Any experienced PPC Account Manager or PPC Advertiser knows that one of the most important things to consider when creating a PPC campaign is the demographic of your target audience. Demographics play a crucial role in the creation of advertisement text, keyword development and advertisement placement. Therefore, if thinking about expanding the product sales of your business to other countries, an entirely new PPC campaign should be created. This is where the Google Export Planning Tool comes into play.

The Google Export Planning Tool: An Overview

It can be very difficult to market a product for an overseas audience, particularly if there are language barriers in place. Therefore the use of the Google Export Planning Tool, which is still in the BETA testing stage at Google, is an option that could prove to be very helpful indeed. It is a fairly simple tool to use in practice and has the ability to present estimations of traffic, search volumes and the CPC of different advertisements based on the data that you enter when beginning to plan to market abroad.

These estimations could prove to be vital clues as to whether marketing your product abroad could be a viable option or whether it would instead prove to be a disastrous business move financially. If moving into the international market for the first time, there is bound to be a lot about the subject that you are unaware of. Therefore, any kind of help and direction that can be gathered, even just in terms of PPC marketing strategies, let alone day to day logistics of doing business overseas, is likely to be more than welcome. This is why the Google Export Planning Tool is such a fantastic development.

Google Export Planning Tool: What It Can Do

Essentially, the tool is broken down into three different areas:
1. Google Translate
2. Google Keyword Suggestion Tool
3. Google Traffic Estimator

The Google Translate will translate your initial keyword phrase into the language of your choice. The Google Keyword Suggestion Tool will then find variations of your keywords in the local language and the Google Traffic Estimator is the element of this feature that will then produce a list of keywords and estimate search volumes, traffic trends and CPC of advertisements. The combination of all these different elements is what makes the Google Export Planning Tool so easy to use and so useful in terms of market research.

Things to be aware of when using the Google Export Planning Tool at present is that it is unable to search the market and produce results for you based on specific countries. It only works by region and therefore if you need more specific country information you are going to have to use highly specific keywords in order to generate that data.

In addition, be aware that:
1. Translations of advertisement text might not be perfect – hire someone to review the advertisements and keyword phrases that the tool has translated.
2. Translate your landing pages too.
3. Be sure to monitor all the results carefully – small mistakes in translation can cost a lot of money if you are not carefully monitoring the results of every keyword and campaign.

Also, this blog post is by no means suggesting that by using this one tool all of your marketing abroad strategies, issues, concerns and needs will be answered. This is simply not the case. Use the tool to decide whether there is a possible market for your product abroad and then begin doing a lot more research into the matter via other means before buying Google advertisement space.

Finally, the Google Export Planning Tool was originally created in the UK, therefore any of the FAQs that are available about the tool to help anyone new to the application are all slanted towards the UK. This is important to bear in mind.

Having said all of that, the Google Export Planning Tool (which is still in the BETA testing stage) should prove to be an excellent way of beginning to expand your business that little bit further upon its release. Begin putting those international plans into action so that you can be ready for this neat way of developing effective international PPC campaigns when the opportunity presents itself.  We have helped  many  advertisers  to start advertising abroad -please contact us to see how we can help you.

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