Managing Challenging Google AdWords Accounts

Whether you are facing click fraud, high cost per conversion, declining profitability from PPC, difficulty in managing global campaigns or any other issue you have with your PPC account, we are ready to help you achieve the best results. Many potential clients call us complaining that their PPC campaigns are suffering from declining profitability. This is where we come in.

As of December 2017 75% of our account managers have at least 10 years experience managing AdWords. The biggest factor that allows us to make a difference on challenging accounts is our ratio of account managers to clients. As of December 2017 the average Webrageous account manager handles under 10 accounts. Many of our accounts have spending in the tens of thousands of dollars which allows us to maintain that ratio. Many of our competitors have account managers who manage 80 or more accounts. That leaves half an hour per week to optimize your account. But after sending you reports, talking on the phone, and answering your emails that doesn’t leave a lot of time for optimization. And it’s very hard to make an impact when you spend an hour or two a month on an account.

We have been managing challenging accounts for a long time. Dedicating highly qualified account managers who have the time to spend on your account is what allows us to make a difference. One of our more challenging accounts target 30 countries and 20 languages and features thousands of products. Our business has been built on helping a select number of clients grow tremendously. To grow an AdWords account from $10,000 per month in spending to $30,000 per month or even $100,000 per month (and of course growing your profits along with that) typically takes a different approach than is offered by most of our competitors.

We also have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. 85% of our clients have been working with us for more than 3 years. Check out the testimonials of some of our clients.

International and Foreign Language PPC

Working on international PPC accounts is a challenging task, especially if you are not targeting English-speaking countries. Different countries have different AdWords policies and you have to understand these policies when writing ads in a foreign language.

This is where we can help you with – we are experts in managing foreign language PPC accounts. We have a team of foreign account managers who can take care of your foreign language campaigns carefully.

We are already managing accounts in different countries including: Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, the Middle East and many other places around the world. Our clients continue to see great results from these countries.

Dealing with Click Fraud

Click fraud can cost you a lot of money and you get nothing in return. Click fraud happens in two ways – your ads may start receiving clicks from bots, or your competitors could click on your ads so that your costs increase.

AdWords has an internal algorithm that detects click fraud, allowing them to return your money when they find those useless clicks. But the algorithms aren’t perfect because a rogue competitor bent on depleting your budget can use different IPs.

We are experts in dealing with click fraud. We monitor log files carefully and find any suspicious IP addresses and block them. After a problem has been detected we review the log files more frequently and keep blocking them so that the bot or competitor who is behind this won’t see your ads anymore and won’t be able to click on your ads. This way, you only get quality traffic and amazing results. Many analytics programs won’t allow you to see the IP addresses visiting your site. We can advise you the software to use so that we can have the data necessary to block IP addresses. In the screenshot below notice the IP that has visited a site 26 times in one month. Most of our clients don’t need to show paid search ads to people who have already visited their site 26 times in 1 month! that’s why it’s important to monitor the right reports and take action.
block IP addresses with frequent visits to your site for paid search can stop click fraud

High Cost-per-Conversion or Declining Profitability

If you are facing declining profitability from your PPC campaigns due to high cost-per-conversion, we can help you decrease cost-per-conversion and thereby increase your ROI. We have helped many of our clients bring down their cost-per-conversion. Have a look at the screenshot below and see how much we dropped the cost per conversion for one of our clients. More examples can be found in our results video.


We brought down the cost per conversion from $71.15 to $41.91 and the conversion rate increased from 3.86% to 5.97%. So for a single conversion, they saved $29.24 and for every 200 conversions, that’s a savings of $5,848 in a single month!

Common Reasons Why You May Have a High Cost-per-Conversion

  • You’re not targeting keywords that are profitable for your business.
  • You’re targeting too many broad keywords and not monitoring the search terms your ads are showing for.
  • You’re not adding the right negative keywords.
  • You have a poor landing page, with a low conversion rate.
  • You have poorly written ads and are not taking advantage of ad extensions.
  • You have too many keywords with a low quality score.

Above are just a few of the many issues that could cause a high cost-per-conversion. We can perform an audit of your account to provide you a detailed report on what the issues are and how we can help you fix them. there are lots of factors that can cause a paid search account to not perform at its true potential. Only by careful analysis and committing sufficient resources by qualified experts is it possible to achieve optimal results. For a free consultation please fill out the form below or call us directly at 855-945-1596.