Google Ads for Attorneys

There are few tactics that can yield as high an ROI for a law practice as effective pay per click ads on Google. Effective is the operative word here, of course, and that’s where you want to hire the best Google Ads pay per click management expert you can find. Do-it-yourself Google Ads management for attorneys more often than not turns your marketing budget into a money pit. What’s worse is that you may wind up assuming that Google Ads for attorneys can’t work for you, negating what could possibly be your most effective marketing channel before you’ve seen the excellent results it can deliver.

Every attorney knows that a client who represents himself or herself in court is on a collision course with disaster. In the attorney pay per click management game, we at Webrageous know the same is true for attorneys who try to run their own Google Ads, because running effective Google Ads is now a discipline unto itself.

Don’t give up because you have not yet found the right attorney PPC management for your Google Ads. Google is where your clients are searching for you—you just need to know how to get in front of them effectively. That’s where expert pay per click management comes in.

The advantage of being in the business of selling legal services is that you know exactly what your prospect’s pain points are—and so do they. They are likely frustrated with their situation, even desperate for a resolution. They just need someone who understands their circumstances and can communicate the solution effectively and persuasively. The difficulty, on the other hand, is that you have so much competition, and it’s not always easy for your prospect to differentiate among the many lawyers who are vying for their business. Expert PPC management for attorney’s Google Ads can make that decision very clear for prospects who are on the fence but need your help NOW.

Keyword Selection for Attorneys

Everyone knows the importance of keyword selection, but not everyone understands the nuances involved. When it comes to PPC management for attorneys, your Google Ads expert needs to be able to get into the heads of your prospective clientele to understand what their needs are and how you as a firm or a solo practitioner can meet those needs.

If you specialize in medical malpractice, it’s important to be able to research what people who’ve been the victim of medical neglect search for—not just what you would search for if the same thing happened to you. An expert pay per click manager knows how to leverage the Google Ads tools to search far and wide for keywords that resonate and also have the right search volume for your budget.

Once we’ve located the best keywords for your firm’s specialties and location, we can help you create landing pages that show your traffic exactly what they need to see in order to get them to the next level. For instance, if a potential client has been the victim of a neighbor’s dog bite, you don’t want to send them to the front page of your website, no matter how shiny and attractive it may look. You want to send them to a page that speaks to their particular pain point and how you are going to solve it for them. Don’t hire a pay per click management consultant who cannot lend this level of sophistication to your campaigns. You may just be throwing money down the drain if you do.

Warm Up Your Leads Without Doing a Thing With a Pay Per Click Management Consultant

A busy law office has no time to spare. Even if you have a dedicated marketing person, they can only do so much. Outsourcing your Google Ads for attorneys is the most efficient and effective way to leverage Google Ads.

You want your online marketing mix to warm up leads as much as you possibly can before they email, call, or walk through your doors. Enter your expert Webrageous Google Ads consultant. Our goal is to create Google Ads campaigns that deliver qualified, warm leads without your having to even think about the mechanics of keywords, landing pages, bounce rates, quality scores, and basically anything Google related.

If you’ve tried Google Ads previously and been less than satisfied with the results, know that you are not alone. Choosing keywords and key phrases is not for the faint of heart. The ever-increasing complexity of Google Ads has, for better or worse, made using it successfully the domain of pay per click management experts. There may have been a time when a lawyer in Denver could have been flooded with calls on 10 cent clicks for the search term “lawyer in Denver,” but those days are long gone.

The good news is that a qualified, experienced, hands-on team of pay per click management experts can capture your compelling value propositions in just a few short sentences, build those sentences around the right keywords, and send traffic to your website. That traffic will be ready and eager to find out how you can help them.

Our Process

We believe that once you understand our pay per click management process, you’ll agree that there’s no one else in the industry who can represent you more effectively. That’s the benefit of working with an expert pay per click management consultant. Our process is engineered to get results, leaving you and your own marketing resources to deal with the tasks that can only be handled in-house.

We cover all the bases necessary to create a winning Google Ads pay per click campaign to ensure that your marketing dollars are put to their best possible use.

First, our pay per click management expert team confers with you directly to understand your legal competencies, areas of focus, and compelling value propositions. We don’t use any sort of canned software or automation. All of our campaigns are tailored to each individual client and built from the ground up. Understanding your strengths and ultimately your messages is vital to a successful Google Ads campaign that delivers an outstanding ROI.

Once our expert pay per click management consultants understand your potential market, we go to work on keyword research. Our research process has been honed over nearly two decades of working with Google Ads in all of its many iterations. Finding the keyword sweet spot—those that are searched enough to merit using but not searched so often that they’re overly competitive—is a vital part of our magic sauce. Then, our team incorporates those keywords into just a few magnetic sentences that convey expertise, trust, and empathy to your prospective clients.

Other pay per click management consultants might stop there, but we analyze your website pages to determine whether or not they sell effectively. Why would we create the best ads in the business only to send traffic to a site that doesn’t communicate clearly or establish trust? We ensure that anyone who clicks through will find the best experience possible and be warmed up by the time you hear from them.

If you’re still reading, you can probably see at this point that not opting for PPC management for attorneys with a Google ads expert is actually costing you money.

Webrageous—The Best Google Ads Consultant in the Business

Just as the practice of law is foreign to your clients, so are Google Ads campaigns to many of our clients.  The mechanics of running ads and interpreting the data is very difficult if you don’t engage in it every day. In the same way that you wouldn’t expect your clients to chase down every precedent or necessarily even understand the ins and outs of past rulings that affect their case, we don’t expect you to understand the nuances of creating the perfect Google Ad.

If you still need more reasons to hire a seasoned pay per click management expert, consider these:

  • We are Google Ads certified—Google offers training in using its ads platform to pay per click management consultants, and our staff is fully certified. That doesn’t mean that we don’t use our own processes. We’re learning every day with every campaign and ad we run. But being certified by the search engine giant surely doesn’t hurt.
  • We understand SEO/SEM, not just pay per click—No attorney wants to trust their Google Ads marketing dollars to a random pay per click farm. Running successful campaigns is about so much more than integrating keywords and copy. Understanding the mechanics behind search engine optimization gives us a level of depth that adds greatly to your success.
  • We write superb advertisement text—The quality of your ad copy can literally make or break your campaign. All the right keywords can get you exposure, but if your ad sits at the top of the results with no clicks, you might as well not have run it at all. Effective messaging is crucial, which is why you need Google Ads consultants who can write the most effective copy.
  • We offer a personalized management service—Once your ad goes live, this is only the beginning. Your account manager is available for questions and will hold regular sessions with you to discuss results, revisions, return on ad spend, and more. These sessions not only keep you informed but provide vital information that can be leveraged across all of your marketing endeavors.
  • We have access to our own Google Ads personal representative—Google allots representatives only to those clients who have a sufficiently large account, and this is by invitation only. We are influential enough in the space that when we have a question or need a clarification, someone at Google is there to take the call. The value of this relationship to the success of your campaigns can hardly be overestimated.

Any pay per click management consultant that you are considering to handle your attorney Google Ads should have all of the above capabilities and attributes.

Call Us Today to Find Out How Our Pay Per Click Management Consultants Can Help You!

You know well that there is no gray area for attorneys—you either win the case or you lose, and your performance can be measured in dollars and cents. As Google Ads consultants, we are in the same boat, and we like to think of that as a strength. We like to win, and we get results.

If you’ve yet to see what Google Ads can do for your law practice, we are ready to walk you through the results you can expect when working with the pay per click management experts at Webrageous. If you’re already using another firm to do your PPC attorney Google Ads management, give us the chance to show you how we can improve on their results. We believe that if you’re not working with us, you’re not seeing the optimal results, and that’s no better than leaving money on the table.  Contact us for a free audit of your existing Google Ads or for a free consultation about starting up a successful Google Ads campaign.