Is Pay Per Click Fraud really a Threat?

What is the truth behind pay per click fraud? Is it getting worse or has it always been around and every now and then the industry suffers from a classic case of Chinese whispers, aimed to frighten pay per click advertisers into investing in pay per click fraud management via expert companies?
As with most industries, it isn’t always smooth running in the pay per click industry. There are lots of issues that the pay per click advertiser must deal with on a day to day basis and this includes click fraud. There is no doubt that it exists and it is true that click fraud scam artists are also always looking for ways to get better at what they do.
This means that even if your business has beaten click fraud before, there is no guarantee that you won’t have to battle against it again in the future when you come under attack from a different direction and via a different strategy.
However, a fear of pay per click fraud should never stop interested business owners from using pay per click advertising to market their products and services. Pay per click is an extremely important and effective form of online marketing. Those businesses who do not invest certainly lose out on sales and branding reputation opportunities.

Matt Cutts of Google and other experts on Click Fraud

Matt Cutts, during an interview on Domain masters (which can be listened to as a podcast via this link), reassures the pay per click advertising community about the concerns of click fraud and all that is being done to reduce, control, eradicate click fraud by the masterminds at Google. (more…)

Avoiding Pay Per Click Fraud

What can you do if pay per click fraud constantly weighs on your mind? The benefits of pay per click advertising are great but what happens if pay per click fraud was to rear its ugly head? What would you do?
The good news is that pay per click fraud is not as big a deal as might be suggested. But it does still exist. And as any good business manager will tell you, avoiding the risk before it surfaces is always the best option.
So if you are concerned about pay per click fraud or think you might have already seen the beginnings of it in your pay per click campaigns, it might be time to follow these simple steps.
Pay per click management company Webrageous is an expert in click fraud prevention and we have come up with a few ways you can stop click fraud from appearing. We have spent years perfecting our click fraud prevention and detection tools and we want to help you avoid the risk of pay per click fraud. (more…)

The Four Keys for Click Fraud Prevention

Click fraud is often hyped up in the world of pay per click advertising. There is no doubt that there are many advertisers who experience click fraud. But is it really as big a problem as it is made out to be? Before we delve further into this subject with you we want to see if maybe you are just looking for full service pay per click management? this way you can have an expert by your side every day who can address click fraud issues without you having to get involved and diagnose the problem. additionally you will have a valuable partner at your service full time can improve the results you see from PPC. If so please fill out our contact form or give us a call or visit our homepage.
click fraud prevention
There are some changes that may be detected on your side that may not actually be click fraud at all. However, if you are experiencing click fraud in your pay per click campaigns, there is a way to prevent it. And it just requires the expertise of a pay per click manager experienced in click fraud prevention.
At pay per click management company Webrageous, a click fraud prevention specialist, we know a number of ways to make sure that click fraud is a thing of the past. Our click fraud prevention techniques are simple and easy to install. If you follow this basic guide to click fraud prevention, you will find that click fraud will never be a problem or concern for you again. (more…)

Google AdWords Click Fraud – Are You Sure?

Do you think you might have been a victim of click fraud on Google AdWords? Are you sure?
While there are some people that experience click fraud, there has been a lot of evidence recently that suggests it is not as big a problem as some people might think. What’s more, there is also evidence that suggests that a lot of the time click fraud is blamed for what is actually just poor pay per click management.
Before we delve further into this subject with you we want to see if maybe you are just looking for full service pay per click management? this way you can have an expert by your side every day who can address click fraud issues without you having to get involved and diagnose the problem. additionally you will have a valuable partner at your service full time can improve the results you see from PPC. If so please fill out our contact form or give us a call or visit our homepage.

Suspected Google AdWords click fraud could just be a poorly managed campaign

A lot of people suspect click fraud but in fact it does not happen that often. What might look like spikes in click numbers on Google AdWords versus the number of conversions could actually be the result of a poorly managed campaign rather than click fraud.
That is why it is important to have an expert in Google AdWords management handling your pay per click campaigns. They will not be able to look out for Google AdWords click fraud and find out if it is actually click fraud, but they will also be able to properly manage your campaign so that your cost per conversion decreases. (more…)

Tackling Pay Per Click Fraud

Since Pay Per Click Advertising has become recognized as one of the quickest, easiest and most successful forms of online advertising, it is only natural that Pay Per Click Fraud would also spike. 
According to online ad-tracking firm Click Forensics, fraudulent clicks on legitimate online advertisements rose to 22.3% in the third quarter of last year, up from 14.4% in the previous hook
There is fear that Click Fraud is eroding the credibility of Internet-based advertising. Even more worrying to most advertisers is the fact that 20% of the amount a company spends on Pay Per Click Advertising could be going down the drain thanks to fraudulent activity.
A lot of this fear is generated by a swarm of recent media attention, which has hyped up the problem into one of the latest online epidemics.
But is the problem as great as it is believed to be? Pay Per Click consultants Webrageous Studios has found that Click Fraud is actually very infrequent and tends to appear in large accounts every few years. But because such a close eye is kept on its accounts, Invalid Clicks are able to be stopped as soon as they have begun. (more…)

Webrageous’ Pay Per Click Clients are Golden

Pay Per Click ClientsWebrageous Studios’ Pay Per Click Advertising Clients literally are golden.
Our pay per click clients include US Law Firms, holiday resort owners in destinations to die for and independent businessmen who work in a number of different specialized areas. They are golden gems and we treat each of their pay per click accounts as such too.

Why Our Pay Per Click Clients Choose Us

Finding the right Pay Per Click Management Company to run your Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns is a hard task. It is important to find a company which has a working knowledge in the area of business that your company specializes in, but it is also important to find a company that is a specialist in Pay Per Click too. You need fully trained Google AdWords Pay Per Click Managers at the head of your online marketing campaigns because the Internet can just as easily drain your advertising budget as it can supply you with a steady flow of customers.
Our US Law Firm pay per click clients are looking for someone who understands the difference between the potential child custody client and the potential personal injury client. The mindset, emotional state and needs of these two potential clients are completely different and Webrageous Studios uses those differences to market its US Law Firms’ Services with success.
In addition, there are several laws regarding the advertising of legal services via the Internet that must be adhered to and Webrageous Studios is fully knowledgeable in this area. It offers its US Law Firm pay per click clients peace of mind in this respect because each law firm knows that the reputation of its company and license are both in good hands with Webrageous.
In the same way, our resort owners and independent businessmen are looking for a pay per click management company that takes an active interest in their individual lines of business and Webrageous Studios can promise to give its clients what they want.
On top of this, the research that we do on Paid and Natural Search Fraud helps Webrageous to deliver a Pay Per Click Management Service to all of its clients that is impossible to beat. Our Pay Per Click Clients are golden. They are gems and we make sure that their brilliance is not falling victim to online click fraud.
If you are looking into the possibility of hiring a Pay Per Click Management Company to better run your online marketing campaigns through Google AdWords, read the article Webrageous Uncovers Paid and Natural Search Fraud for its Clients. It will make it absolutely clear why choosing Webrageous Studios to manage your campaigns will be the best decision you have ever made regarding the online advertising of your business. Go golden, choose Webrageous!

Click Fraud Rate is on the Rise as Shown by Recent Numbers

click fraudClick Fraud in PPC Advertising is of course a concern for everyone and anyone who has something to do with the PPC industry in any way.
You might be a PPC Manager, a Google Employee or a PPC Advertiser. Whatever your connection to PPC Advertising is, it is important that you are aware of the fact that there are a number of recent reports which state that there has been an increase in Click Fraud this year.

Click Fraud: The Recent Numbers

In the second quarter of 2010, Click Forensics reports that Click Fraud has increased from 17.4% to 18.6%.
It also stated that the following countries outside of North America are at present responsible for the highest Click Fraud Rates in the world:

  • Singapore
  • Pakistan
  • Japan
  • Ukraine
  • China

However, Anchor Intelligence is reporting different figures. It states that Click Fraud Rate is at 28.9% at present. This is clearly a huge difference of opinion and therefore, at the same time as being aware of Click Fraud and how it might affect your PPC Advertising, please make sure that you bear these differences in data in mind when reading any material about the subject that you find on the Internet.
Perhaps it would be fair to say that not all figures can be trusted considering that there seems to be such a huge difference in research findings.
Having said that, do read the studies linked to in this post thoroughly and do contact Webrageous Studios if you have further questions about the subject or are looking for advice about how to protect yourself from Click Fraud. Webrageous has lots of experience in this area and has been successful in getting money back from both Yahoo and Google during a number of examples of click fraud. Take a look at this video for more information.