Twitter is more than just a place where you can send tweets to tell people what you have been doing, or where you can send tweets that promote your business for example. Twitter is not just a social network forum where you can post links to interesting things you have found on the internet or a place where you can help generate more traffic for your site.

No. Twitter is so much more than this.

It has an excellent API that many third parties have taken and will no doubt continue to take advantage of in order to create lots of different applications to keep you chained to the Internet for even more hours than you already are. If you want to get even further hooked to the world of Twitter in a flash, keep reading this article and find out about a mere 10 Twitter applications that are both useful for SEO purposes and fun to play around with at the same time.

Exchanging Files

There is a service called File Social which allows you to exchange files. When you sign in via your Twitter credentials, you are able to tweet files smaller than 50 MB. This is a useful tool to use for business needs, but it’s also another great way of promoting any given topic. Maybe you have developed a fantastic document about “How to run the perfect PPC campaign” and you want to share your know-how with the social networking world? Using File Social enables you to send impressive business files across the Internet quickly and to many people at the same time.

Sharing Images

Everybody loves a good photo. They are so much more entertaining and enticing than blocks of text, for example. Images can be fantastic ways to promote your business or your organization and to generate interest in your website or what it is that you are doing at that moment in time. It is for this reason that there are countless numbers of Twitter tools available to enable image sharing. However, one of the best services available has been developed by

If you already have a Flickr account where you store all of your photos then connecting those photos to the Twitter network is as easy as pie. Flickr has added a Twitter posting feature to its site and therefore you can maintain an organized photo collection whilst at the same time share that photo collection with the cyber world through your tweets. Genius!

Sharing Videos

As with sharing images, there are lots of sharing video applications to take advantage of. Video is one of the best forms to utilize in order to make something go viral. Internet users love watching a video because it is one of the easiest ways to take in new information and the human race is generally very, very lazy. Tune in to this laziness and use it to your advantage by tweeting lots of different videos via your Twitter account and you will be on to a winner in no time.

Out of all the different video applications that can be utilized through the Twitter API, the is the tool that seems to stand out from the crowd. As clearly projected through its title, the videos that are shared through this Twitter third party tool are all 12 seconds long or less. That doesn’t leave you a lot of time to deliver a message, but then a tweet itself is only ever allowed to be 140 characters long. Therefore, isn’t this video sharing application actually the best kind of application for twitterers worldwide?

Even if you are a lover of the video and have a strong desire to tweet longer videos as a general rule, you really will have to agree that the 12 second format of this tool is completely in keeping with the whole Twitter world as we know it. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

And more sharing… this time: Sharing Music is a great little program that works in exactly the same way as Twitter does. When you sign up, your Twitter account gets merged with your account and through this simple integration you are able to tweet (or rather “blip”) the music that you are listening to at present to anyone out there who might be interested. This program would be a fantastic little tool for any musician or band to get hold of if they wanted to promote some of their own material in a simple and easy fashion.

Indeed, the hassle-free nature of this application is really quite excellent. Sending out a music track that in some way helps to promote your website or your product is a great little marketing idea to make your site go viral. For instance, taking a step back in time somewhat in order to create a catchy little jingle to promote a product you are selling would be a really neat way of attracting more traffic and a new wave of conversions. Enjoy this one. It’s a cracker.

Raising Money

Calling all NGOs!!!

Now that the Google Grants Program is successful and in full swing, registered NGOs receiving grant money for their PPC campaigns may well be interested in learning about the Twitter applications available which can help raise money for any cause or organization in need of funding too.

The application TwitPay is becoming more and more popular. Within the application, there are various different streams to utilize. RT2Give (RT standing for Re-Tweet) is excellent for non-profits as it’s a way for Twitter followers to be able to donate to causes that they feel strongly about.

Having said that, it isn’t only NGOs that can benefit from the raising money applications created for Twitter use. RT2Get is a very similar tool to RT2Give but it is more for businesses that want to run promotions or to create some kind of give-away deal to encourage people to become new customers.

Finally, the RT2Buy is a Twitter form of iTunes in many respects and is great for music artists of any kind. Once you have an account, you can upload content (i.e.: any song you have created) and offer it to all your Twitter followers. Anyone who re-tweets the message pays for the track and the money is confirmed to you via TwitPay in form of a direct message.

Start a Petition

To remain focused for a while on the worldly good and improvements that can be achieved via Twitter and the various third party Twitter applications that have been developed, the notion of starting a Twitter petition should be highlighted. It is possible to start a petition via Twitter and to fight for a cause using the power of the little blue tweeting bird at the click of a mouse.

If you are sick and tired of the fact that your local authority has done nothing to improve the state of the trash collection in your area, or if you are heading a huge campaign to enable young girls from Latin America to earn the right to play sports alongside their male counterparts, for example, there are Twitter applications like Twibbon and that can help you out.

Playing Games

Moving on to an area slightly less worthy, but by no means less important, brings us to the notion of playing games via Twitter. Playing games is a wonderful way to procrastinate and distract yourself away from doing all those important things that you should be doing whilst connected to the Internet. Spymaster (click here to read an excellent article detailing the contents of the game in great detail) has a strong following of lovers and haters and therefore is a game that any respectable twitterer should at least be aware of. Addictive might be an understatement for this game if you are the kind of person who loves whiling away the hours in cyber space.

More importantly, however, all those people who do spend their lives connected to the Internet for work purposes (like over-worked PPC Managers, for example) might benefit a little from getting addicted to this application as a way of being able to switch off a bit from what they are doing. Sometimes a little break from analyzing the conversion rates and quality scores of all your campaigns can help to give you a fresh perspective overall. So, why not take a sneaky break and give this baby a try?

Finding a Job

The sad fact is that today’s economy is not the best and employment situations can change radically from one day to the next. You never know when you are going to find yourself in need of new employment and fast, therefore start to get in on the Twitter job finding scene now before it becomes a necessity. Take a look at applications such as TweetMyJobs in order to be fully prepped in using these kinds of job finding tools before you actually have to.

Be prepared for the worst and make Twitter work for you in times of need.

Exchanging Business Cards

Be good to the environment and network with success at the same time. Too good to be true?

Well, this article tells no lies, so if you feel like you are being deceived let us reassure you that everything here is possible. There is no more need for printed business cards that people lose, throw away and forget about. There is no more need for business cards which cost lots of money and trees to produce and then promptly go out of date when you hire someone new or when contact details change and develop.

Now that Twitter offers a way of exchanging electronic business cards at the chirp of a tweet, all of these problems simply fade into the background.

TwtBizCard offers a simple way of creating and then sharing customized business cards via Twitter. Click here for a step by step demo which explains how to create and use your business cards online.

Finally we come to the best of the Twitter Application Bunch… Creating Screen Casts

Sharing videos through the previous applications already highlighted in this article is one thing, but creating a screen cast in a matter of minutes and creating a visual and aural tweet that can be seen on mobile telephones as well as on computers and laptops is another whole thing entirely.

Making and tweeting a screen cast is by far one of the coolest things that you can do for fun or for SEO purposes via Twitter (apologies to all those people out there who think SEO is fun… we do understand that some people LOVE spending time on social sites and creating linkbait worthy content).

Screenr is also one of the best applications available and an excellent video demonstration on how to use the application can be seen via this link.

Screenr makes it incredibly easy for anyone to make a screen cast. Basically, if you have access to a laptop and the Internet, you will be able to create an effective screen cast with very little trouble at all. Take a look at the demo, as it only lasts about 30 seconds (how very “tweet-like”) and then let us know what you think of the application.

With that, we come to the end of our Twitter Application List. Hopefully, this article has opened up your eyes to the endless possibilities that exist through Twitter for fun and promotion because of its incredibly accessible API. Naturally, we have left out lots of applications and lots of other categories too, but the 10 items selected were done so with care and scrutiny. The aim was to present the cream of the crop through these 10 Twitter applications and so hopefully the information will be really useful to you in many ways.

All that is left to say now is… tweet, tweet, tweet!