Did you read the heading of this post correctly?

Yes, you did.

Webrageous Studios is saying that sometimes there are reasons NOT to test your PPC Campaign.

At the risk of appearing a little bold, Webrageous Studios wants to highlight the fact that there are instances when PPC Managers should not be testing their PPC Campaigns for conversion improvements. There are moments and examples of PPC Campaigns that are simply not going to benefit from testing of any kind and therefore the time and energy put into these tests by the PPC Manager is simply put to waste.

But when exactly is it not a good idea to be testing a PPC Campaign?

There are a number of reasons that spring to mind, but the top three would have to be as follows:

3 Reasons NOT to test PPC Campaigns
1. The website design is so bad that no amount of tweaking with design and landing page optimization is going to change or improve anything. Would you keep putting petrol into your car if you knew you had a leak and that most of it was going to be lost along the journey anyway?
2. Nobody is going to have the time, money or manpower to make the changes to the PPC Campaign that you suggest even though you have slogged your way through a very demanding campaign test over the past month. What is the point? “Thanks for your ideas, Jim, and now we’re going to continue doing what we’ve always been doing anyway because these changes aren’t going to help us meet the KPIs of our international projects.”
3. You are working solo and are expected to be the analyst, test strategist, project manager, visual designer, PPC Manager and usability researcher all in one. Where is your team? Everyone else has a team to work with? The word PPC Manager is not a synonym for Superman!

Today, let’s take a closer look at the first reason to NOT test PPC Campaigns…

The ugly website syndrome.

In the article linked to above, Webrageous Studios has collated a number of different homepages from the Internet as examples of websites that are just completely unworkable and which need a website designer’s magic touch before you could even begin to think about optimizing the site for PPC purposes.

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Enjoy looking at the websites and doing a quick comparison between what you see printed here and your own website…

Is your website ugly and PPC incompatible? Find out.