Wait a minute! How can it be that giving Internet users the option to mute or turn off my advertisements is a good thing?

Stop thinking about things from the advertiser’s perspective and consider them from the consumer’s point of view. When you have more control over what you buy and the level of advertising you are bombarded with on the Internet, the better you feel.

Imagine signing up to an e-newsletter that you cannot unsubscribe from. Imagine how irritating it would be to keep receiving an email from a company that you had no interest in. Imagine how annoyed you would become with that company and imagine all the terrible things you might end up saying about them to friends, family and other random people on the Internet.

Giving consumers more control over the advertising that they are presented with is one of the best ideas Google has put in place over the past two months because it gives consumers peace of mind and advertisers a much better chance at controlling advertising spend and increasing sales at the same time.

Everyone benefits when Internet users mute Google Display Advertisements

Every time your advertisement appears on a web page, in front of a possible consumer, Google charges you for that impression. Therefore, if your advertisements are being shown to Internet users who do not want to see your advertisements or users who are not interested in buying your products / signing up for your services, you are foolishly wasting your advertising budget.

When the consumer has more control and the ability to say to Google “I don’t want to see these kinds of advertisements,” Google can then better match your Display Network advertisements to potential consumers, which benefits everyone.

1. Google benefits because they are providing a much better service for the Internet user and when it comes to Google, the Internet user experience always features at the very top of the list of priorities.
2. The consumer benefits because they are not pursued by advertisements that do not interest them and companies that they have no desire to do business with.
3. The advertiser benefits because their advertisements are only shown to people who might be interested in buying their products or signing up for their services, which means that advertising budget is used productively at all times.

How can the Internet user mute their Google Display advertisements?

It has been possible for a long time now for Internet users to skip YouTube advertisements, which can be really annoying when you are trying to focus on the material in the video you wish to watch. However, Google has now gone one step further towards improving Internet user experience.

By offering the same format, the Internet user can now hit the “x” button on a Display Network advertisement when they feel that the advertisement they are seeing is simply destroying their Internet experience. Google can then make a record of this action and use the data to begin delivering more relevant advertisements to potential consumers.

If the Internet user chooses to mute a particular advertisement, he or she will no longer see advertisements from that campaign. The Google’s Ads Preferences Manager will open and the user will be able to fine tune the kind of advertisements that he or she sees. This means that the advertiser’s online marketing efforts can be further optimized to meet the consumer’s needs.

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The importance of the “mute” feature for the success of Google Remarketing Campaigns

Giving consumers the option to mute Google AdWords advertisements is particularly useful for those advertisers who use Google Remarketing campaigns.

The whole concept behind the Google Remarketing campaign is that the advertisements for that campaign automatically “follow” an Internet user around on the Internet after they have already shown an initial interest by clicking on one of the advertisements in the past.

If the consumer realizes that they are being followed by this campaign and do not wish to continue the same advertisement over and over again, they can now choose to “mute” those advertisements. This means that the advertiser is not wasting advertising budget on a consumer that is not interested and the consumer is not bombarded with advertisements that they are not interested in.

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