The Google AdWords Keyword Tool Gets Better

Google AdWords Keyword ToolThe new Google AdWords Keyword Tool was released in September 2009 and it continues to get better all the time, thanks to the dedicated work of the masterminds working behind the scenes at Google.

What’s New with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

So, what can the Google AdWords Keyword Tool do today that it couldn’t do before it was updated?

  1. Search for keywords in your list by inclusion or exclusion search boxes
  2. Expand your keyword list with a new “more like this” button in the keyword list
  3. Show results that are only closely related to the keywords selected in your list
  4. Starring keywords to keep those keywords in a special starred list
  5. View selected keywords in a text format to be able to edit them and paste them in a spreadsheet or into the AdWords Editor.

Why has Google made these changes?
Because it received daily feedback from its global users and therefore knew what areas it should be focusing on and which areas simply required a little attention and focus. Hopefully, all feedback will have been addressed and all PPC Managers will be feeling happy with the changes made.
Of course, knowing how Google AdWords works, every issue will always have a suitable solution. This is exactly why updates like these are released regularly. After all, to stay on top of things and as part of Google’s commitment to excellence, there is always a need for constant evolution, something that is evidenced by this update on the Google AdWords Keyword tool.
With that in mind, what do you think about the new Google AdWords Keyword Tool? Do you think the update really is a whole lot better than the last one? How huge of an impact do these changes have overall? Leave Webrageous Studios a few comments and let the company know your personal thoughts on the matter.

What’s The New Google AdWords Click-Type Tool About?

Google AdWords Click-Type Google invents new tools for AdWords PPC by the dozen and each one is useful to somebody in the field of AdWords PPC Management. Indeed, Webrageous Studios makes use of a number of Google AdWords tools when managing the PPC Campaigns of its various PPC Clients and enjoys the speed and analytical sharpness that the tools offer.

The Google AdWords Click-Type Tool Advantage

One of the newest Google AdWords Tools on the block is the Google AdWords Click-Type Tool, which is very useful for determining how an internet user arrived to your website and which links or advertisements elsewhere on the Internet are driving the majority of the traffic your way.
If you can study how internet users arrive to your site with more accuracy and speed, as the Google AdWords Click-Type Tool allows, you can become a more efficient PPC Manager and you can create a more effective PPC Campaign that uses advertising budget for the areas of PPC that are most successful for your client.
If you already enjoy the benefits of other Google AdWords Tools such as Product Ads Sitelinks and click-to-call, then the new Google AdWords Click-Type Tool is going to be very useful. The Google AdWords Click-Type Tool will show you in a very simple format just how well each of these tools is independently performing in reality within your PPC Campaign overall. This makes it perfect if you want to keep close track of your progress by making sure that every single step you take complements all the other tools and processes that are in action.
Check out Google AdWords Click-Type Tool in action and see what the huge difference is. Pay particularly close attention to the Click-Type Report that you would see from your Google Account and compare it with what you have at the moment.

New PPC Tool: Google AdWords Automated Rules

Google AdWords Automated RulesAre you a PPC Manager with an incredibly heavy workload? Do you have lots of PPC Campaigns to manage for a variety of PPC Clients with differing PPC needs? Do you find that you are always attached to the computer and that it is hard to differentiate between work and play?
If so, then the new Google AdWords Automated Rules tool is probably something that is going to help you greatly as we move into the New Year.
At present, the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool is only available to some PPC Advertisers in the US, but this will soon become ALL advertisers in the US. Eventually, but much later, the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool will probably be made available to those PPC Advertisers outside of the US too.

What does the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool do?

The best thing about this new tool is that it allows the PPC Manager to schedule important changes that he/she wants to make to their PPC Campaign ahead of time, therefore saving the PPC Manager from having to log into their accounts every day. Time for play, away from the pressures of work, can exist when using the new AdWords Automated Rules tool.
The best thing is that the changes that a PPC Manager can schedule can also be very specific with this tool. For example, changes can be scheduled to any PPC Campaign in the following ways:

  1. changes to budget during peak or low times
  2. modifications to the maximum CPC bids following changes to CTR and conversion rate data
  3. enablement of specific advertisement text, taking users to promotional landing pages only on Monday mornings, for example

The ideas listed above are just ideas and are designed to give you an example of the type of detail that can be achieved when using the AdWords Automated Rules tool. Scheduled changes can be incredibly specific and focused with this tool which will be the key to its imminent success.
Google AdWords has also provided an excellent step-by-step video on how to begin using the tool in practice. Webrageous Studios has inserted that video below for the convenience of its readers in this post. Take a good look at the tool and learn how incredibly useful it could be to you and your campaigns overall today.


Enhanced PPC: Understanding What It Is Really About

Enhanced PPC is a new bidding method recently made available by Google. It is a useful tool which can help all PPC Advertisers to improve the effectiveness of their pay per click bidding management strategies.

An Overview of Enhanced PPC

The Google AdWords Blog announced the development of Enhanced PPC via a recent post and this post explains everything in excellent detail.

In basic terms the Enhanced PPC bidding management method uses conversion data from your conversions and automatically adjusts your maximum CPC figure based on the analysis of that specific data.

This pay per click bidding management method is therefore incredibly useful for those people who handle or manage a lot of PPC Campaigns all at the same time. The method recognizes when specific keywords convert well and adjusts your bid accordingly based on these terms.

Enhanced PPC also recognizes different internet searcher attributes, including location, language setting and browser choice, for example, and then uses this data to make future automatic adjustments to your maximum CPC. It is exactly this keen focus on the small details that makes enhanced PC potentially one of the best tools that you can use to make every campaign a lot more successful than originally expected. Of course, this level of success would still be dependent on the execution of all other aspects, but there is no doubt that enhanced PPC can boost the chances of success.

To use the Enhanced PPC bidding management method, you can easily find the feature on a drop down tab in the “Bidding and Budgeting” section of your campaign account.

For more advice on Enhanced PPC, Webrageous Studios is more than willing to help you out. We can help you understand how huge the impact that enhanced PPC really has on your campaign and show you what changes you should expect once you start taking advantage of the benefits it brings. Contact us now.

Google AdWords: New Keyword Tool

Since September 2009, Google has been working to produce a new AdWords Keyword Tool that promises to be better in a number of ways. The news is that this new AdWords Keyword Tool is now finally out of the beta testing stage and within a couple of months it will have replaced the old AdWords Keyword Tool completely.
By 1st September 2010, it is predicted that the old keyword tool will be redirecting all users to the new keyword tool and in this way the old keyword tool will eventually be phased out. At this point the beta label will be dropped from the new keyword tool and all internet users will be able to make use of Google’s recent AdWords update in full. (more…)

Help Videos available for the AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) Tool

GoogleAdWords’ new AdWords Campaign Experiemnts (ACE) tool has been out of beta testing and available for all PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers to use for the past three or four weeks. However, what happens if you are really unsure as to how to begin using this tool and reaping the benefits of what it has to offer?

Google AdWords has kindly provided a number of useful help videos on the subject of the ACE tool available for public viewing via the links on the Google AdWords Blog. (more…)