Do you think you might have been a victim of click fraud on Google AdWords? Are you sure?

While there are some people that experience click fraud, there has been a lot of evidence recently that suggests it is not as big a problem as some people might think. What’s more, there is also evidence that suggests that a lot of the time click fraud is blamed for what is actually just poor pay per click management.

Before we delve further into this subject with you we want to see if maybe you are just looking for full service pay per click management? this way you can have an expert by your side every day who can address click fraud issues without you having to get involved and diagnose the problem. additionally you will have a valuable partner at your service full time can improve the results you see from PPC. If so please fill out our contact form or give us a call or visit our homepage.

Suspected Google AdWords click fraud could just be a poorly managed campaign

A lot of people suspect click fraud but in fact it does not happen that often. What might look like spikes in click numbers on Google AdWords versus the number of conversions could actually be the result of a poorly managed campaign rather than click fraud.

That is why it is important to have an expert in click fraud handling your pay per click campaigns. They will not be able to look out for Google AdWords click fraud and find out if it is actually click fraud, but they will also be able to properly manage your campaign so that your cost per conversion decreases.

What some people might suspect is Google AdWords click fraud is often just the result of many people clicking on your advertisement but not making a conversion. This could be because your advertisement is not related to your landing page so people click away as soon as they land there. It could also be that your conversion path is confusing and it frustrates people.

Typically click fraud is centered around just a small handful of keywords-maybe only one keyword. You will see that the traffic to that keyword spikes suddenly. You want to check to you haven’t made any other changes in the bid or the ad group/campaign settings that could have caused the spike.

Before accusing your competitors or website publishers on Google AdWords of click fraud, be sure to check that it is not merely a result of a poorly optimized website or campaign. Again, with an expert in Google AdWords management and click fraud, you will be able to limit not only your risk of Google AdWords click fraud but also your suspicion of Google AdWords click fraud.

Google refunds money when they do find invalid clicks

If it does turn out that you have become the victim of Google AdWords click fraud then you don’t need to stress about the money you have lost. Google is very good at not only looking out for click fraud but also for refunding advertisers with any money they have lost through fraudulent clicks on their advertisements.

Google does a very good job of detecting click fraud when it is caused by automated scripts that imitate people clicking on your advertisements. They have very sophisticated detection tools that are constantly scanning Google AdWords for click fraud. They will immediately let you know if they have detected click fraud on your accounts.

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Google will then reimburse you for any invalid clicks made on your Google AdWords accounts, such as a competitor clicking multiple times on your advertisement. So if you are particularly worried about Google AdWords click fraud, just remember that if it does ever happen to you, you can always go to Google AdWords and ask for a refund for those fraudulent clicks.

There are some ways to prevent Google AdWords click fraud

There are some other measures you can take to prevent Google AdWords click fraud from ever having an impact on your accounts if you are particularly worried. The first thing you can do is insert a captcha on contact forms on your websites. This is a good measure to take if you find that you are having a lot of people filling out your contact forms but when you contact those people it turns out the contact information was false.

This could potentially be the result of a competitor clicking on your advertisement and then filling out the contact form to disguise their fraudulent activity. By putting a captcha on the contact form you will be able to stop robots from filling out the form.

the reason someone would fill out a contact form is so that the keyword you are bidding on looks like it is successful and therefore they cover their tracks. Otherwise you would just turn off that keyword. This way the competitor would lower you into depleting your budget by not knowing which keywords are really unsuccessful when they look like to have great cost per conversion.

Another good thing to do in order to prevent Google AdWords click fraud is to install software that tracks IP addresses of people visiting your website. You can then see which users are frequently visiting your site and are potential perpetrators of Google AdWords click fraud. You can then choose to prevent advertisements from showing up on Google to these people just in case there is a problem with click fraud. The software we use is webalizer – and it’s free!

A Google AdWords management expert will be able to help with click fraud

Outsourcing Google AdWords management to a specialist in click fraud is a good idea to stop Google AdWords click fraud from ever having an impact on your pay per click accounts. Google AdWords management companies have tools specially designed to detect click fraud as well as staff who know what changes to look for.

In the rare event that Google AdWords click fraud has an impact on your accounts, there are many things that a Google AdWords management expert can do to detect fraudulent clicks. Find out some of the ways that Google AdWords management company Webrageous, an expert in Google AdWords click fraud, can help out with your campaigns in this article.

With a Google AdWords and click fraud specialist managing your campaigns you can be at ease knowing that they are on your side vigilantly watching over your pay per click account for click fraud and eliminating any possibility of fraudulent clicks.

As well as watching for Google AdWords click fraud they will also be able to increase your leads and make your account more effective, increasing your success on Google AdWords and your return on advertising spend.

Webrageous has a lot of experience diagnosing click fraud and we can tell you that most of the time that someone suspects Google AdWords click fraud it is actually something else. Poorly managed campaigns or landing pages that haven’t been optimized can be reasons for spikes in cost per conversion and the like. This is often misinterpreted by advertisers. There are lots of circumstances where a business owner might suspect click fraud but it is actually just poor Google AdWords management.

By outsourcing Google AdWords management to experts in detecting and preventing click fraud you won’t have to worry any more about if click fraud is having an impact on your account.

For more information on Webrageous and how we are able to prevent click fraud from impacting your Google AdWords campaigns in the unlikely event that it happens, give us a call today.