Mass Tort, Pharmaceutical and Medicals Device Liability Attorney Success with Google AdWords

Webrageous has been managing mass mort Google AdWords campaigns for attorneys since 2004. We have managed millions of dollars in ad spend for law firms seeking compensation for their clients for mass tort, pharmaceutical liability and medical device liability campaigns. Just some of the campaigns we have managed for mass tort law firms include several birth-control devices and pills, diabetes drugs, shoulder pain pumps, transvaginal mesh, IVC filters, faulty hip implants, ADD drugs,  testosterone therapy, weed killer, talc, blood thinners, power morcellators and several more. If you need help managing these complicated campaigns please fill out our contact form to see how we can help. This page has more information about some of the campaigns we have run and our experience in this area.

Ad Text

One of the Best Ad Text to use for Mass Torts includes “No fee Unless You Win”.  we can’t give away all our secrets so if you hire us we can write more great text ads.

Call Tracking

It is expensive to run a pharmaceutical liability  or mass tort campaign.  Therefore it is critical to ensure that your callers  are greeted with  the best experience possible.  if you have calls answered by an attorney that’s even better. At a minimum you want  a competent receptionist who answers the phone quickly.  And gets calls over to an attorney  if it looks like it’s a good case.  We use  for all of our clients.

Online Chat

There are two ways to go about live chat.  the first is to have  a chat operator who knows nothing about legal just harvest  contact information so your intake people can call them back and get the necessary information.  another option is to have someone trained in your office to answer their questions.  that’s better but you need to have someone who has the time to respond within seconds to most inquiries. if you can’t do this then you want to get a chat operator to harvest  contact information from  web visitors .  at Webrageous we currently use for live chat  and we strive to have someone from the company available  during business hours to answer chats. Drift  does not have  chat operators  to interact with your visitors. They do have an expensive option ( currently $500 per month)   which automates the process and sets up appointments and may be able to harvest some contact information .

There are a number of aspects which are very tricky with targeting mass tort campaigns with Google AdWords.  Here are a few of the unique considerations:

  1. The cost per click can be high with mass torts. Any mistake is going to be very expensive.  we been doing this since 2004 and we have a lot of experience  which  prevents expensive mistakes.  we don’t need to reinvent the wheel for you  and we can hit the ground runnin One secret is to get in as early as possible  before a number of competitors high line and run up the cost per click.
  2. It’s critical to know how to manage the lifecycle of  pharmaceutical liability and medical device liability campaigns. You want to be aggressive at first  and then pulled back slightly  and wait for subsequent rounds of  publicity in the national media when these campaigns can  flare up again. Knowing how to manage the bidding strategy during these phases is critical.
  3. We can consult with you and give suggestions for how to finance your mass tort campaigns. This is  the most important aspect because  with many of these campaigns attorneys can spend tens of thousands of dollars each month for several years targeting the cases.  Most law firms  don’t have the bankroll to keep up this sort of investment. Our ideas in this area can be invaluable.

Remember to add all the match types if you are using Google AdWords.  There is much more that goes into managing these campaigns beyond just a keyword list.  It comes down to optimization, strategy , writing great ad text,  campaign settings, and having a great landing page. Fill out our contact form or call us at 855-945-1596 if we can be of help.  Or visit this page  to learn more about our experience in this unique and challenging niche of legal marketing.