Reasons why SEOs should use the “Mental Model.”

The “Mental Model” is perhaps one of the most important factors for an SEO to consider when working on any website. A more detailed article which includes a larger number of tips for the SEO looking to improve his or her skills can be found on the Webrageous Studios website. However, this post is simply going to look at the function of the “Mental Model” in close detail as it is an area of great importance.

Firstly, what is the “mental model”?

The “mental model” is all about people. Internet users have brains. Therefore a lot of information and behavioral patterns are stored in their heads. Humans are creatures of habit. We all develop our little quirks and customs as time goes on. Many people, although not all, also find change very difficult to cope with.

Why is this important to SEO and what has all this got to do with the “mental model”? Keep reading… (more…)

What is Information Architecture?

Information Architecture (IA) is something that any successful SEO should know about. Many people falsely believe that IA is all about navigation or that it actually is navigation. This is simply not true.

Navigation is about offering directions to the internet user to get from one place to another on a website. IA is a little more refined than this. IA is about offering directions in a particular way that is dependent upon who or what is asking for the directions.

IA, in essence, is all about the SEO understanding who the audience of a given website is, what they want and how these internet users in particular would go about searching for the information they desire.

In a quick snap-shot, IA covers the following main areas: (more…)

Improve your work as an SEO

The job of an SEO is fairly complex. Misconceptions gathered by novice SEOs or by website owners who manage their own sites and think that SEO is nothing but the entering of a few meta keywords, give no credit to the amount of work, skill and craft that needs to be employed by effective SEOs every day.

However, there are also many hardworking SEOs in the field who, despite employing great focus and creativity, still find it difficult to know how to improve their skills further.

There are a number of different avenues that an SEO can follow in order to begin improving the quality and effectiveness of their work. These areas include a study into the art of Information Architecture (IA) and the application of the mental model” as two mere quick examples. (more…)

Become an Internet Marketing Specialist

Imagine that you have hired an experienced PPC Account Manager to manage your PPC campaign and your website has been professionally developed, your conversion rate is increasing and your quality score is looking good.

Now you’re going to need to find out about programs and tools that exist in order to help you achieve these online marketing goals.

This post offers a few tips about how to become a ppc Specialist in a few easy steps. (more…)

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to anyone who has a website. If you want to promote something, if you have products to sell or if you have services to offer, SEO is something to consider. Even if you utilize the power of PPC Advertising, SEO is still important. The scenario is as follows…

You have hired an experienced and trusted PPC Management Company, such as Webrageous Studios, to manage your PPC Advertising Campaign and you are receiving constant traffic to your site and a healthy number of conversions every month. You’re not making a huge amount of money from your Google AdWords Advertising, but you are certainly very happy with the results delivered by your PPC Management Company. (more…)

6 Different Types of Internet Searchers

The following bullet point list contains the six most common types of internet searchers that browse the internet everyday either looking for information or carrying out specific tasks. The internet searcher types are:

  • The navigational searcher
  • The known item searcher
  • The named page searcher
  • The informational searcher
  • The ad-hoc searcher
  • The transactional searcher

To find out what these different internet searcher labels actually refer to, read the full length article on the subject via the Webrageous Studios website. The material included in the article is really useful in terms of thinking about the principals of search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword development. (more…)