What can you do if pay per click fraud constantly weighs on your mind? The benefits of pay per click advertising are great but what happens if pay per click fraud was to rear its ugly head? What would you do?
The good news is that pay per click fraud is not as big a deal as might be suggested. But it does still exist. And as any good business manager will tell you, avoiding the risk before it surfaces is always the best option.
So if you are concerned about pay per click fraud or think you might have already seen the beginnings of it in your pay per click campaigns, it might be time to follow these simple steps.
Pay per click management company Webrageous is an expert in click fraud prevention and we have come up with a few ways you can stop click fraud from appearing. We have spent years perfecting our click fraud prevention and detection tools and we want to help you avoid the risk of pay per click fraud.

Adding IP address tracking software is another way of helping prevent pay per click fraud

There are a number of software programs you can install that track the IP addresses of people clicking on your advertisement. By locating those IP addresses that are frequently visiting your website you can decide whether to stop your advertisements from appearing to these people. So while they will still be able to visit your website, they won’t be able to continuously click on your advertisements. After all, if the person is truly interested in what you have to offer, chances are they will enter the company name directly into a search engine or save your website’s URL on their computer. People who continue to click on your advertisement but never make a conversion are likely culprits for pay per click fraud. occasionally we will see a very sophisticated fraudster and it will close their activities by filling out the contact form on your site to disguise what they are doing. Search advertising click fraud is typically from a competitor. And adding their IP address to your list of IP addresses to block should stop them although you should continue to monitor IP addresses since they could start to use another cellphone or computer. sometimes you may need to block traffic from an entire city or part of the city. With display click fraud it is typically done by someone backing the publisher where your ad is being shown. Frequently watching where your ads are shown is a good idea. You can scan the list for low-quality sites and block those. Also look for sites where you are receiving a lot of traffic but few to no conversions. The tricky circumstance is very rare shady publisher who clicks on your ad repeatedly and is smart enough to fill out your form frequently to make it appear like traffic coming from their site is extremely profitable for you. I have only seen this once or twice in 10 years of managing paid search campaigns. It was obvious from the fact that it was a low-quality site and the conversion rate was too good to be true and the client was complaining of poor quality leads that week. The tricky thing is that this is an ongoing game of whack a mole. You need to keep coming back and excluding garbage sites. That’s where having experienced paid search management agency on your side takes a lot of headaches off your plate.

Outsource pay per click management to a pay per click fraud specialist

The first thing you should do when tackling pay per click fraud is to enlist the help of a pay per click management firm with expertise in stopping pay per click fraud. While there are a number of tools you can install yourself to prevent click fraud, it is always best to seek advice from the experts to see what they recommend.
There are many methods you can use to prevent pay per click fraud and a number of software programs that you might want to install. Again, it is always best to ask an expert before going ahead with some of these methods. At Webrageous, we know which programs are the best to use and have access to many that you might not be aware of.
On top of that is the fact that by outsourcing management of your pay per click campaigns to a specialist in pay per click fraud you are getting someone who is going to constantly track your campaigns for click fraud. We know what to look out for in terms of changes to your campaigns and how to put a stop to pay per click fraud.
Our pay per click management experts watch your campaigns around the clock, also using reporting tools to check for any changes in clicks as well as costs. Some of the things which we look out for which tend to be key indicators of pay per click fraud include dramatic increases in clicks, however slight they may be, and an increase in cost per conversion.
We are then able to check where they are coming from in order to put a stop to it. Click fraud is a crime in the U.S. and so if the perpetrators are located there will be serious consequences. We have also had great success in the past in recuperating money for fraudulent clicks from the pay per click providers.

You can help prevent pay per click fraud by installing a captcha on online contact forms

One thing that some people notice is that they have a sudden spike of emails from people who have filled out online contact forms on their websites that turns out to be false information. It is possible that this pretend contact form information is a component of pay per click fraud. It might be that people are filling out the contact forms with false information in order to disguise pay per click fraud after fraudulently clicking on an advertisement.
However, there is a simple preventative method that can help to stop this type of fraudulent activity. You can install a captcha on all contact forms on your websites. This will at least stop robots from being able to fill out the contact forms and prevent your staff from making unnecessary calls or sending out emails to incorrect addresses.
Installing a captcha is very easy to do and is a great way of helping stop fraudulent behavior on your website. It may also help your pay per click management experts pick up on where pay per click fraud is happening within your accounts.
The benefits of outsourcing pay per click management to a specialist here is that they will be able to recommend which software programs are the best to use and have the most success or are the safest to use. Webrageous can suggest particular software programs which we have had the most success with and that we have used on our clients’ campaigns.
This is a particularly good method to use to pick up pay per click fraud if you are concerned about small publishers who are more likely to click on an advertisement multiple times from the same IP address. Larger competitors are more likely to use automated scripts that are more sophisticated and simulate a user clicking on an advertisement.

If you want to combat and prevent pay per click fraud, then trust in Webrageous

The pay per click management experts at Webrageous are specialists in pay per click fraud prevention. We have been dealing with click fraud for more than 10 years, which is almost as long as pay per click advertising has existed. In this time we have continued to lead the industry in terms of success with the preventative methods we use to stop click fraud from happening in our clients’ accounts.
Not only that but we are experts in pay per click management. So if you outsource the management of your campaigns to us not only will we stop pay per click fraud but we will also help your company significantly increase its return on advertising costs. We offer many benefits to new and existing clients so please check out our website for more information.
You can also have a look at how we have managed to help our clients’ campaigns and make sure that pay per click fraud is something they never have to worry about in our client testimonials. There are both written and video testimonials from our satisfied clients.
To stop pay per click fraud from happening on your accounts, or stop it in its tracks if you have already seen the signs, contact Webrageous today. We will happily provide you with a free quote so give us a call now to make pay per click fraud a thing of the past.
You can also find out more about what pay per click fraud involves and how it happens in this article entitled Stopping Click Fraud with a Pay Per Click Management Expert.

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