PPC Campaign Testing to Improve Conversions… Don’t Do It!

Did you read the heading of this post correctly?

Yes, you did.

Webrageous Studios is saying that sometimes there are reasons NOT to test your PPC Campaign.

At the risk of appearing a little bold, Webrageous Studios wants to highlight the fact that there are instances when PPC Managers should not be testing their PPC Campaigns for conversion improvements. There are moments and examples of PPC Campaigns that are simply not going to benefit from testing of any kind and therefore the time and energy put into these tests by the PPC Manager is simply put to waste.

But when exactly is it not a good idea to be testing a PPC Campaign?

There are a number of reasons that spring to mind, but the top three would have to be as follows: (more…)

Estimated Top Impressions Tool Developed by Google AdWords

Estimated Top Impressions ToolPerhaps you are already aware of the Google AdWords tool entitled, “Bid Simulator.” The Bid Simulator is an AdWords tool that has been in operation for the past year and allows the PPC Manager to see how many clicks and impressions any given advertisement could have had over the past seven days if a different maximum CPC had been in place.
Recently, Google AdWords announced an addition to the Bid Simulator tool. The additional feature is called “Estimated Top Impressions”.

Introducing the AdWords Estimated Top Impressions Tool

The AdWords Estimated Top Impressions tool is a feature that shows you how many times any given advertisement appears above the search results on the SERP over a period of seven days. Now this is definitely the kind of data that would help PPC managers everywhere create more effective strategies and approaches so that they can make the most out of every single campaign they launch.
In addition, the new Estimated Top Impressions feature also shows the PPC Manager how many times the same advertisement could have appeared above the search results on the SERP had a different keyword level maximum CPC bid been in place. This opens up a whole world of options for every PPC manager, and gives them alternatives in case their current campaign is not giving them the results they need.
This tool is excellent for learning how to better spend your PPC Advertising budget.
In order to access the Bid Simulator and the new Estimated Top Impressions feature of this PPC Management Google AdWords tool, click on the icon next to your maximum CPC bid in your Google AdWords Campaign. From there, you could start exploring all the other possibilities and opportunities that this amazing tool has opened up for you and your PPC campaign, making your approach produce even bigger and better results.

PPC Campaign Testing: An Overview

ppc campaign testingPPC Managers know that testing is one of the most important things in PPC Management. Without regular testing a campaign can never be improved and the PPC Advertiser’s money is being squandered unnecessarily.
There are many schools of thought and routes of advice concerning PPC Campaign Testing and sometimes the varying opinions available can be a little confusing and very unhelpful.
For this reason, this post outlines a short approach to PPC Campaign Testing that is an amalgamation of lots of different PPC Testing ideas in a quick and easy to follow format. (more…)

The Importance of PPC Management Testing

One of the most important things that a PPC Manager can learn to incorporate into his or her daily cycle as a PPC Manager is to test their campaign.

PPC Management Testing is by far one of the most important actions that a PPC Manager can take in order to improve the effects of a PPC Campaign and better their success as a PPC Management Provider.

If a PPC Manager regularly tests the quality of his or her campaign, he or she will never become complacent. One of the most important things to recognize about PPC Advertising is that the job is never done. (more…)