Click fraud is often hyped up in the world of pay per click advertising. There is no doubt that there are many advertisers who experience click fraud. But is it really as big a problem as it is made out to be? Before we delve further into this subject with you we want to see if maybe you are just looking for full service pay per click management? this way you can have an expert by your side every day who can address click fraud issues without you having to get involved and diagnose the problem. additionally you will have a valuable partner at your service full time can improve the results you see from PPC. If so please fill out our contact form or give us a call or visit our homepage.
click fraud prevention
There are some changes that may be detected on your side that may not actually be click fraud at all. However, if you are experiencing click fraud in your pay per click campaigns, there is a way to prevent it. And it just requires the expertise of a pay per click manager experienced in click fraud prevention.
At pay per click management company Webrageous, a click fraud prevention specialist, we know a number of ways to make sure that click fraud is a thing of the past. Our click fraud prevention techniques are simple and easy to install. If you follow this basic guide to click fraud prevention, you will find that click fraud will never be a problem or concern for you again.

Add a captcha to your contact forms to prevent click fraud.

Click fraud can show up in more ways than just the number of clicks on your advertisements. It can also affect websites. But there is a way to prevent this. Some advertisers might find that people are filling out online contact forms on their site with bogus information. They might suspect that this is a result of click fraud with competitors clicking on an advertisement and then entering false information to disguise the fraudulent activity.
There is an easy way to help prevent this type of click fraud. By installing a captcha on the contact form, this will prevent robots from filling out the form. What this achieves is it makes it easier to detect spikes in click fraud. It also helps prevent click fraud by helping a pay per click manager see where click fraud is happening on a pay per click account.

Add IP address tracking software to prevent click fraud.

At Webrageous, we are able to recommend certain software which tracks IP addresses of people who frequently visit your website in an attempt to prevent click fraud. What this does is it prevents advertisements from showing to people who are visiting the site more frequently than is normal just in case they are partaking in click fraud.
This is a good preventative method and will help prevent click fraud if it is being perpetrated by someone clicking multiple times on an advertisement from the same IP address. This might be more relevant for click fraud prevention from small publishers who are trying to boost their revenue on their website.
It is important to mention here that these types of click fraud prevention, while not always necessary, as Webrageous has found is not as great a problem as it has been made out to be, are great for peace of mind. Advertisers can be more at ease that click fraud prevention is in force in the unlikely event that it greatly damages their pay per click accounts or destroys their profitability.
For those few people who are greatly affected by click fraud it can be very damaging to their future in pay per click advertising. Click fraud prevention is an important way to stop these basic types of click fraud.

Hire a pay per click manager to check your campaigns for click fraud.

The absolute foolproof method of preventing click fraud is to outsource pay per click management of your accounts to a specialist in click fraud prevention. At Webrageous, we know exactly what changes to look out for in order to stop click fraud in its tracks.
With 10 years’ experience managing clients’ pay per click campaigns we have learned a thing or two about click fraud prevention. We can see any spikes in clicks, check where they are coming from and prevent them from continuing. There are also signs such as an increase in cost per conversion.
The pay per click managers know very well what is normal and what is not on a pay per click account. We constantly monitor our clients’ campaigns and use sophisticated reporting tools not only to help grow advertisers’ returns but also for click fraud prevention. Any changes are automatically treated as suspicious and investigated. If an aspect of the campaign is performing poorly and has become unprofitable it will be improved or stopped immediately, just as click fraud is immediately put an end to.

Go with Webrageous, the experts in click fraud prevention.

At Webrageous, we have had enormous success with preventing click fraud on our clients’ pay per click campaigns. As experts in the industry of pay per click, we can tell you that there really is no better way to go than having an expert in pay per click management and click fraud prevention handling your campaigns.
Not only are you likely to increase profitability but you also don’t have to worry about what is happening with your campaigns. Instead you can go back to worrying about your business and trying to make it as successful as possible.
Best of all, with a pay per click manager from Webrageous, not only will click fraud prevention be a given but you will be able to sit back and watch as your profits increase. The cost of outsourcing pay per click management is nothing compared to the boost in ROI you will see.
You can have a look at some of Webrageous’ client testimonials to see just how we have managed to boost out clients’ returns and prevent click fraud from happening.
For more information on Webrageous’ pay per click managers or on click fraud prevention, feel free to give us a call at 855-945-1596. We can arrange a free quote. Just remember, when it comes to click fraud prevention, we are on your side.

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