Building Successful Pharmaceutical Liability Campaigns with Webrageous

Pharmaceutical liability and medical device liability is a lucrative space right now. High-profile cases often result in massive settlements. Attorneys who specialize in litigation involving drug manufacturers will find no shortage of potential business in this segment of the legal industry. As marketers we have also specialized. Helping law firms with pharmaceutical liability and medical device liability is an area we excel at. In many cases we can offer a 60 day risk free trial for AdWords management.

Choose Experience

Webrageous has a strong track record with pharmaceutical liability lawyers. We helped one client become one of the lead plaintiffs on an important birth control lawsuit. Additionally, we have managed a variety of campaigns including failed pain pumps, failed hip replacements, and a diabetes drug causing serious illness. Many of our Google AdWords accounts for law firms are in the range of at least $100,000 per month, giving us extensive experience with high-budget campaigns. Here are the all-time results for several pharma campaigns for one of our clients. Note that these results don’t include call-focused campaigns which reduce the cost per conversion by about 50%.

pharma results

A Fast-Paced Market

Pharmaceutical liability campaign develop very quickly, with numerous law firms starting to advertise within the first 2 weeks after a new case breaks. As a result, PPC campaigns must be incredibly dynamic and respond to changes in the competitive landscape.

A Highly Specific Audience

For any given lawsuit there is a limited number of individuals affected by the faulty drug or device. In order to reach this limited pool of clients, lawyers’ AdWords campaigns must be highly targeted. PPC managers for pharmaceutical liability campaigns must be able to hone their campaigns to reach the right audience in the right location effectively. There is a very different in ROI for birth control injury lawsuit vs birth control injury settlement, for example.

Expensive, Competitive Keywords

In the legal industry, highly sought-after keywords can easily cost over $100 per click. For many of our clients, simply competing for the high-priced keywords is not enough to ensure conversions. In fact, it can often serve only to quickly deplete budgets. This makes poorly managed campaigns not only ineffective but extremely expensive.

Volatility in keywords, combined with a highly specific audience, make managing these PPC campaigns effectively challenging even under the best of conditions. Lawyers without extensive knowledge of PPC campaigns risk losing money and missing out on business opportunities. In order to get the most out of their advertising efforts, law firms should work with PPC managers with extensive experience managing these types of campaigns.

Developing Successful Pharmaceutical Campaigns with Webrageous

Webrageous has been managing pharmaceutical liability campaigns for over 10 years. We’ve developed strategies that work well within the nuances of legal industry PPC, ensuring that our clients can navigate the challenges of legal PPC successfully and get the most business from their campaigns possible. From implementing keyword bidding strategies that optimize for budgets of all sizes to leveraging call-based CTAs to boost conversions, we help our clients stay competitive and stay visible. We also have experience working in the new, shifting mobile AdWords space, and have allowed many of our clients to reach new business opportunities more effectively than with traditional desktop advertising.

Our results speak for themselves — watch the video below to learn more about how we’ve optimized PPC campaigns for our clients, from improving conversion rates and CPC to moving advertising spend to mobile to capture previously untapped business potential:


Our Clients’ Results Speak for Themselves

Webrageous’ continued experience with managing PPC campaigns has made us experts in what works, even as the landscape of the advertising marketplace has evolved. We’ve helped clients in the legal industry, including pharmaceutical liability, see results from their AdWords campaigns over and over again. Our team of PPC professionals has extensive experience managing a wide range of campaigns, and our management has garnered both increased leads and better online exposure for many of our customers. See what our clients have to say about working with Webrageous in the video below:

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