Why are Google Sponsored Links better than Google Organic Search Listings?

When an internet user opens up a search engine browser, like Google for example, and attempts to search for something, be it information, a product, a business or an organization, that search engine sorts through all the information available on the Internet at tremendous speed and then presents that user with the information it deems to be most relevant. It sorts through this information in a number of ways and takes many factors into consideration, including keyword relevance and geographic location, for example.

However, the results that are listed for that internet user to make use of form two distinct sets of results: Google Sponsored Links and Google Organic Search Listings. Webrageous helps clients manage sponsored links. (more…)

Top Ten Worries of a Google Advertising Professional

Being a top notch AdWords account manager is a hard job sometimes. It may not seem very stressful to people outside of the profession, but in reality it can get really, really stressful at times. Lots of people who have never worked in PPC Management make comments like, “Yeah, but you get to work at home. You get up when you want, you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to and you don’t have all those stresses of public transport to get to work every day.”

While all that may be true (for those that work at home anyway), the reality of a day in the life of a  PPC account manager  s just a little less rosy than the above picture would like to paint. For a start, working at home is not without its issues. It is very easy to go a little mad, living, working and sleeping in the same space day in, day out. It is also very difficult to maintain a real grip over when the working day begins and when it ends. Many  account managers are  till working away way into the night and then they roll over in the morning to hit the “on” button on the laptop that they left on the side of their pillow only a couple of hours beforehand.


Therefore, in celebration of the fact that most adwords  account managers are, by default, slightly mad, the following little list hopes to reveal the true horror of a life in PPC Management. It is a list full of things that every Google Advertising Professional hopes will never happen to him / her, but that they worry about constantly. Hopefully the list will equally inform, amuse, lament and give cheers to all that it means to be a Google Advertising Professional who just can’t stop worrying… (more…)

Webrageous Studios is on Facebook and Twitter

Webrageous Studios is now using the power of Facebook and twitter to build networks within the world of PPC Advertising and provide more information about the range of services that it offers. These services include Pay Per Click Management, Google Grants Management and AdWords Consulting among others.

The company regularly posts interesting and useful links to articles about PPC Management and PPC Advertising on both Facebook and Twitter. As a result, both our Facebook and Twitter profiles are gradually developing into a useful source of reference for PPC Management support and advice.

Webrageous on Facebook

If you are an avid user of Facebook,  then just search for us on Facebook.

If you need help and support on a particular PPC issue, you may find that someone has the answer to share with you through a Facebook discussion forum on the Webrageous´ Facebook Page. In this sense, becoming a fan of the Webrageous Studios Business Page could be a really effective way to begin learning from the knowledge and practices of others in similar PPC situations as yourself.

As an example, recent posts on the Webrageous Facebook Business Page include links to articles that give clear and uncomplicated insights into pay per click optimization techniques and articles about the Google Grants Program. After following the links to these posts and reading the articles and blog posts that they link to, you may find that whatever your background or purpose, the power of PPC Advertising on Google suddenly becomes a lot more accessible. Facebook is a really easy way for Webrageous Studios to help PPC Advertisers remain in contact with PPC developments. It acts as a base from which any information can be transmitted with ease. Facebook is also an active forum that allows existing PPC Advertising Clients to remain up-to-date with the expansion of Webrageous Studios’ services as well. For these two reasons, joining the company’s page is bound to bring nothing but positive outcomes your way.

Webrageous on Twitter

Webrageous Studios is now also tweeting happily every day under the name of “WebrageousPPC” and it would love for you to follow its tweets. Again, by following Webrageous on Twitter, you will be instantly alerted to all new blog posts and articles posted on the company’s website as they become available. You may also find that the articles / blog posts which each tweet leads you to help you improve your PPC advertising campaign in some way. Therefore, all PPC Advertising work should take a turn for the better after simply reading some of the basic material each Webrageous Tweet leads you to. It is also worth bearing in mind that you can organize your Twitter account to receive tweet updates directly to your mobile. This way you won’t even have to log in to stay up to date with Webrageous Studios News or PPC Google AdWords News in general.

To get a better idea of the content of the Webrageous Tweets, past tweeting has alerted all followers to the ways in which some of the basic principals of PPC Advertising, such as conversions, can be improved. Other Webrageous Tweets have linked to more complex PPC ideas including articles about how to improve quality score, for instance. What the most important factor to consider here is that the tweets will keep you in the loop regarding your own PPC campaigns and the management of PPC Advertising overall.

Find Us on Facebook and Twitter

If interested in following through with the advantages of being linked to Webrageous Studios via Facebook and Twitter in the future, click on the above links dotted about in this post. Make sure you check out the activity of the company both on Facebook and Twitter and sign up to receive instant information from Webrageous Studios via two of the most popular social network forums that exist in the land of social media networking today. If you don’t have a Facebook and Twitter Account as of yet, now might be the best time to get started.

Google AdWords Management Sales Job

Webrageous is looking for a very talented part-time professional who can join our winning team through a Google AdWords management sales job. Part-time with even just a few hours each week is of interest to us.

Are You Qualified for this Google AdWords Management Sales Job?

You are a highly motivated, sales driven professional with a solid understanding of Google AdWords and excellent sense for online marketing. You are excited about the possibility of being paid what you are worth and about having no cap on your income!

We are a fast growing Google AdWords management company committed to providing the best results and best customer service possible for online marketing.

You are convincing, assertive and solutions minded. You love winning and keeping customers. Your willingness to do whatever it takes propels your sales success and your customers’ online marketing results.

You have a strong ability for generating new customers and enjoy mining for new accounts. You possess excellent listening, questioning and probing skills which positions you ahead of the pack when qualifying prospects and uncovering real pain points. You thrive when creating winning solutions for your company and for your customers.

We are an award-winning performance-centric company with ambitious goals and a focused plan to achieve those goals.

You are passionate about selling and servicing your customers, generating an abundant income and making your mark in a company. You are goal oriented and you thrive in an achievement-focused company where success is celebrated and shared.

This is a commission-only Google AdWords management sales job. We are offering 30% of the new revenues you generate from cold calling over the first 12 months of our relationship with the new client and 20% of revenues for any leads that we provide for you.

We are Webrageous, a Nevada-based Google AdWords Management firm. our team extends from the bay area to Brazil, come grow with us!

To apply for this Google AdWords management sales job, please check out www.Webrageousemployment.com


Getting an AdWords Certified Company for PPC Management

Perhaps you are unaware, but not all PPC Management Companies, or the PPC Account Managers whom they employ are AdWords Certified.

Is your PPC Management Company an AdWords Certified Company? Did you even know that it is an important factor to consider when choosing a PPC Management Company to take care of your PPC advertising campaign in the first place?

Webrageous: An AdWords Certified Company

Webrageous Studios is an AdWords Certified Company. It displays its Google AdWords Accreditation Badge clearly for all new and current clients to see on its website because it has had to work hard to earn this status and to ensure that all of the PPC Account Managers who work for the company are also AdWords Certified.

Each PPC Account Manager who works for Webrageous Studios undergoes a rigorous training process in order to thoroughly prepare them for the Google AdWords Accreditation Exam. This ensures that any PPC Account Manager working with you on your campaign is thoroughly trained and entirely competent in their role.

Why is It Important?

It is important that all PPC advertisers are aware of the fact that not every PPC Management Company can promise the same expertise nor the same success that Webrageous Studios promises because they do not all hold these Google Qualifications.

There’s no pre-requisite for running a PPC campaign, but companies or individuals who operate without being an AdWords Certified body will always find it a lot more difficult to make advertising campaigns successful. The fact of the matter is that Google AdWords is just far too complicated to operate (maybe one of the most complicated PPC networks available) if working without access to expert knowledge, services and features that an AdWords Certified Company like Webrageous Studios has access to as a result of being Google AdWords qualified.

The Importance of Having a Google AdWords Consultant

A Google AdWords Consultant is a specialist in the management of all things related to Google AdWords PPC campaigns. Webrageous Studios has an excellent reputation for being a highly successful and effective Google AdWords Consultant for many reasons.

Why is it important to think carefully before beginning to work with an AdWords Consultant? Are there any real differences between the hoards of Consultants available?

The simple answer is…yes!

Why Working with an AdWords Consultant is Important

It is important to be working alongside and experience consultant with experience, expertise and knowledge, because there are a number of Google AdWords Consultants who are not as qualified as others. This short post is designed to help you understand some very brief ways in which Webrageous Studios is one of the best in the field.

In short, Webrageous can provide a great deal of help, support and advice regarding all things PPC, but the qualifications, skills and services of different consultants can also vary incredibly.

Therefore, please click on the Contact Tab in the top right hand corner of this website in order to make direct contact with one of our Google Adwords Accredited PPC Account Managers and we can discuss the possibilities of Google Adwords Consultancy or PPC Advertising Management in full with you without delay.

Need a Google AdWords Representative?

A Google AdWords representative is a Google employee who works directly with a specially selected pay per click management company as an extra point of reference and support for the development of all pay per click campaigns managed by that company.

If you are currently looking for a representative at Google AdWords it may be easier to hire an AdWords agency who can get you the support you need and help you improve your account and at the same time save you many countless hours of optimizing your account on your own. Please give us a call at 800-645-9521 for a free estimate. For many clients we have a 60 day risk-free trial where we will be hands-on managing your account during that time.

We have had the benefit of working with many Google AdWords representatives who have invited us to use new Google features, such as Google Remarketing, ahead of schedule. Webrageous was able to use the Google Remarketing program while it was still in the beta testing stage at Google. Our Google AdWords representative sets us apart from other pay per click management companies and that is why it is important to have a Google AdWords representative working for you behind the scenes when you hire Webrageous.

In addition, if you have any questions regarding the content of this post and wish to know more about the benefits of full-service PPC management,please contact us directly.

Successful Google Paid Advertising Management

Anyone can run a Google AdWords PPC Advertising Account. The opening of an account is a very simple procedure and the creation of individual advertisements for a PPC advertising campaign really does not take very long. Nor is the process in its most basic form very complex either. However, to be successful in Google Paid Advertising Management is an entirely different thing.

In principal, it appears at first glance that the only thing necessary for a PPC advertiser to do, when wanting to advertise online through Google AdWords, is to write some advertisement text, pick some keywords, set a daily budget amount or bid for the cost per conversion that suits the advertising budget at hand and press the “activate” button. This is most certainly true, in principal. (more…)

Looking for a Top Google AdWords Certified Company?

Webrageous Studios is a Pay Per Click Management Company, staffed by a group of Pay Per Click Managers who are Google AdWords Certified. If you are looking for an expert to manage your online advertising, you have come to the right place.

Our Pay Per Click Managers have had to go through a rigorous and in-depth training program on all things related to Google AdWords in order to pass an online examination of substantial length and detail and become Google AdWords Certified.

The Advantage of Working with a Google AdWords Certified Company

Google AdWords Certified PPC Account Managers are expected to know anything from the very basic to the deeply advanced. For example, they should know on a basic level what a conversion is and how conversions can be achieved, but they also need to know how advertising campaigns can be optimized. This includes knowledge of advanced techniques in keyword optimization or landing page quality, for example, in order to raise the AdWords Quality Score of any given campaign.

Believe it or not, not every PPC Management Company is a Google AdWords Certified Company. Therefore, there are a number of PPC Account Managers out there who are employed to manage the PPC campaigns of their clients without having undergone the specific training required. This is why it is important to seek out the PPC Management Companies, like Webrageous Studios, which are Google AdWords Certified Companies.

For a start, check to see whether the PPC Management Company in question displays the Google AdWords Certification Badge on their website. It is highly unlikely that any PPC Management Company which has earned the Google Certification wouldn’t want to display their badge prominently. However, if in doubt, give the company a call and ask them directly before pursuing any other course of interest.

PPC Management Companies without Certification

How is it possible that some PPC Management Companies who are not Google AdWords Certified still manage to offer their services to paying PPC clients?

The answer is fairly simple. Anyone is able to start and run a PPC Advertising Campaign. Individuals can choose to run their PPC campaigns alone, if they so wish. It is incredibly easy to open a Google AdWords Account and begin advertising online and this is how it is possible for some PPC Management Companies to offer PPC services without certification. However, this situation is clearly not recommended.

It may certainly be easy to open a Google AdWords Account, but it is certainly not an easy task to “successfully” manage one. This is why it is important to employ a Google AdWords Certified Company, such as Webrageous Studios, to manage your account for you.

Some people choose to manage their own account and then take advantage of the Google AdWords Consultant Service that Webrageous Studios also provides. However, even that is not as effective as employing Webrageous Studios on a full time basis as a PPC Advertising Manager.


3 Tips to Help You Choose The Right Google Adwords Consultant

There are many Google AdWords consultants that would be more than willing to support you in managing your PPC advertising campaign. The problem lies in choosing the best consultant for the job.

here are 3 Tips to help you choose the right consultant for you

Test their knowledge!

The last 10 years has brought a huge increase of firms and individuals who claim to be experts. some are extremely knowledgeable and others are likely only slightly more knowledgeable than you about AdWords. Ask the tough questions when you interview someone. We recommend a join.me meeting or skype screen share. Ask these questions of the person who will actually be managing your account. It would be a huge red flag if they can’t answer these basic questions: show me where I would adjust the frequency cap of a display campaign (it’s towards the bottom of settings as of May 2016 but this may change with the upcoming redesign), show me where I can see the number of people on a remarketing list, and ask them to show an account that they actively manage. Have them show you the change history. You should see At least 30 changes a month spread out over at least four different times. if you only see three or four changes it’s a good sign to run for the hills and find someone else. Many of our larger accounts have hundreds of changes throughout each month.  these questions are of moderate difficulty but any decent management company should be able to answer them. You might want to preface these questions by asking if you are speaking with someone who would be making changes to the account. If you’re just speaking with a salesperson they likely won’t be able to answer these questions. And have them put you in touch with the real account manager to ask these questions. Don’t give them a heads up that there will be a quiz-to say you need to speak with someone who will be managing your account. That way they won’t on purpose put you with the best person in the office to answer the questions and then stick you with the rookie when you sign up.

Check their reputation carefully

It’s worth your time to check out the Better Business Bureau profile of anyone you are considering hiring as a PPC management consultant

Decide if full-service management is better than consulting

If you are spending more than $2000 per month then set it and forget it is probably not the right way to go to managing your AdWords account. Your competitors will be adjusting their bids and you will want to maintain the right position in the search results. You will also want to adjust your balance of traffic between desktop and mobile over time as one or the other becomes more competitive. And remember that over time the features of Google AdWords can change. For example in late 2016 ads are changing from 1 title line to 2, and you will have 30 characters in the title instead of 25. So ads will need to be adjusted. And new features are rolled out all the time. given the constant flux of Google AdWords it may be best to go with full-service management.

If we can be of service please contact us. we would love to help you improve your Google AdWords account.

Webrageous Studios And Google Adwords Representatives

There are many PPC Management Companies that would be more than willing to take on responsibility for the management of your PPC advertising campaign. It doesn’t take long to do a quick Google search to find a list of companies to choose from, but the problem is in knowing which one to choose. Some good advice to follow is to look for PPC Management Companies that offer something a little more than the average; ones that can boast access to features that set them apart from the rest.


What do you Know about Pay Per Click Optimization?

What is pay per click optimization? Why is it important to any PPC advertising campaign? How can pay per click optimization improve your PPC Advertising? What tools and techniques exist to aid in the improvement of pay per click optimization? (more…)

Facebook or Google: Social Advertisements versus PPC

Facebook is one of the fastest growing sites online and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Interestingly enough, the 35 – 54 demographic of its huge following is the age range growing at the fastest rate, proving that Facebook is no longer a simple social forum where young people spend hours upon hours chatting with their friends after a long, hard day at school. Facebook and its social advertisements is becoming one of the best ways of promoting a business, drawing attention to a campaign, raising money for a worthy cause, or selling products online.

It’s for this reason that the business savvy 35 – 54 demographic is at present making extra efforts to catch up fast; to learn about what their children have been plugging into for the past few years. Facebook and its Social Advertisements is an advertiser’s dream.

Or is it?

Facebook or Google?

The question is whether Facebook and its Social Advertisements has the potential to outrun the advertising power of search engines like Google and its advertising arm AdWords, managed by PPC Management Companies such as Webrageous Studios. Webrageous Studios believes that there are many positive reasons for using Social Advertisements on Facebook as a means of online marketing and it is willing to provide a detailed explanation of what those advantages are.

However, as the highly experienced PPC Management Company that it is, Webrageous Studios has also spent a lot of time carefully analyzing the differences between Social Advertisements on Facebook and PPC Advertising through Google Adwords to have a better understanding of what works better: Facebook or Google?

As a result of these studies, it has concluded that despite Facebook’s social pulling power, the more established form of PPC Advertising through Google Adwords, for example, still continues to be the better form of online advertising overall for a number of reasons. Webrageous Studios also believes that, despite its huge growth recently, Facebook Social Advertising does not have the power to take over from the likes of Google Adwords PPC Advertising. what our clients have told us is that Facebook leads cost less but the lead quality is also much less. Imagine getting 10 times as many leads for the same budget with Google AdWords. it sounds very enticing. But what if your sales team only closes just as many leads and they have to sort through 10 times as much junk? At that point you are much better off just sticking with Google AdWords. Remember with Google AdWords if you stick with the search network people are actively searching for your products and services when they see your ad. On Facebook they are not actively searching for what you sell. They just happened to see your ad and say “oh that’s nice.” So maybe they buy and maybe they just run up a high advertising spend. Google AdWords sounds like a much better deal!