has something to do with the PPC industry in any way.

You might be a PPC Manager, a Google Employee or a PPC Advertiser. Whatever your connection to PPC Advertising is, it is important that you are aware of the fact that there are a number of recent reports which state that there has been an increase in Click Fraud this year.

Click Fraud: The Recent Numbers

In the second quarter of 2010, Click Forensics reports that Click Fraud has increased from 17.4% to 18.6%.

It also stated that the following countries outside of North America are at present responsible for the highest Click Fraud Rates in the world:

  • Singapore
  • Pakistan
  • Japan
  • Ukraine
  • China

However, Anchor Intelligence is reporting different figures. It states that Click Fraud Rate is at 28.9% at present. This is clearly a huge difference of opinion and therefore, at the same time as being aware of Click Fraud and how it might affect your PPC Advertising, please make sure that you bear these differences in data in mind when reading any material about the subject that you find on the Internet.

Perhaps it would be fair to say that not all figures can be trusted considering that there seems to be such a huge difference in research findings.

Having said that, do read the studies linked to in this post thoroughly and do contact Webrageous Studios if you have further questions about the subject or are looking for advice about how to protect yourself from Click Fraud. Webrageous has lots of experience in this area and has been successful in getting money back from both Yahoo and Google during a number of examples of click fraud.

Google AdWords Management for Divorce Attorneys

Webrageous Studios has been managing Google AdWords accounts for family law attorneys for over 10 years now. We encourage you to check out our page which highlights the results we have achieved for divorce attorneys.
Webrageous Studios is a Google AdWords Certified company, which is an important factor for any PPC Advertiser to take into consideration. However, if you are a divorce attorney looking for specialist PPC Management Services, then Webrageous Studios is an excellent choice. Webrageous specializes in a broad range of divorce attorney campaign management, including child custody and uncontested divorce, just to name a couple of examples. For this reason it is worth finding out a little bit more about what we can offer you. (more…)