Keyword Research For PPC is Different to SEO and Requires Expert Knowledge

It is essential to understand that keyword research for PPC is very different to the kind of research that is done to find new keywords in SEO. It is also vital to understand that the margin for error with keyword research in PPC is much less forgiving than the error margin for SEO.
This is why so many advertisers seek out the expert advice and management skills of PPC specialists when looking to better optimize their use and choice of keywords. If you take your time investigating into SEO keywords and you make continual changes to the keywords that you focus on, you do not run the risk of losing out financially.
On the contrary, PPC keyword research can be costly. You need to be very clear about the kind of keywords you invest in, how much money you invest in them and what you are hoping they will do for you in return.
Breaking down the differences between keywords research in PPC and keyword research in SEO for better online advertising success all round. (more…)

How Useful is Google + for Online Paid Advertisers?

Google +. What is all the fuss? Is it a useful networking tool for online advertisers? If so, how useful?

Google + is going to be very useful to online paid advertisers in the future for one specific reason… The way in which it helps to create circles of contacts that are clearly divided into specific groups and demographics which will make targeting potential customers that much easier.

What is Google +?

Google + is the social networking idea created by the masterminds at Google. It comes complete with a variety of different features which make it an excellent resource for advertisers of many diverse businesses who want to expand on their paid online advertising and reach out via social networking too.

The most important feature of Google + that makes it slightly different to other social media networks (such as Facebook and LinkedIn, for example) is the feature known as Google Circles. This feature allows you to link your contacts in “circles” so that they can be organized by Friends, Work Colleagues, People of Love the Same Music as You, etc.

“Circle” titles are up to you and you simply drag and drop your contacts into the different groups so that it makes sharing information with each group that much quicker and better targeted. The targeting nature of Google Circles is what makes it such a useful tool for online marketing campaigns. (We discuss this in depth further on in the article).
In addition to Google Circles, Google + gives the user the following: (more…)

Google Says Advertisers Don’t Spend Enough on Mobile Advertising

Google reveals that only 5% of search advertisers are taking full advantage of the benefits of mobile advertising and investing the right amount of cash into their mobile advertising campaigns. This was based on an interesting article recently featured on Search Engine Land about mobile advertising data gathered by the search engine giant.
According to the data released by Google, 95% of advertisers are losing out on sales and high ROIs because they continue to manage their mobile advertising campaigns in the same way as their PC and laptop campaigns, and because they refuse to invest more money in this area of online marketing.
Author of the article, Greg Sterling, explains that only 55% of online advertisers invest in mobile advertising campaigns and only 5% of this 55% use phone extensions as part of their mobile advertisements. This, according to Google, Wordstream and DataPop, is one of the biggest online marketing errors of 2012.

What does Google have to say about mobile advertising?

Google has made it clear on a number of occasions that all advertisers should:

  • invest in mobile advertising campaigns if they want to increase sales
  • separate PC pay per click campaigns from mobile network campaigns
  • use call extensions on all mobile network advertisements

What do internet users want to do when searching on mobile devices?

It’s really important to take into account the different desires and interests of the internet user who sits behind a desk on a PC, and compare it with the user who stands in a busy bus, connecting through their mobile phone.
In general, the research that Google sponsored and shared by Sterling on Search Engine Land shows that when using mobile devices, internet users always want to be able to perform the following actions:

  • 76% want to get information on store location or opening hours
  • 61% want to be able to just click to call the store in one swift move
  • 54% want to be able to send an email
  • 53% want to download an app
  • 48% want to be able to click and land on the store’s social networking page
  • 41% want to be able to play video clips

Few people want to actually make a purchase online via a mobile device, but that doesn’t mean that mobile advertising does not drive customers down the conversion path so that they can then convert at a later date.

What mistakes are most advertisers making when analyzing mobile network campaigns?

Just because internet users don’t convert that often on mobile devices doesn’t mean investment in mobile advertising should be curtailed.
Dave Schwartz from DataPop believes that few marketers “connect a transaction to a mobile click.” He continues to explain that when they cannot link conversions to clicks “they’re not willing to pay as much for mobile clicks.”
The lack of clarity in seeing the true advantages of mobile advertising, and how these campaigns generate more conversions on PCs or in stores at a later date than most people give them credit for, will be the downfall of many advertisers in 2013 and the winning trump card for the few advertisers who are seeing things clearly.

What kind of damage is caused?

If you make no time for your mobile network campaign because you look at the conversion rates, and you foolishly believe that low conversions mean internet users are not being persuaded to buy via the mobile network, you might be causing terrible damage to your brand’s online reputation without knowing it.
Because you see no conversions from your mobile network campaign, you probably reduce the amount of money you spend on it and fewer people see your advertisements. This means that fewer people visit your site to find about your products and services.
However, this is not the worst that could happen…
You invest little time and energy in mobile advertising too, and this means that you are unaware of problems like slow page loading times, breaks in URL links, or out-of-date copy on your mobile network landing pages. In short, your mobile network campaign and site starts to look like a deserted building, with squatters moving in and interested buyers going elsewhere.
The mobile network is HOT and if your mobile pages affect the customer’s user experience, your brand’s image is terribly damaged in an instant.
The Google-sponsored research reveals that:

  • 96% of internet users visit sites that aren’t mobile-friendly
  • 74% say that they’re more likely to return to a site if it is mobile-friendly
  • 55% confirm that a frustrating mobile experience damages their opinion of the brand in question

The facts are there. Mobile advertising contributes to online and offline sales, and internet users love to go mobile. High conversions are not the only way of proving the worth of a paid search campaign. Think outside the box a little. Think mobile! Contact us for more information on mobile website design and mobile network pay per click campaign management.

Increasing Conversions with Adwords

AdWords is a great place to lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you know how to work the system, you still need to have a clear plan of how AdWords is supporting your business before you start sinking money into clicks that may never convert.
For online companies that want a download or just visits, this may not be too tricky, but for e-commerce companies sales take longer and your SEM plan needs to factor in the sales cycle.
Here is a basic plan to use AdWords for consideration purchases:

Know your sales cycle

You can’t evaluate anything until you know how long it takes someone to buy. Do people shop for a week or for a month? For verticals like travel, a customer may search dozens of sites over a number of months before finally purchasing a ticket. If you don’t know this then you may discount a campaign before it has a chance to produce sales. Setting up E-commerce tracking in AdWords is one way to get data on your sales cycle. (more…)

Getting the Best Paid Search Management Around

Interested in finding the best paid search management around?
best paid search managementWebrageous is a paid search management company based in Reno, Nevada. The paid search management experts who work for our company are highly experienced and qualified in all forms of online marketing. Our experts are Google AdWords Qualified, and hold degrees in Marketing. One member of our team even lectures in Marketing at university level. All this shows that our entire team delivers nothing but the best paid search management you can ever find.

Why is Webaregous the Best Paid Search Management Expert?

There are many paid search management companies in operation, but few of them offer the experience and quality that we can offer at Webrageous. It is also really important to highlight the fact that we value the importance of one-to-one service. We take pride in being responsible for giving the best paid search management for a select range of clients.
When outsourcing your paid search management to Webrageous, you will not be just another number in the midst of many. The best paid search management experts at Webrageous will work with you directly on your campaign and you will have direct contact with your own personal representative from our team at all times. This ensures that you are updated at every turn, and would always have someone who can guide you through the entire process especially if you have questions and concerns.
The advantages of the best paid search management delivered by Webrageous do not stop there. In fact, there are 25 Reasons to Outsource Paid Search Management to Webrageous and you can read about them all in the attached article.
Once you have read the accompanying article, if you still have a number of questions or queries of any kind, do not hesitate in contacting us directly at 800-645-9521 or by filling out the contact form on our website.

Understanding the PPC Advertiser and Client Connection

Would you believe that donkeys and carrots, and mice and cheese are actually related to the connection between a PPC advertiser and client?
What have the PPC Advertiser and client have to do with donkeys and carrots and mice and cheese?

The Donkey and the Carrot

advertiser and clientWhat do donkeys love to eat? Carrots. The effective PPC Advertiser, like the donkey owner, knows exactly what the potential PPC customer finds attractive too and uses it to his/her advantage.
A tired donkey that’s been walking for days carrying whatever heavy cargo on its back from point A to B, might at some point decide that it can’t go any further. It needs to stop, rest and refuel.
Tired internet searchers, looking for the perfect product or service, sometimes become so baffled by what they should choose that they also become tired eventually, just like the donkey.
But the donkey’s owner needs to keep going. He is on a deadline, carrying goods to sell at the next town. If he misses the early morning crowds at the market, he’ll lose out on a lot of money. So, he dangles a carrot in front of the donkey’s nose and the donkey suddenly has more strength to carry on.
One thing that affects the advertiser and client connection is price. If the PPC Advertiser knows that the target audience is driven by price, they will throw online bonuses and deals at each PPC customer to keep them trudging forward until conversion time. This is one way to start an advertiser and client connection.
The good donkey owner will give the dangling carrot to the mule at the end of the journey and the ass will feel like it was all worth it and will work hard to do the same the next time. If the owner is bad and mean, he won’t give his donkey the promised carrot. From that moment on, the owner will find things more and more difficult because the donkey will remember the trick and won’t fall for it again.
The owner made a very bad move that has scarred his reputation for life.
If you dangle impossible to beat financial deals to your PPC customer because you know they are driven by price, what do you think you must deliver?

The Mouse and the Cheese

Mice love cheese. Everyone thinks that one of the best ways to catch a mouse is to put a piece of cheese on a metal trap and wait for hunger to do its thing.
Or is it?
Mice are clever. A lot cleverer than donkeys in fact, and they can recognize a trap when they see one. If a trap is laid with a piece of cheese on it, one mouse might be caught under the spring one day, but it is doubtful that many will be caught in the same way afterwards.
Mice learn and mice remember. What the mouse wants is the cheese. If it sees that every mouse that goes for the cheese only ends up being snapped in two by a heavy piece of metal and that they never get to even taste a little bit of the cheese on offer, that mouse is not going to allow itself to be just another mouse that falls for the same trap.
If the cheese cannot be eaten, then the mouse is not going to even attempt to get at it. It’s as simple as that.

The Advertiser and Client

Can your PPC customer get the cheese that you promised them?
Both the donkey and the owner and the mouse and the cheese are moral metaphors for the PPC Advertiser and client. It tells advertisers to take its online audience into consideration when marketing something. The strange thing is that even though they are very simple morals to abide by and take no effort at all to implement and maintain, many advertisers end up being the mean, old donkey owner when it comes to how they treat their online clients. This is where the advertiser and client connection is sacrificed.
If you advertise something for half price, deliver the goods at that price without any hidden charges that weren’t put into the advertisement.
If your advertisement text highlights hairdryers, but you sell lots of different electrical products on your website, make sure you direct the potential customer to the page about hairdryers.
If you say that all deliveries can be made to other countries, ensure that you follow through to the letter on your promise.
PPC Clients are just like donkeys following carrots or mice sniffing out cheese. They might fall for the promise of goods that are never delivered once or maybe even twice by your company, but they won’t do it forever. They will work out what you’re doing and will feel very dissatisfied with your services. From here, the advertiser and client connection will be gone.
Be upfront and honest, deliver what you promise and don’t promise what you know you cannot or don’t want to provide. If you follow this simple rule, loyal PPC Clients can be created and held on to. You will keep that advertiser and client connection strong and alive.

Take heed.

50,000 PPC Conversions in 30 Days

Webrageous, a Pay Per Click (PPC) management company, effectively generated almost 50,000 PPC conversions for one of its clients this month. They attribute their success to a few simple but important factors:
ppc conversions

  • the huge importance of remarketing strategies
  • implementing the right mix of paid search and display network campaigns at the same time
  • the constant professional development of its PPC management team

Looking closely at the 50,000 conversions achieved within a month for one client, the data reveals that 35,280 of them are common, standard PPC conversions while 13,902 are referred to as ‘view through conversions’.

View Through PPC Conversions and Remarketing

These view through conversions are achieved via the effective management of PPC advertisements on the Google Display Network. “View through conversions are PPC conversions that take place within a 30-day time frame,” explains Mr. David Chapman, Director of Marketing at Webrageous. “In PPC advertising, the online user does not convert instantly. They do their research well, make notes, remember the companies that they come across in the initial search and then they make their decision, they make their conversion, at a later date.”
By analyzing the number of view through conversions that the client’s campaign generates, Webrageous is able to highlight the proportion of PPC conversions that are successfully achieved, thanks to an intensive remarketing campaign. This campaign specifically targets those internet users who have already shown some kind of interest in the business in the past but have not made the final decision to convert yet. This makes it easier to push them into becoming part of the statistics in these PPC conversions.

Constant Professional Development

The knowledge and experience needed to recognize the positive effects of an aggressive remarketing campaign has been developed and nurtured over the years at Webrageous, thanks to the heavy emphasis placed on the constant professional development of its team of PPC management experts.
“All pay per click managers at Webrageous are Google AdWords Qualified and we have just ensured, only a month ago, that those certifications were renewed by all,” said Mr. Chapman. “A number of the PPC managers that make up the marketing team hold Masters in Marketing and one of our experts actually lectures in Marketing at university level.”

Combining Paid Searches and Display Network Campaigns

Based on what Webrageous practices, a combination of paid search campaigns and display network campaigns can achieve truly outstanding results. There are online users who will convert from a paid search advertisement in the first instance, following through with the conversion tunnel until the very end. However, there are also a number of online users who need a little more time and persuasion.
This is where the importance of remarketing on the display network comes into play. It allowed a monthly campaign that brings home 35,280 standard PPC conversions each month to suddenly turn into a campaign that generates almost 50,000 conversions within the same time period. Here, the data acquired from view through conversions is also taken into consideration.
For more information on view through conversions or for more information about how to improve the effects of your remarketing strategies at any time, contact David Chapman at 800-645-9521.

How to Find the Best Google AdWords Management

If you are seeking the best Google AdWords management then we have the solution right here. As you are likely already aware, Google AdWords is the best way to advertise your product or service online and achieve results. With the best Google AdWords management you are assured the best chance of delivering on the goals you have set out for your company.
best google adwords managementThe question now is how you are going to find the best Google AdWords management available. That is where we come in. Pay per click management company Webrageous is one solution for achieving the best advertising results online through Google AdWords. Here we set out just how Webrageous offers the best Google AdWords management and what you should be looking for when searching for the best Google AdWords management.

The best Google AdWords management companies have plenty of experience.

If you have chosen to outsource Google AdWords management then you want to choose someone who knows what they’re talking about. With years of experience, the best Google AdWords management companies are more likely to know what is going to succeed, how to look out for improvements or potential problems, and how to resolve those problems instantly. (more…)

Google AdWords Research: What It Should Cover

When it comes to running a successful Google AdWords campaign, there is one thing that you absolutely must do to succeed – research.
google adwords research
Research is a crucial component of all aspects of a Google AdWords campaign, from keywords, advertisement text and calls to action to reporting tools and targeting. With Google AdWords, not only must you be well-read in terms of all the rules to be followed but it also helps if you are qualified, in order to ensure that you have done as much research as possible.
The best way of all, particularly if you do not have time to research, is to outsource the running of your campaigns to Google AdWords managers who have done the necessary research already.

Google AdWords Research Focus Areas

Either way, whether you are doing it on your own or you’ve hired an expert, here are critical areas where your Google AdWords research should focus on: (more…)

Why Seek a Google AdWords Qualified Manager?

If you break your arm you probably wouldn’t go to an unqualified doctor, would you? If someone smashed into your car you wouldn’t go to an unqualified lawyer. So why do advertisers continue to seek Google AdWords help from unqualified people?
When you first look at Google AdWords and pay per click it might look simple enough for you to take care of yourself or get someone in the office to look after. But achieving success in Google AdWords goes much deeper than choosing a few keywords, writing up some advertisement text, and slapping a couple of campaigns together. In fact, you can almost be guaranteed not to achieve success with this type of attitude.
Just like any other industry, Google AdWords success requires a Google AdWords management expert who is qualified in Google AdWords. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire someone who is Google AdWords qualified to manage your accounts. (more…)

Best Google AdWords Accounts: 5 Positive Signs

How do you know whether or not you have created some of the best Google AdWords accounts around?
best google adwords accountsYou can read this post and check to see whether or not your Google AdWords account can boast the 5 positive signs of a healthy and effective Google AdWords account listed below.

Positive Signs That You Have the Best Google AdWords Accounts

1. Does your Google AdWords account have Conversion Tracking in place?

If you Google AdWords account does not have conversion tracking in place, it is never going to be one of the best Google AdWords accounts that you have the ability to create.
Conversion tracking is essential. If you want online advertising success, you need to know who converts, when they convert, what triggered the conversion and how many other people convert in the same way. With this information you can find the patterns in your Google AdWords account that benefit your advertising campaign the most.
Without conversion tracking and without this information, your Google AdWords account is always only ever going to be a mediocre version of what it could become.

2. Does your Google AdWords account make effective use of Extensions?

There is a broad range of extensions that Google AdWords advertisers can now use in their campaigns to better target the online audience that they wish to attract.
If your Google AdWords account does not use extensions of any kind, you are greatly missing out on advertising potential. A Google AdWords account without extensions cannot be the one of the best Google AdWords accounts that any advertiser has the power to develop.
Extensions can direct online users to specific pages on your website or can relate to specific locations which you serve too, for example. The options are broad and should be taken advantage of.

3. Does your Google AdWords account have Negative Keywords in place?

A Google AdWords account without negative keywords is a Google AdWords account that is attracting a lot of traffic which is ultimately not at all interested in what you are advertising or offering.
For example, if you are advertising flowers, but you do not do deliveries far from your local, you must place tha names of those areas where you don’t do delivery as negative keywords. This way, Google will help filter your traffic and better define which people in which locations will be subjected to your online advertisements.

4. Does your Google AdWords account have a clear Bidding Management Strategy?

If you are relying on default bidding strategies automatically run by Google, you are not a long way from having the best Google AdWords accounts.
If you are unsure about how to alter your bidding strategy for the best, contact the Google AdWords management experts at Webrageous and we will be able to help you, but never simply shy away from developing a bidding strategy just because you do not have the knowledge to be able to develop one.
Shying away from a bidding strategy is only ever going to give you a Google AdWords account which is way under par and which never achieves its full potential.

5. Does your Google AdWords account make good use of a variety of Broad and Phrase Match Keywords?

Finally, if your Google AdWords account is full of broad match keywords and nothing else, you are simply inviting online advertising failure to walk through your campaign doors.
You must carefully choose keywords that are going to be used as broad match and those that are going to be as phrase match keywords to ensure that you get the best Google AdWords accounts that you can possible create.
To do this, you need to study the data gathered from your Google AdWords account overtime via programs such as Google Analytics or contact the experts at Webrageous who will be able to set your Google AdWords account on the road to online advertising success for you.
Either way, all five factors listed above must be in place if you want to have any chance of developing the best Google AdWords accounts possible. Follow these five simple signs and get your online advertising off to a flying start.

Top Tips for Increasing CTR in Google AdWords

How can you increase your CTR in Google AdWords quickly and easily? What are the best ways of taking your Google AdWords CTR through the roof? What are the advantages of increasing CTR in Google AdWords?
CTR in Google AdWordsIncreasing CTR in Google AdWords does not necessarily mean that your conversion rate will increase too. This is an important matter to clear up from the start.

Tips in Increasing CTR in Google AdWords

Regardless of all this, what you might be more interested in at this present time for your Google AdWords Campaign is an increase in traffic. So, without bringing any other aspects of your Google AdWords Campaign into consideration, the following tips in increasing CTR in Google AdWords could be the answers you have been looking for.

1. Get an extension!

The world is full of busy people doing lots of busy things on the Internet all day long. Do they have time to search through your site? No! Therefore, give them as much information as possible and help them find what they want in under a second.
If you add extensions to your Google AdWords Advertisements, you’ll increase your CTR in Google AdWords without any shade of a doubt. If you own a hair product store, use extensions to direct people to the relevant sections of your site. For example:

  • Hair extensions
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Repair Treatments
  • Hair Accessories

The list is endless. Section up your site and watch the traffic come flooding into the page that interests them the most. Make things super easy for your Internet audience and unleash the key to increased CTR in Google Adwords with immediate effect.
Extra Tip: If you use Sitelinks, which is essentially an extension function on your Google AdWords Advertisements, you can list more than one extension at once in your advertisement and this will generate increased traffic to your site instantly and to an impressive degree.

2. Punctuation, Punctuation, Punctuation!

Remember when your school teacher kept telling you to punctuate your work?
“Where are your full stops? What are your exclamation marks?”
Well, never has it been more important to do so than when looking to get your Google AdWords Advertisements standing out to the crowd in order to increase your CTR. When you add any kind of punctuation mark to your advertisement headline, the first description line of your advertisement will be automatically added to the headline too, which will really help your advertisement to scream out from the rooftops!
Get back to the classroom and get punctuating for serious improvement on your CTR in Google AdWords with very little effort on your part.

3. Display URL should be META META META all the way!

Does the Display URL in a Google AdWords Advertisement need to look like a URL?
Therefore, use this fact to your advantage when it comes to focusing on increasing your CTR in Google AdWords. Make your Display URL the best example of a call-to-action meta description that you can. What does this mean?
This means that if you own a computer repair business and you are looking to get people to click on your AdWords Advertisement instead of all the other computer repair advertisements listed on the Google SERP, you could create a Display URL like one of the following ideas:

  • Get Trusted Computer Repairs within 24 Hours
  • Book a MAC Specialist to Repair your MAC Today
  • Find the Cheapest Computer Repairs in Brooklyn

These Display URLs work much more effectively to increase CTR in Google AdWords than a regular URL because they speak directly to your potential customer and they remind your potential customer of what they will be offered should they choose to click on the advertisement.

4. Get seasonal!

Find out what holidays and events of special date are going on in the area that you are advertising in and incorporate these special calendar moments into your Google AdWords Advertisement Headlines.
If you are creative enough, you can draw links between what your business offers and the seasonal event that is playing out in your choice of location at any time. For instance, consider the following ideas:
A music store might run the following advertisement at Christmas time:

  • Find Christmas Discounts for Music Lovers

However, in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, the same music store might want to change their advertisements to:

  • Buy your Girlfriend the Best Love Song Compilations

Appealing to holidays and special calendar events in your advertisement headlines help to keep your advertising timely and up-to-date, which will encourage more people to click on your advertisements and increase your CTR in Google AdWords as a result.

5. Don’t talk about price!

It might seem like a good idea to talk about price in your advertisement, particularly if you are offering a really good price for the product or service that you are selling.
However, even if the price you are offering is as low as $0.01, putting the price of your product or service in your Google AdWords Advertisement is a real CTR turn off. It reminds your potential customer that they are going to have to spend money (even if the money is as minimal as possible). Nobody likes to be reminded about the fact that they are going to spend money.
So take the price out of your advertisement and watch your CTR increase within no time.

6. Free, Free and… oh yeah… Free again!

If you have a free gift, a free service, or something that all your customers receive without having to pay anything, ever, at any time, you should advertise it. Google Advertisements that offer something for free are the best kind of advertisements to have running in your PPC Campaign to increase the amount of traffic arriving to your site.
Free stuff = increased CTR in Google AdWords
Part of your overall Google AdWords Marketing Campaign should always focus on highlighting the free stuff. Sometimes, these sections of your campaign alone can be enough to create the kind of CTR you are looking for.

The Next Big Answer to Increased CTR in Google AdWords is Just Waiting to be Discovered

The most important thing to understand about CTR, indeed about online advertising in general, is that there is so much more to come.
How do we know that the tips from 1 to 6 help to increase CTR in Google AdWords? Interested advertisers have tried and tested and done their research, that’s how. This means that the potential for finding new ways of increasing CTR is something that is always lurking around in the background.
Maybe you will discover the next big thing in CTR increase. Who knows? The point is to continue to test, experiment, analyze and see what happens when you try out your own creative ideas and theories. This is the best way of learning what increases CTR within your Google AdWords advertising campaigns.
Final tip? Keep on testing!

PPC Advertising Success is NOT all about getting MORE traffic

PPC Advertising success is NOT just about MORE traffic flowing to your site. If you want to take your PPC Advertising to the next level, you need to approach your campaigns more thoughtfully and intelligently.

Follow the three tips below and learn about what you can and should do if looking to make PPC improvements rather than simply diving in to the generation of more of the same traffic; particularly if you are doing so without any real reason or any concrete data to warrant such a move.

PPC Advertising success is not about increasing traffic for the sake of it. The whole process is a lot more refined than this. PPC Advertising must be approached intelligently and the following three tips about what not to do to achieve success should help to get the New Year off to a flying start…

1. Assume that your next online customer or client is not going to be the same kind of online client or customer that you have attracted previously
A common misconception made by many PPC advertisers is that if they increase their bids, or put out more of the same advertisements, or even begin bidding on yet more related keywords that they are going to attract more traffic and therefore improve their advertising campaign success as a result. (more…)

Google AdWords Click Fraud – Are You Sure?

Do you think you might have been a victim of click fraud on Google AdWords? Are you sure?

While there are some people that experience click fraud, there has been a lot of evidence recently that suggests it is not as big a problem as some people might think. What’s more, there is also evidence that suggests that a lot of the time click fraud is blamed for what is actually just poor pay per click management.

Before we delve further into this subject with you we want to see if maybe you are just looking for full service pay per click management? this way you can have an expert by your side every day who can address click fraud issues without you having to get involved and diagnose the problem. additionally you will have a valuable partner at your service full time can improve the results you see from PPC. If so please fill out our contact form or give us a call or visit our homepage.

Suspected Google AdWords click fraud could just be a poorly managed campaign

A lot of people suspect click fraud but in fact it does not happen that often. What might look like spikes in click numbers on Google AdWords versus the number of conversions could actually be the result of a poorly managed campaign rather than click fraud.

That is why it is important to have an expert in click fraud handling your pay per click campaigns. They will not be able to look out for Google AdWords click fraud and find out if it is actually click fraud, but they will also be able to properly manage your campaign so that your cost per conversion decreases. (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions in PPC Advertising

If you want to make this year the best year ever in PPC advertising, you need to follow through with the New Year’s resolutions in PPC advertising outlined below in this post.
PPC advertising is all about looking forward, making changes and improving on what you already have achieved, therefore it has a lot to do with New Year’s resolutions. This makes the start of the new year the perfect time to assess where you are and make those all important changes to your PPC advertising campaigns to ensure that success ensues as we drive on into the spring.

PPC Advertising New Year’s Resolution 1: Improve Conversion Rate

Webrageous has four top ways of improving your conversion rate this year and being able to tick off your first PPC advertising new year’s resolution from your list.
Conversion Tip Number One
The first tip is to remove ONE unnecessary web page element from your site as soon as possible. In fact, our PPC advertising experts suggest that you remove a form that really serves little purpose. (more…)

Get Mobile Users to Make Conversions

The following post highlights five top strategies for getting mobile user to make more conversions. If you have any questions about mobile pay per click advertising or pay per click advertising via Google AdWords in general, contact the pay per click management team at Webrageous directly today.

For now, take what you can from the following advice and start learning how to make your mobile advertising campaign work for you without delay.

1. The mobile advertising network is growing… you cannot deny it!

This year in the US the number of online sales grew to a record 14.3%. There are a number of advertisers out there who still refuse to even consider mobile advertising campaigns because they don’t see it as a market that is worth the while.
This is the first mistake.
Take mobile advertising seriously and start placing emphasis on your mobile advertising campaign. If you do this, you will instantly see an increase in your mobile user conversions. It is all about developing the right kind of mind set. (more…)

Improve PPC Advertising Campaigns by using Graphs and Visual Reports

How can you improve your PPC advertising campaigns by stepping back, using PPC graph tools and visual reports as a way of seeing the overall picture? Consider the following situation…

What kind of boss is best? A boss who sits in his or her office all day, crunching numbers and paying attention to no-one, or a boss who spends time walking around the shop floor, seeing what people are doing in action and reviewing the progress of his or her company from an all-round, bird’s eye view perspective?

At Webrageous, we would opt for boss number two.

Sitting in your office, staring at data for hours on end is important in one respect and there are times when all bosses need to sit down with the figures and do some serious in-depth analysis, but it is easy to really lose sight of the big picture when you always work in this work. You cannot see the wood for the trees, as they say, and the same happens to the managers of PPC advertising.

How to improve your PPC advertising campaigns?
If you want to learn how to seriously improve your PPC advertising campaign, you need to learn how to use graph features and visual reporting systems made available to you by the likes of Google AdWords and spend time analyzing your PPC campaigns from a much broader perspective.

Better Numbers with Better Landing Page Conversion Tips

If your pay per click advertising campaign generates lots of clicks, but earns little conversions, the problem might lie in the design and format of your landing pages. If this is the case, then you probably need a better set of landing page conversion tips that would give you better numbers.

Landing Page Conversion Tips

Landing Page Conversion TipsFollow these landing page conversion tips that Webrageous is happy to share and hopefully, with all the right elements in place, you will begin to see your conversions rise and enjoy more benefits from your pay per click advertising in general.

1. Promise to maintain your client’s privacy.

This may seem like an obvious point to make, but unless you explicitly state that you are not going to reveal any information that an internet user might share with your company when converting, they might not want to convert.
This is one fact that is often forgotten in other landing page conversion tips. Internet users, despite ideas to the contrary, are very particular about their private information and feel much more willing to convert if they have been guaranteed complete privacy in terms of the information that they share.
Just a small line of text which promises client privacy next to your conversion button / form is very important and very easy to put in place. Incorporate it today to see improvements to your pay per click advertising campaign in the near future.

2. Make the conversion forms that you use as short as possible.

Now this is a classic part of any landing page conversion tips you’ll see. Internet users hate forms. The quicker the better. You want the basics of information and if they have to scroll down the page to see the whole form, it is likely that your form is already too long to ensure conversions on a regular basis.
Keep everything short, clear and simple when it comes to conversion forms and your conversion numbers will rise.

3. Choose images that are relevant to your products.

Images are always helpful when it comes to selling a product. If the conversion that you are hoping for is the purchase of one of your products, you should use a very high quality and well chosen image of that product to put on your landing page next to the “buy now” button.
This is yet another fact that some landing page conversion tips miss out on. Images help internet users to know that they have landed on the page that they were hoping to land on when they clicked on the advertisement / SERP listing. Therefore, you can get your potential customer to convert more often by using relevant images as signals and indicators of reference whenever possible.
If you include images intelligently on your landing pages you conversion numbers will rise and your pay per click advertising efforts will begin to noticeably pay off.

4. Test your advertising copy and call-to-action landing page text.

Run more than one landing page for the same product / conversion action at the same time on an A/B testing strategy. In this way you will be able to test and experiment with different advertising text and calls-to-action that you place on your landing pages above the conversion forms or next to the products that you want to sell.
You can experiment with the actual call-to-action words that you use, the size of the text, the parts of the text that you emphasize in one way or another and even the length of copy that you choose to use on your landing page.
After a few weeks you will be able to see which advertising copy works best for generating the most conversions on your various landing pages by analyzing the data in your account. And once you’ve decided on the copy that scores you bigger numbers, you’ll definitely be thankful that you followed these landing page conversion tips right away.

5. Experiment with the color and size of your buttons.

Common thought is that orange works best on the whole as a conversion button, but why not experiment a little.
Other landing page conversion tips may ask you to stay on the safe side, but experimenting with different styles could actually turn out better. See what happens when you use dual colored buttons that allow the internet user to choose between two separate options for conversion. Consider making your conversion button larger than it is at present to make it the focal point of your landing page.
This should also help to encourage more internet users to convert and your pay per click advertising campaign success to rise.
For more information and advice on pay per click advertising and conversion increase, contact the pay per click advertising experts at Webrageous at any time. We will be happy to help you take your conversion rate to the next level.

Measuring and Maximizing your Pay Per Click Profits

One of the great things about pay per click advertising is the flexibility it offers – you can keep on assessing and making alterations to your budget, key words and advert text and layout until you get the results you want.

You can also measure results in a lot more detail than in most forms of advertising, which means you really can tailor your advertising and also your website, making informed adjustments to continuously optimise your returns.

What can you measure?

  • Which adverts get most clicks
  • Which keywords are most popular
  • What percentage of clicks convert to purchases
  • How long customers spend on your website
  • Which pages they visit

What next?

Obviously once you know which adverts and keywords are the most productive, you can focus your campaign around these. But what can you do if your click to purchase ratio still isn’t high enough?

First impressions

The first thing to get right is your landing page. What do customers see when they arrive at your site? Continuity is vital here. Remember, they’ve entered those particular keywords and clicked on that particular advert for a reason. If what they see doesn’t immediately match up with these two things, they’re unlikely to stick around. (more…)

How to Stop Click Fraud

It is an unfortunate fact that click fraud continues to impose on the returns of advertisers using pay per click. While it is not as massive a problem as recent media hype has suggested, there is no denying that there are some pay per click advertisers who continue to deal with fraudulent clicks.

Why does pay per click fraud happen?

Pay per click fraud can happen for a number of reasons. It might be that publishers click on your company’s advertisements in order to boost their profit. These fraudulent clicks could be a result of malicious intent or someone trying to boost your numbers.
Click fraud could also be a result of a competitor wanting to stop your pay per click campaigns from performing well so they decide to click on your advertisement in order to increase your spend, making it less affordable for you. As pay per click advertising is very competitive, with many advertisers fighting for the best positions for a particular keyword phrase, unfortunately this does continue to happen. (more…)