Great News for Advertisers: Internet Users Mute Google Display Advertisements

Wait a minute! How can it be that giving Internet users the option to mute or turn off my advertisements is a good thing?

Stop thinking about things from the advertiser’s perspective and consider them from the consumer’s point of view. When you have more control over what you buy and the level of advertising you are bombarded with on the Internet, the better you feel.

Imagine signing up to an e-newsletter that you cannot unsubscribe from. Imagine how irritating it would be to keep receiving an email from a company that you had no interest in. Imagine how annoyed you would become with that company and imagine all the terrible things you might end up saying about them to friends, family and other random people on the Internet.

Giving consumers more control over the advertising that they are presented with is one of the best ideas Google has put in place over the past two months because it gives consumers peace of mind and advertisers a much better chance at controlling advertising spend and increasing sales at the same time. (more…)

Good News for Adsense Advertisers and the Internet User

News for Adsense AdvertisersThe Google Adsense Blog recently announced it is testing an extended version of category blocking which is called general category blocking. What that basically means is that any internet user who is a part of the Google Adsense Content Network and shows advertisements on their site will now be able to begin blocking advertisements from a larger and more refined list of categories. This is definitely relevant news for AdSense advertisers and the common internet user.
Google Adsense will be testing a total of 170 additional specific categories as part of the general category blocking feature, including categories such as finance, travel, job and automotive, for example.
According to the details on this news for AdSense advertisers, the internet user can now select to block up to 50 different advertisement categories from appearing on their website out of the 170 plus that exist. Google Adsense also provides these same internet users with a breakdown of their total revenue percentages and the total number of impressions that fall under each category for that website so that internet users who display Google Adsense advertisements can make good financial decisions regarding the blocking and selecting of the advertisement categories thanks to this new Adsense feature.
As explained above, the general category blocking feature is in beta testing at present, but the principals behind the feature bode well for PPC Advertising for a number of different reasons.

Why is this good news for internet users in general?

When internet users are surfing the internet on sites that they like, they will be more likely to encounter Adsense advertisements that bear better relevance to them and their interests thanks to this feature, as the owners of the websites that form a part of the Content Network will have more control over what their readers see.

Why is this good news for AdSense advertisers?

It will be more likely that your PPC advertisement will be shown to internet users who are more interested in your products and services. This means better chances of conversion each and every time.
With this piece of news for AdSense advertisers, we know that Google is still working hard to improve the PPC Advertising experience of everyone all-round, yet again. What more can be said?

Google Export Planning Tool: Market Your Product Abroad

Any experienced PPC Account Manager or PPC Advertiser knows that one of the most important things to consider when creating a PPC campaign is the demographic of your target audience. Demographics play a crucial role in the creation of advertisement text, keyword development and advertisement placement. Therefore, if thinking about expanding the product sales of your business to other countries, an entirely new PPC campaign should be created. This is where the Google Export Planning Tool comes into play.

The Google Export Planning Tool: An Overview

It can be very difficult to market a product for an overseas audience, particularly if there are language barriers in place. Therefore the use of the Google Export Planning Tool, which is still in the BETA testing stage at Google, is an option that could prove to be very helpful indeed. It is a fairly simple tool to use in practice and has the ability to present estimations of traffic, search volumes and the CPC of different advertisements based on the data that you enter when beginning to plan to market abroad. (more…)

3 PPC Management Tools From Google

Google masterminds seem to work nonstop to develop tool after tool and application after application that would make PPC Management easier and more effective. Of course, all these new PPC management tools also add challenges for those that work within the Google AdWords System because there is always something new to learn. This makes it even more important to maintain a careful eye on the developments in PPC at Google. After all, every set of PPC management tools that they introduce open up better opportunities for a PPC manager like you.

Here are some of the most useful PPC management tools that you can use:

More AdWords Reporting

Google Analytics now includes three new AdWords reports: Day Parts Reports, Destination URLs Reports and Placements Reports. Google AdWords has produced an excellent video on the subject of the new reports available on the Google Analytics Blog. The video clearly explains the various new dimensions and clickable tabs that now exist in each of the new AdWords reports. It could give you a more solid understanding of the new features that will make the day to day analysis of a PPC Management campaign even more accurate.

Google AdWords Campaign Experiments Tool

The New Google AdWords Campaign Experiments Tool (or ACE for short) enables you to compare the possible effects of a new, “experimental” PPC campaign against that of an old, “existing” campaign that you happen to be working on at the time. The tool allows you to examine both PPC campaigns and it supplies you with a breakdown of how the two campaigns compare. It can tell any PPC Manager whether the changes that are being proposed in the new campaign are likely to have positive effects on a client’s PPC advertising success or not. Cool, huh?
To understand better how this new tool can help you, you can take a look at this video.

Google Sitelinks

Out of all three PPC Management tools from Google presented in this post, this is certainly the best. Google Sitelinks is a way of formatting your PPC advertisements in order to attract more converters, drive more traffic to your site and land internet users on the pages that they really want to see. When working with this tool, it is possible to send users to deeply embedded material from your site by including a number of extra links on any basic advertisement that ordinarily appears on the Google Network.

Google Sitelinks could be a little complex considering its huge sets of functions. However, the time and effort you put in to learn how to use it to your advantage is more than worth it because the results have the potential to be highly significant. In fact, it is the experience of Webrageous Studios that the CTR of particular PPC campaigns actually doubles through the application of this new tool. Now that is definitely a figure worth capitalizing upon.

So, there we have it. Three more updates on three more PPC Management Tools from Google that we hope you find useful now and in the future too. These PPC management tools will definitely help you hit and exceed a few targets that you’ve set, pushing you to hit numbers you’ve always wanted to hit.