Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview: An Overview

Google AdWords has come up with an amazing new feature once again. Find out more about Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview and what it can do for you.

What is the Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview?

google adwords mobile instant previewThe Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview is a fantastic little feature that has recently been officially rolled out to all Android phones by Google AdWords to enable mobile internet users to view thumbnails of the landing pages that they would be directed to were they to click on any given Pay Per Click Advertisement.

Why is this a great feature for Google AdWords PPC Advertisers?

It’s amazingly helpful to the internet user, that’s why.
Mobile devices have much smaller screens in comparison to PCs, MACs and laptops. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision about which advertisement you want to click on when browsing through a Google search. It can also be extremely annoying for the internet user to keep clicking on advertisements only to hit the back button in the end because they’re not happy with your selection.
If the internet user’s life becomes difficult, they are always going to be tempted into just giving up. Internet users on the mobile network are even easier to annoy and so Pay Per Click Advertising Features like the Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview really do help everyone concerned. Every internet user that gives up in the middle of a search is a potential lost customer for your Pay Per Click Campaign.
The Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview feature is but another way of keeping the internet user happy and easier to convince to go to your website.
On the right hand side of every Google Search Advertisement, there now appears a small magnifying glass icon. When the internet user hovers over that icon an enlarged preview screen of that landing page pops up and gives the mobile internet user a better idea of what it is they are going to be redirected to.
This means that they don’t have to keep clicking on advertisements and then returning to the SERP until they find what they are looking for. The experience is likely to be a lot more enjoyable and less annoying for the internet user while being less expensive for the Pay Per Click Advertiser as the Google AdWords Mobile Instant Preview should help avoid high CTRs that do not lead to conversions.
When a mobile internet user looks at the preview of your landing page before they click, they can make a more informed choice about which Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertisement they want to click on. It is more likely that when they land on your website, it is because they definitely want to be there and are definitely interested in your services.
Well done Google AdWords! Another fantastic Pay Per Click Advertising feature for the ever expanding Google AdWords Mobile Network that everyone can benefit from.
For more information about how to start utilizing the growing power of the Google AdWords Mobile Network as part of your overall Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign, contact Webrageous Studios directly today. Our Google AdWords Qualified Pay Per Click Managers will be able to go through all the options with you.

Google AdWords Update: Optimize by Conversions Automatically

Google AdWords Automatic Conversion OptimizationOne of the best things about advertising through Google AdWords is that Google is always working to make the experiences of both advertisers and internet users as positive and effective as possible. One of the most recent developments for Google AdWords Advertisers is that all campaigns can now be set up to automatically optimize using conversion data.

In case you are unaware, Google encourages its Pay Per Click Advertisers to run more than one advertisement for any campaign that is being run through Google AdWords. It is important to run more than one advertisement so that you can optimize those advertisements with more success and efficiently target the various different sections of your target audience.

However, in the past it has only ever been possible to optimize Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns automatically in relation to CTR.

This is how the process has worked in the past: (more…)

Negative Keywords and Law Firm Online Marketing

60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementIf your law firm uses Google AdWords to advertise its services via Google AdWords Pay Per Click then things are going to get even better now.

Google continually aims to improve its Pay Per Click services and the most recent development specifically applies to the use of negative keywords across your campaigns. To make things easier, Google has recently developed a tool which allows Pay Per Click Advertisers to use a single negative keyword list across multiple campaigns.

Attorney marketing of any kind can be improved even further thanks to this development as it saves on a huge amount of time which the Pay Per Click Advertiser or Pay Per Click Manager can then use to do other more important things to the campaigns throughout the day.

For example, law firm marketing might always include the word “free” as a negative keyword across multiple campaigns if “free” is not an area of the law firm’s services that it wants to promote through marketing online. (more…)

Mobile Keyword Tool from Google: An Introduction

The time has come for advertisers to go all out when it comes to mobile.

The use of smartphones and having continuous access to the internet via your mobile while you’re on the move is changing the face of online marketing once again, and Google has responded with yet another fantastic AdWords tool in order to meet this current development head on. This tool, as always, keeps every advertiser a step ahead of the rest.

Introducing Google’s Mobile Keyword Tool

The Mobile Keyword Tool can be found in the “Advanced Options “tab in your AdWords Account and it is fairly simple to use.

It allows you to get keyword ideas not just for desktop searches, but for mobile WAP searches (most feature phones) and full internet browser searches (iPhone, Android, and other high-end smartphones) as well.

What does this mean?

It means that you can optimize your keyword lists for mobile searches with more success and know-how. It also means that you can study those mobile keywords by average CPC, competition level, search share, and other metrics in order to target mobile search campaigns.

Why should the average PPC Advertiser suddenly start putting all their effort into the development of keywords and campaigns for the mobile search network? (more…)

AdWords Improves the Bid Simulator Tool AGAIN!

adwords bid simulator improvementsWebrageous Studios has already brought you recent updates about the various new features of the Bid Simulator Tool in Google AdWords. For example, we have already highlighted new features such as Estimated Top Impressions (click to read the article if you missed out) and how this new feature of the AdWords tool can be very useful for running tests and making informed financial decisions.
However, AdWords seems to be making improvement upon improvement with many of its tools at present and the Bid Simulator Tool is of no exception.
The most recent update that AdWords has made to this tool is that you can now view and run bid simulations across keywords within an entire ad group at the same time, which Google hopes will make the PPC Management work of the average PPC Manager faster and more effective immediately after beginning to use the feature. (more…)

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool Gets Better

Google AdWords Keyword ToolThe new Google AdWords Keyword Tool was released in September 2009 and it continues to get better all the time, thanks to the dedicated work of the masterminds working behind the scenes at Google.

What’s New with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

So, what can the Google AdWords Keyword Tool do today that it couldn’t do before it was updated?

  1. Search for keywords in your list by inclusion or exclusion search boxes
  2. Expand your keyword list with a new “more like this” button in the keyword list
  3. Show results that are only closely related to the keywords selected in your list
  4. Starring keywords to keep those keywords in a special starred list
  5. View selected keywords in a text format to be able to edit them and paste them in a spreadsheet or into the AdWords Editor.

Why has Google made these changes?
Because it received daily feedback from its global users and therefore knew what areas it should be focusing on and which areas simply required a little attention and focus. Hopefully, all feedback will have been addressed and all PPC Managers will be feeling happy with the changes made.
Of course, knowing how Google AdWords works, every issue will always have a suitable solution. This is exactly why updates like these are released regularly. After all, to stay on top of things and as part of Google’s commitment to excellence, there is always a need for constant evolution, something that is evidenced by this update on the Google AdWords Keyword tool.
With that in mind, what do you think about the new Google AdWords Keyword Tool? Do you think the update really is a whole lot better than the last one? How huge of an impact do these changes have overall? Leave Webrageous Studios a few comments and let the company know your personal thoughts on the matter.

What’s The New Google AdWords Click-Type Tool About?

Google AdWords Click-Type Google invents new tools for AdWords PPC by the dozen and each one is useful to somebody in the field of AdWords PPC Management. Indeed, Webrageous Studios makes use of a number of Google AdWords tools when managing the PPC Campaigns of its various PPC Clients and enjoys the speed and analytical sharpness that the tools offer.

The Google AdWords Click-Type Tool Advantage

One of the newest Google AdWords Tools on the block is the Google AdWords Click-Type Tool, which is very useful for determining how an internet user arrived to your website and which links or advertisements elsewhere on the Internet are driving the majority of the traffic your way.
If you can study how internet users arrive to your site with more accuracy and speed, as the Google AdWords Click-Type Tool allows, you can become a more efficient PPC Manager and you can create a more effective PPC Campaign that uses advertising budget for the areas of PPC that are most successful for your client.
If you already enjoy the benefits of other Google AdWords Tools such as Product Ads Sitelinks and click-to-call, then the new Google AdWords Click-Type Tool is going to be very useful. The Google AdWords Click-Type Tool will show you in a very simple format just how well each of these tools is independently performing in reality within your PPC Campaign overall. This makes it perfect if you want to keep close track of your progress by making sure that every single step you take complements all the other tools and processes that are in action.
Check out Google AdWords Click-Type Tool in action and see what the huge difference is. Pay particularly close attention to the Click-Type Report that you would see from your Google Account and compare it with what you have at the moment.

New PPC Tool: Google AdWords Automated Rules

Google AdWords Automated RulesAre you a PPC Manager with an incredibly heavy workload? Do you have lots of PPC Campaigns to manage for a variety of PPC Clients with differing PPC needs? Do you find that you are always attached to the computer and that it is hard to differentiate between work and play?
If so, then the new Google AdWords Automated Rules tool is probably something that is going to help you greatly as we move into the New Year.
At present, the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool is only available to some PPC Advertisers in the US, but this will soon become ALL advertisers in the US. Eventually, but much later, the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool will probably be made available to those PPC Advertisers outside of the US too.

What does the Google AdWords Automated Rules tool do?

The best thing about this new tool is that it allows the PPC Manager to schedule important changes that he/she wants to make to their PPC Campaign ahead of time, therefore saving the PPC Manager from having to log into their accounts every day. Time for play, away from the pressures of work, can exist when using the new AdWords Automated Rules tool.
The best thing is that the changes that a PPC Manager can schedule can also be very specific with this tool. For example, changes can be scheduled to any PPC Campaign in the following ways:

  1. changes to budget during peak or low times
  2. modifications to the maximum CPC bids following changes to CTR and conversion rate data
  3. enablement of specific advertisement text, taking users to promotional landing pages only on Monday mornings, for example

The ideas listed above are just ideas and are designed to give you an example of the type of detail that can be achieved when using the AdWords Automated Rules tool. Scheduled changes can be incredibly specific and focused with this tool which will be the key to its imminent success.
Google AdWords has also provided an excellent step-by-step video on how to begin using the tool in practice. Webrageous Studios has inserted that video below for the convenience of its readers in this post. Take a good look at the tool and learn how incredibly useful it could be to you and your campaigns overall today.


The Google AdWords Agency Service is Changing

Google AdWords AgencyIf you are a Google Agency Customer, you should have a received a direct email from Google AdWords recently which explained some important changes that are happening to the Google AdWords Agency Service format.
Basically, this email would have outlined the ideas for the new Enhanced Agency Service Model in the US, UK and a few other places, scheduled to begin operating from 1st January 2011.
If you missed out on the email, or if the email was a little unclear, allow Webrageous Studios to take you through the changes to the Google AdWords Agency Service via this short post. The changes are few, but very important and will hopefully be a real step forward for Google Agency Customers in the future.

Changes to the Google AdWords Agency Service

The Google AdWords Agency Service Restructure means that some agencies will lose their dedicated representatives and those who maintain those representatives are going to recognize a few changes to the ways in which they communicate with their Google Account Managers.
However, this is no cause for concern. These changes are designed to create an even better form of support for Google AdWords Agency Service customers and Google has been quoted as saying, “One set of agencies will have a dedicated agency lead; specific accounts within those agencies will have dedicated vertical account management teams, who can offer industry-specific expertise. A second set of agencies will not have an assigned agency team, but will be able to receive support via phone.”
Other rumors about the changes lie in the fact that it is believed some of the agency support will now be shipped out to India where a large cohort of AdWords support staff have already been working and providing excellent support services for a long time. However, this information has not been confirmed by Google as of yet and therefore Webrageous Studios cannot be completely certain about this fact at present.
When more information becomes available, you will be the first to know.
Should these changes to the Google AdWords Agency service be a cause for concern?
The simple answer is no.
Google is constantly updating its services across the various different arenas that it spans and the changes that Google makes are always in the interests of internet users and its clients.
If you have any more questions regarding these Google AdWords Agency Service changes, do not hesitate in contacting Webrageous Studios for more information. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions as best as we possibly can.

Google Improves Analytics Intelligence Tool

The Google Analytics Intelligence Tool has been in operation for about a year and it is designed to help the PPC Manager better analyze their PPC Campaigns because this tool provides data mining and other techniques. Therefore, this tool is already very useful to a PPC Manager looking for ways in which to optimize their campaigns.

However, the important news today is that Google has made an excellent upgrade to the Google Analytics Intelligence Tool so that the effects of working with this tool are even more dramatic and positive.

So, what is the upgrade?

Google Analytics, in one of their recent posts on the Analytics blog, wrote:
“When Google Analytics detects causes to a major change in traffic, this section will display up to 5 segments that have contributed to that particular change.”

What does this mean for the common PPC Advertiser? (more…)

Google AdWords Business Channel on Youtube

The Google AdWords Business Channel on Youtube is an excellent fountain of resources and information regarding PPC through Google AdWords. Without a doubt, it is also a far more entertaining way of keeping up-to-date with the many developments that Google has to offer on a day to day basis as compared to reading up on the AdWords Blog, for example. Knowing Google, there would always be something new being served to different audiences.

What else can you get from the Google AdWords Business Channel? Why is it worth visiting and subscribing to?

Discovering What’s New with the Google AdWords Business Channel

The videos on the Google AdWords Business Channel are made to be easily accessible for all PPC Advertisers from a variety of different backgrounds and with a vastly varied array of knowledge and prior experience. Recently, a popular example of one of the videos on the Google AdWords Business Channel supported by Youtube is one that focuses on the introduction of AdWords Product Advertisements.

The AdWords Product Advertisements tool will help you to design your image-based advertisements for use on the Google Display Network in an easy to complete manner. For those people with little manpower and a modest budget, this tool it is an excellent way to begin better managing a Google Display Network campaign and of creating advertisements that are going to be PPC successful.

However, the fun doesn’t stop with the AdWords Product Advertisements tool. It will definitely be a great resource on everything related to Google and its products, and will be the best way to discover other new tools that the tech giant has to offer.

Interested to learn further what else you can discover through the Google AdWords Business Channel? Log on to the Google AdWords Business Channel on Youtube and check out what’s new this week at Google AdWords.

All PPC Advertisers can use Google Product Ads

The Google Product Ads have been in use since last year, but were only available to a select number of PPC Advertisers who were part of the Google BETA Testing Program for this particular tool.
However, all PPC Advertisers should now see the option which allows them to begin utilizing the Google Product Ads feature in their Google Accounts from here on in.
The Google Product Ads feature basically means that PPC Advertisers can choose to advertise by using more images in the Google Search Network forum and in this way show some of their important and highlighted products in pictorial form instead of simply relying on the basic text advertisements as their only form of advertising. (more…)

Tip of the Day – Google Places: Check For Outdated Address Information

google places outdated informationPPC Managers listen up… Google Places can be an excellent feature to use if you are thinking about building a brand for the company that you are working for. Branding Campaigns are effective PPC Campaigns for those companies and businesses which have a lot of competition and need to set themselves apart by making their brand names more important than what it is they actually do.
For instance, the brand Nike is perhaps more important and more popular as a brand than it is as a manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing. In fact, a lot of the Nike advertising hardly ever focuses on the product for the product’s sake. Wearing Nike sports gear is more about feeling good or being proud of being a well-rounded woman (one recent campaign featured a female with curvaceous glutei muscles and who was proud of her shape, whilst wearing her Nike outfit) for example.
However, today’s tip for Google Places concerns the verification of all company details that are listed across the Internet, making sure that these details are up-to-date. (more…)

Google has announced the New AdWords Editor: Version 8.5

The masterminds at Google have recently, as always, been working away frantically to improve the AdWords service that is offered and to make the day to day tasks of the PPC Manager much easier and much more profitable for the PPC Advertiser.
The most recent update is to the Google AdWords Editor itself. Version 8.5 is now available for all Google AdWords PPC Advertisers.
Naturally, along with the development of Google AdWords Editor 8.5, a number of small, but significant and highly useful changes are bought into play. All PPC Managers should be aware of these changes and will no doubt want to take advantage of them on a day to day basis when running any of their PPC Campaigns, large or small.

In order that the information concerning these new updates becomes easily digestible, Webrageous Studios has provided a concise but complete list of things to take note of below. If you are about to begin using the 8.5 version of the Google AdWords Editor then the following list is a necessary read. (more…)

What is the Broad Match Modifier?

The Broad Match Modifier is a feature of PPC through Google AdWords that Google designed and developed specifically in order to help make Broad Match PPC Advertising more effective and less costly.

One of the really good characteristics of Google AdWords as a PPC Provider is that Google does listen to the comments of its PPC Advertisers and it does respond as quickly and as effectively as possible.

The Broad Match Modifier is a PPC feature that helps to make broad match PPC advertising a lot more effective because it helps to filter the search inquiries with more success. (more…)

The Fusion of Google TV and Paid Search Advertising is the Future


Google TV has now been discontinued, but Webrageous is still able to provide pay per click management services for those advertisers with Google AdWords Campaigns.

Google TV and other forms of TV Advertising online are gradually growing into very effective forms of advertising for businesses of different shapes and sizes all over the world.

Television, since its birth, has always been very popular and there is nothing easier than arriving home after a long day at work and switching on the TV in order to chill out, stare into space and pay very little attention to anything for a while.

It requires almost no effort at all to watch television and people who are watching television are normally in a state of calm and therefore fairly receptive to advertising efforts. Television advertisements are by far the most dynamic form of advertising. Everybody likes to watch moving images, the success of sites such as Youtube and the importance of the film industry in our lives proving this theory without a doubt. (more…)

Google AdWords Remarketing is Easy

The Google AdWords Remarketing Tool has been available and ready to use by all for some months now. If you are still unaware of what the Google AdWords Remarketing Tool actually is, then you should read the detailed article covering the basics of this Google AdWords tool via the Webrageous Studios website before continuing.

However, if already familiar with the tool, the most important thing to note about Google AdWords Remarketing, is that is makes extra forms of online advertising possible for smaller businesses which have less money to splash around in general on their online advertising needs.

Google AdWords is very good at making sure that its services are available to as many advertisers as possible, regardless of costs, which is why it is one of the most popular forums for pay per click advertising today. In fact, the Google AdWords Remarketing Tool is so financially accessible that many Google AdWords PPC Advertisers are already reaping the benefits. (more…)

AdWords Campaign Experiments: Importance to PPC

Without a doubt, the value and importance of the AdWords Campaign Experiments Tool (ACE) should not be underestimated.

Google AdWords has done a fantastic thing for the PPC Management processes of the average PPC Manager through the development of the AdWords Campaign Experiments Tool and any PPC Manager who is not taking advantage of what this tool has to offer is seriously missing out. What’s more, PPC Managers who don´t use ACE are not doing all that they could be doing for their PPC Clients either.

What the AdWords Campaign Experiments Tool Can Do

The AdWords Campaigns Experiments Tool is one of the safest ways to test a PPC Campaign, make changes and focus on developing PPC optimization skills. Considering that one of the most important things a PPC Manager should be doing when managing a PPC Campaign is testing and experimenting new ideas, the existence of the ACE Tool is perhaps the best thing that Google could have ever done. (more…)

Using AdWords Sitelinks for Your PPC Campaigns

Google AdWords has so many tools and abilities made readily available for every PPC manager, that not making the most out of any of them could be considered as such a waste. This is why it is quite baffling to know that there are still so many PPC advertisers out there who are not maximizing the use of the AdWords Sitelinks PPC Management feature.

What are AdWords Sitelinks?

Google AdWords Sitelinks is a feature of the PPC Advertisements that has been in operation for quite some time now. It allows the PPC advertiser to list more than just one URL at the bottom of their PPC advertisement in order to give internet users more options and more of a guarantee that they will land on the page that they are actually looking for.
Basically, the Sitelinks feature is another optimization tool that can be used in order to ensure that users are carried towards the point of conversion via a quicker and more efficient manner.
Using the feature is extremely easy, and can be done by anyone who manages their own PPC campaign. You can update the link text and the URL’s as often as needed, for example, and editing your sitelinks does not mean that your data will be reset as well. All data is preserved to promote continuity and to help you track your campaign’s success more efficiently.
Below is an example of a PPC Advertisement on the Google SERP that utilizes the AdWords Sitelinks technique.
AdWords Sitelinks
If you are still not using the Ad Sitelinks feature in your PPC campaign, then now is the perfect time to begin. Google AdWords recently released some interesting data which shows the success rate that comes with the use of the AdWords Sitelinks feature. Read further about PPC Advertising success using Ad Sitelinks on the Webrageous Studios website.

Google Recommends Continuous AdWords Optimization

Google AdWords OptimizationThere are many different approaches that a PPC Advertiser can take when advertising through the Google AdWords PPC network. There are a lot of different styles that you can use in pay per click management as well, and depending on the PPC Manager you employ, your campaign could actually be run in a number of different ways.
However, Google AdWords, time and time again, through a variety of mediums including its own Google AdWords Blog, reminds PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers alike to opt for the continual optimization approach to pay per click management. This is one constant that PPC managers would have to take note of, regardless of how much and how often they tweak their strategies and approaches. Of course, this is also one thing that a lot of PPC managers forget as they rush into the excitement of trying to bring something new to the table each and every time.

What Google Means by Continuous AdWords Optimization

What exactly does continuous AdWords Optimization mean? What does this entail?
This piece of advice offered by Google AdWords tells PPC managers to concentrate on optimizing their PPC campaigns and analyzing the results of even the smallest changes that are applied to each of them. This should be done in order to ensure that optimum results are being achieved without fail.
How do you optimize your PPC Campaign to the maximum? Does Google AdWords have any tricks or special advice to share on this score?
As far as ensuring AdWords optimization, Webrageous Studios has a lot of awesome tips on how every PPC advertiser could ensure that AdWords optimization happens on a continuous basis. There are also different tools from Google AdWords that can actually be used to make this process more efficient. Possibly the two most effective ones are the AdWords Conversion Tracking Tool and the Conversion Optimizer Tool, both of which are further discussed through the Webrageous article linked above.