Google releases campaign groups in AdWords

Earlier this month Google released a new feature that makes it easier for advertisers to monitor the performance of their campaigns against their advertising goals: campaign groups.

What are campaign groups?

Campaign groups allow advertisers to aggregate data from separate campaigns based on a common theme. It allows them to select campaigns that share a same objective and group them so they have a quick look at performance, what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s say you just created 2 new separate search and display campaigns for the coming Christmas season. It would be interesting to create a campaign group for them as they have the same goal.

How to set up campaign groups?

Campaign groups are available in the AdWords interface, on the left menu:



Once you click on the button to add a campaign group, you are redirected to a page where you can:

  • Name your campaign group.
  • Select the existing campaigns you want to add to this campaign group.
  • Select a performance target: you can choose clicks or conversions.
  • Eventually select a specific date range to view more accurate projections. If you choose this option you can then select the number of clicks or conversions you want to receive, the budget you want to spend, the average CPC or CPA you want to reach.



You will then have a quick glimpse of your current performance and what you may achieve by the end of the campaign period.

What are the benefits of campaign groups?

  • With campaign groups it is easier to monitor performance across multiple campaigns.
  • You have a quick glimpse of how your campaigns perform relative to your goals. Of course campaign groups are not to be compared to some powerful third party tools but they allow advertisers to have a quick access to that data without having to create pivot tables or export data in separate spreadsheets (therefore saving some time and energy).
  • The set up is simple and you will have access to monitored performance in minutes.


Images’ source: Google AdWords interface

5 Reasons to Choose a Conversion Optimizer Manager

When PPC Campaigns and other elements of your online advertising strategy in general start to really develop, you might need to consider hiring different PPC Managers to fulfill different roles. One of those roles might be a conversion optimization manager, or simply a conversion optimizer.
4485767292_49723d9f84_oA conversion optimizer is someone who focuses entirely on generating more conversions for you from your PPC Campaigns, while other members of the online advertising team devote their attention to separate issues.
Choosing the right conversion optimization manager is an essential and important task. It pays to take the time to investigate into the best ways of hiring a conversion optimizer, which is why this article is designed to highlight five specific areas to analyze when going through the hiring process with a number of candidates.

How to Choose a Conversion Optimization Manager

Imagine that you are in the process of hiring a conversion optimizer and you are looking for some advice about how to approach the interview and select the right candidate for the position. Use the following five pointers as a way of choosing the right man/woman for the job…

1. Find out what your conversion optimizer would choose to optimize first.

One of the first things to do in an interview with a prospective conversion optimizer is to find out how they go about choosing what to optimize first when working on a new PPC Campaign with a new company.

Avoiding Pay Per Click Fraud

What can you do if pay per click fraud constantly weighs on your mind? The benefits of pay per click advertising are great but what happens if pay per click fraud was to rear its ugly head? What would you do?
Pay Per Click FraudThe good news is that pay per click fraud is not as big a deal as might be suggested. But it does still exist. And as any good business manager will tell you, avoiding the risk before it surfaces is always the best option.
So if you are concerned about pay per click fraud or think you might have already seen the beginnings of it in your pay per click campaigns, it might be time to follow these simple steps.
Pay per click management company Webrageous is an expert in click fraud prevention and we have come up with a few ways you can stop click fraud from appearing. We have spent years perfecting our click fraud prevention and detection tools and we want to help you avoid the risk of pay per click fraud. (more…)

How to Find the Best PPC Management Possible

Finding the best PPC management can be like trying to get on an exclusive VIP list for a nightclub. No matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get your name on that list.
Best PPC ManagementBut it doesn’t have to be that way. The best pay per click management is out there. It’s just a matter of looking in the right places.
With pay per click management firm Webrageous, there is no exclusive list, it’s not about who you know, and you do not have to be rich or famous. We provide best quality Google AdWords management that achieves results for all of our clients – new and old.
Of course, once you have your Google AdWords accounts managed by Webrageous it will feel like you are part of an exclusive club. And that’s because at Webrageous, we will get your pay per click accounts converting like you had never imagined. It might seem like an offer only available to a celebrity but it is all part of the benefits of being one of our loyal clients.

How to Find the Best PPC Management

There are many pay per click management firms offering their services to advertisers and promising the best PPC management for clients. But if you want to find a pay per click management firm that you can trust and that you know has your best interests at heart then there are a few ways you can check this.

1. Look at the pay per click management firm’s search engine optimization abilities.

They should rank high on Google and other search engines when you search for their services. The ability to market themselves online is the making of the best PPC management firms.

2. Check the pay per click management firm’s website carefully.

The best PPC management firms will offer up a lot of information about their company, the services they provide and about pay per click itself. Have a look over their website and see what they have to say about themselves. After all, the best pay per click management firms know they’re the best and will let you know that is the case.

3. Look at what they are qualified in.

The best PPC management firms should be qualified in Google AdWords. This is the most important pay per click management tool online and it is important that your pay per click management firm knows the provider back to front if they are going to provide the best service.

4. Look for testimonials by clients.

The best PPC management firms will not be afraid to let their clients talk about their management services as they don’t have anything to hide. The best pay per click management firms out there will have various testimonials, both written and in video form.

5. Look for a pay per click management firm with a blog.

It is important to find a firm that wants to help out people visiting its website with information and tips about pay per click advertising. The best PPC management firms will have a blog full of articles with useful information about pay per click and Google AdWords.
There are ways to get the best pay per click and Google AdWords management out there and it has nothing to do with being part of an exclusive list. In fact it is quite simple to find the best PPC management if you follow the above tips. The hard work – getting your pay per click campaigns achieving success – is up to your pay per click management firm.
So as long as you’ve chosen well then there will be nothing more to worry about and you can sit back and watch as your pay per click campaigns achieve the conversions that you desire, knowing that you have the best help possible.
To find out more about how Webrageous – one of the best pay per click management firms in the business – can achieve successful pay per click advertising campaigns for you, take a look at this article.
You can also contact us at 866-720-5172.

Success through Attorney Pay Per Click Management

Attorneys need advertising in order to find clients just as much as the next business. But for the average US attorney, having an in-house advertising expert is a luxury that most can’t afford. So exactly how are you supposed to find time to worry about your own attorney pay per click management strategies?

What You Should Do about Attorney Pay Per Click Management

Attorney Pay Per Click ManagementThe answer is outsourcing your pay per click advertising needs to the experts in attorney pay per click management. This does not only give attorneys more time to focus on their job, but it also increases the chances of success for their advertising campaigns.
As any attorney will know, time is very precious. But then, so is finding clients. Outsourcing pay per click management offers attorneys a way to get on with the day to day running of their law firm while pay per click management experts help them find clients.
But if you are an attorney and are looking for a pay per click management firm, it is important not to go with just any pay per click management expert. You want to find one that has proven success in managing pay per click campaigns for attorneys. (more…)

Review of iSpionage – A Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

Pay per click software program iSpionage is the latest offering in keyword research and analysis of the competition.

It offers a range of features designed to help lowe60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementr pay per click costs and optimize search engine results. Pay per click management company Webrageous decided to review the tool to see just how easy it is to navigate.

The first feature on iSpionage allows advertisers to search for a domain name or keyword in order to check out the competition. With the keyword research tool, iSpionage shows you the search volume and cost per click for the particular keyword phrase that you searched. It then offers up hundreds of related keywords to the phrase you searched along with the search volume and level of advertiser competition.

This feature is extremely useful to anyone wanting to advertise online. It also helps with search engine optimization by showing you the keywords that have the most hits and what the competition is on those keywords. (more…)

Hit The Bull’s Eye By Google Adwords Topic Targeting

If you are a Google AdWords user and want to strike the Google Display Network right where you’re aiming, a few keyword arrows would usually do the trick.

But if you want to select the topic field without going too specific, Google AdWords is ensuring that your aim will meet its target. It is now allowing you to specify topics in order to contextually target your AdWords advertisements to pages within the Google Display Network through Google AdWords Topic Targeting.

What is Google AdWords Topic Targeting?

The Google AdWords topic targeting option allows users to choose from more than 1,750 topics and sub-topics to target your ads. This is a great option for a Pay Per Click Advertiser who is focused on brand awareness, generating sales and reaching a broad audience already seeking their product. (more…)

New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool

google adwords quality score tracking toolChris Thunder is the founder of TenScores, a new pay per click management tool. It is a Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool for your pay per click advertising campaigns. When used the right way, it will eventually help you get more out of your online advertising budget.

Discovering the New Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool

The new Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool looks like it can become an absolute winner with pay per click advertisers who have campaigns with Google AdWords. It enables you to monitor that element which, until now, advertisers have not been able to monitor in any way.
The Google AdWords Quality Score Tracking Tool is already available to users, but is still in its early stages of development. Now that Chris Thunder knows that the tool is useful and in demand by many pay per click advertisers, he and his team have decided to continue working on developing further features that they want the tool to offer in order to make the lives of pay per click managers even easier. (more…)

AdWords Improves the Bid Simulator Tool AGAIN!

adwords bid simulator improvementsWebrageous Studios has already brought you recent updates about the various new features of the Bid Simulator Tool in Google AdWords. For example, we have already highlighted new features such as Estimated Top Impressions (click to read the article if you missed out) and how this new feature of the AdWords tool can be very useful for running tests and making informed financial decisions.
However, AdWords seems to be making improvement upon improvement with many of its tools at present and the Bid Simulator Tool is of no exception.
The most recent update that AdWords has made to this tool is that you can now view and run bid simulations across keywords within an entire ad group at the same time, which Google hopes will make the PPC Management work of the average PPC Manager faster and more effective immediately after beginning to use the feature. (more…)

What is Pay Per Click Call Tracking?

You are a fairly typical US business owner of some kind. You might be in retail, cosmetics or law. Maybe you work for a huge organization, perhaps even a medical clinic. Whatever line of work you are in these days, you probably have an online presence of some kind. Your business needs Pay Per Click Call Tracking.

Even if you don’t have your own website, the Internet is such an all-powerful force in today’s world that someone else will have mentioned your business at some point somewhere on the Internet, whether that be on another website, blog or even a social site, such as Twitter or Facebook. It is almost impossible to not be touched by the Internet in at least one way in your life.

Pay Per Click Call Tracking is an invaluable tool for any business which receives lots of customers, whether it be in the form of a purchase or a simple inquiry, over the telephone.

Have you ever though to yourself… “How did that telephone customer find my telephone number?”

Maybe you’ve thought about this question so much that you have even asked some customers to explain. Perhaps their answer was, “from the Internet.”

But was that answer actually helpful to you or not? Our guess here at Webrageous is that it probably was of little true use and this is why Webrageous Studios believes that every business should have the Pay Per Click Call Tracking feature in place. Webrageous offers its PPC Clients its very own call tracking service as part of the services it offers as a PPC Management Company.

Allow us to explain a little further… (more…)

What’s The New Google AdWords Click-Type Tool About?

Google AdWords Click-Type Google invents new tools for AdWords PPC by the dozen and each one is useful to somebody in the field of AdWords PPC Management. Indeed, Webrageous Studios makes use of a number of Google AdWords tools when managing the PPC Campaigns of its various PPC Clients and enjoys the speed and analytical sharpness that the tools offer.

The Google AdWords Click-Type Tool Advantage

One of the newest Google AdWords Tools on the block is the Google AdWords Click-Type Tool, which is very useful for determining how an internet user arrived to your website and which links or advertisements elsewhere on the Internet are driving the majority of the traffic your way.
If you can study how internet users arrive to your site with more accuracy and speed, as the Google AdWords Click-Type Tool allows, you can become a more efficient PPC Manager and you can create a more effective PPC Campaign that uses advertising budget for the areas of PPC that are most successful for your client.
If you already enjoy the benefits of other Google AdWords Tools such as Product Ads Sitelinks and click-to-call, then the new Google AdWords Click-Type Tool is going to be very useful. The Google AdWords Click-Type Tool will show you in a very simple format just how well each of these tools is independently performing in reality within your PPC Campaign overall. This makes it perfect if you want to keep close track of your progress by making sure that every single step you take complements all the other tools and processes that are in action.
Check out Google AdWords Click-Type Tool in action and see what the huge difference is. Pay particularly close attention to the Click-Type Report that you would see from your Google Account and compare it with what you have at the moment.

New PPC Tool: Google AdWords Automated Rules

Google AdWords Automated RulesAre you a PPC Manager with an incredibly heavy workload? Do you have lots of PPC Campaigns to manage for a variety of PPC Clients with differing PPC needs? Do you find that you are always attached to the computer and that it is hard to differentiate between work and play?
If so, then the new Google AdWords Automated Rules tool is probably something that is going to help you greatly as we move into the New Year.
At present, the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool is only available to some PPC Advertisers in the US, but this will soon become ALL advertisers in the US. Eventually, but much later, the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool will probably be made available to those PPC Advertisers outside of the US too.

What does the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool do?

The best thing about this new tool is that it allows the PPC Manager to schedule important changes that he/she wants to make to their PPC Campaign ahead of time, therefore saving the PPC Manager from having to log into their accounts every day. Time for play, away from the pressures of work, can exist when using the new AdWords Automated Rules tool.
The best thing is that the changes that a PPC Manager can schedule can also be very specific with this tool. For example, changes can be scheduled to any PPC Campaign in the following ways:

  1. changes to budget during peak or low times
  2. modifications to the maximum CPC bids following changes to CTR and conversion rate data
  3. enablement of specific advertisement text, taking users to promotional landing pages only on Monday mornings, for example

The ideas listed above are just ideas and are designed to give you an example of the type of detail that can be achieved when using the AdWords Automated Rules tool. Scheduled changes can be incredibly specific and focused with this tool which will be the key to its imminent success.
Google AdWords has also provided an excellent step-by-step video on how to begin using the tool in practice. Webrageous Studios has inserted that video below for the convenience of its readers in this post. Take a good look at the tool and learn how incredibly useful it could be to you and your campaigns overall today.


Google AdWords Phone Tracking: An Overview

Google AdWords Phone TrackingThere are many ways in which a PPC Advertiser can track the progress of his or her PPC Google AdWords Campaign using a variety of PPC Tools created by Google in order to make the optimization process as smooth and as effective as possible. However, one of the best PPC campaign management features that Webrageous Studios now offers to its AdWords PPC Clients is its very own version of the Google AdWords Phone Tracking feature.
It is easy to see how many people click on a PPC Advertisement because everything can be traced on the Internet. It is easy to count how many of those clicks convert into conversions. It is easy to figure out which keywords are soaking up the budget and which keywords are delivering constant and profitable traffic to your website. It is easy to track these things because the Internet and the various Google PPC Tools can be used to record all the digital information that internet user activity creates every day.
However, what happens if your website has a telephone contact number? What happens if you receive telephone calls every day? How do you know whether those telephone calls came from someone who saw one of your PPC Advertisements, or someone who was told by a friend via word of mouth about your services, or maybe someone who saw a printed advertisement in one of the places where you advertise offline?
How can you measure all of this? How do you know that the money you are investing in online or offline advertising is actually worth it or not? Is there a way to find out?
If you allow Webrageous Studios to be your PPC Management Company then yes, there is a way…

The Google AdWords Phone Tracking Feature

Webrageous Studios now offers its very own version of the Google AdWords Phone Tracking feature for its PPC Clients in order to ensure that they are 100% happy with the PPC Campaign they are investing money into and that the work Webrageous Studios puts in to the campaign every day is time well spent.
So, how does Webrageous’ Google AdWords Phone Tracking work? How much does it cost? What does it involve? Who can ask for Google AdWords Phone Tracking through Webrageous Studios’ PPC Management? When can you start to implement this fantastic PPC measuring feature into your PPC Campaign?
If you want the answers to these questions and more then all you need to do is read the full article on Google AdWords Phone Tracking with Webrageous Studios today. If you read the article and still have a few questions unanswered, then you can contact Webrageous Studios, without feeling any kind of obligation to begin using its PPC management services, for more advice and a trained PPC Manager will be able to put your mind to rest about anything which remains unclear.

Google AdWords ACE Tool Now Available to PPC Advertisers

Google recently announced that the new tool called “AdWords Campaign Experiments” (ACE) is now out of the beta testing stage. Seeing how a lot of other Google tools meant for PPC Management such as the Google Remarketing tool have also passed their stringent beta testing, it is not surprising that the Google AdWords ACE tool will be something that would contribute significantly to the industry.

Why make use of Google AdWords ACE? What is it all about? What can it help you do?

The ACE tool from Google allows advertisers to execute faster and more accurate tests across their campaigns by running an additional experimental campaign alongside the already functioning original. This means that PPC Advertisers take less of a risk each time they make a change to their original campaign.

There is less of a risk involved through the use of the Google AdWords ACE tool because the PPC Advertiser can see the different effects that a new campaign is going to have. The tool allows them to immediately measure the different results achieved between the new campaign and the old campaign that they have already worked hard on to create.

The Google AdWords ACE tool also gives the PPC Advertiser more confidence when it comes to making changes. This means that they are more likely to try new approaches and to optimize their campaigns further. In this way, the PPC Advertiser is also more likely to generate more effective campaigns in general.

Over the next few weeks, most US PPC Advertisers will automatically see an option for selecting the Google ACE tool under “Campaign Settings” when they sign in to Google AdWords. So, keep an eye out for this new tab selection and put the tool into practice on your campaign.

Google Export Planning Tool: Market Your Product Abroad

Any experienced PPC Account Manager or PPC Advertiser knows that one of the most important things to consider when creating a PPC campaign is the demographic of your target audience. Demographics play a crucial role in the creation of advertisement text, keyword development and advertisement placement. Therefore, if thinking about expanding the product sales of your business to other countries, an entirely new PPC campaign should be created. This is where the Google Export Planning Tool comes into play.

The Google Export Planning Tool: An Overview

It can be very difficult to market a product for an overseas audience, particularly if there are language barriers in place. Therefore the use of the Google Export Planning Tool, which is still in the BETA testing stage at Google, is an option that could prove to be very helpful indeed. It is a fairly simple tool to use in practice and has the ability to present estimations of traffic, search volumes and the CPC of different advertisements based on the data that you enter when beginning to plan to market abroad. (more…)

Speed PPC… What is it?

Does your PPC campaign have a poor Quality Score? Does it cost your PPC client a lot of money to run because the Quality Score is so low. Have you spent a huge amount of time trying to refine keyword relevancy and ad group relevancy to counteract this problem without success? Do you find that you simply have to work too long on trying to improve Quality Score? It may be that the PPC campaigns you manage have excellent Quality Scores, but you aren’t getting any sleep in order to get them to this stage? If so, why not look into utilizing the program Speed PPC which was specifically designed to counteract all of these problems in one foul swoop? (more…)

Heard about Google Remarketing???? If not…. why not????

It’s new, it’s easy to set-up and it’s one of the best ways to increase the conversions on your site. Google remarketing is one of the hottest topics on the lips of all PPC savvy geniuses and has proven an invaluable tool for Webrageous clients, some of whom are now achieving close to 25% of their entire conversions from this single advertising service. (more…)

What Has Google Remarketing Done For Your PPC Campaign?

Google Remarketing, one of the best ways in which to generate more conversions from PPC advertising, has been rapidly improving the advertising successes of lots of clients at Webrageous Studios. Indeed, our clients are not alone. The success of this innovative advertising strategy at Google has had a substantial positive effect on a number of advertisers across the board.

if you already are reaping the results, why not let us know? Send us a brief comment, detailing your personal experiences as a Google Remarketing user. How effective has it truly been for you? What have you been most impressed with? How many conversions did you gain last week from the Google Remarketing program alone? How much more money are you saving as a result of working with Google Remarketing?

Or….. are you not reaping any results from Google Remarketing? Have you been disappointed by being involved with this new campaign? Maybe Webrageous Studios can help you better the use of this advertising tool and thus make your experience of this innovative PPC advertising strategy more positive in the long run.