The “Mental Model” is perhaps one of the most important factors for an SEO to consider when working on any website. A more detailed article which includes a larger number of tips for the SEO looking to improve his or her skills can be found on the Webrageous Studios website. However, this post is simply going to look at the function of the “Mental Model” in close detail as it is an area of great importance.

Firstly, what is the “mental model”?

The “mental model” is all about people. Internet users have brains. Therefore a lot of information and behavioral patterns are stored in their heads. Humans are creatures of habit. We all develop our little quirks and customs as time goes on. Many people, although not all, also find change very difficult to cope with.

Why is this important to SEO and what has all this got to do with the “mental model”? Keep reading…
Many people in the world have likes and dislikes, some are young and some are old, some spend most of their lives in an angry state of being, some only go online at night, after a long day at the office and find it very difficult to process lots of information at this time.

Due to the nature of human beings, the “mental model” encourages the SEO to know who the audience is for any given website before trying to optimize it. SEOs who do not use the “mental model” when optimizing websites make use of generic labels like “about” and “services.” These labels are uninspiring and do nothing to accommodate the specific needs or behavioral patterns of a certain type of internet user who is utilizing that website.


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