Hiring an SEO Writer is the Way To Go

The world of online advertising is incredibly vast. In fact, if you’re advertising online you could be up against competitors from all over the world. What if you are just a small business with a limited advertising budget?
Well, there are ways to boost your natural listing on the search engines through search engine optimization (SEO). And you can do it all for a fairly minimal cost.

Perhaps most successful of all in improving your natural ranking is by hiring an SEO writer.

When the search engines’ web crawlers scour your website they are looking for a number of things. They are looking for a means of providing the most up-to-date data to their searchers. They are looking for websites with interesting content.
Web crawlers also copy all the hyperlinks listed on a page and add them to a list of URLs to visit at a later date. As you can imagine, it is impossible for web crawlers to get through every site listed on the Internet so they prioritize their downloads, visiting those sites with the most recent updates and large amount of activity. (more…)

Where to Find the Experts in Family Law Marketing

As a family law firm, you will know that when it comes to marketing, your needs are very particular. Your clients are already dealing with sensitive issues when they seek out your help.

Click here for our updated page on helping family law firms with Google AdWords.
Family Law Marketing

Family Law Marketing through Webrageous

Pay Per Click management company Webrageous has extensive experience in creating family law firms marketing campaigns. Whether your clients are after legal advice on divorce or child custody or any other family issues, our marketing consultants are very experienced.

We are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable about the business of family law marketing, but we are also very understanding of the sensitivities when it comes to targeting family law clients. For this reason, we offer specialized family law marketing help that address your specific needs.

The Webrageous Advantage

As a Pay Per Click marketing company, we specialize in Yahoo, Bing, and Google AdWords. Most importantly we have been helping several family law firms for close to 10 years. in the navigation at the top check out our testimonials and results tab. Our video testimonials include testimonials from two family law firms.

With our years of experience in Pay Per Click management we can get your keywords converting for you and draw more clients to your site.

But we also go one step further. It is one thing to get clients to your website, but keeping them there and ensuring that they make the call or enter their details on an online contact form is another thing altogether. We understand that conversions are the most important part of family law marketing, a step that is often overlooked by other online advertising companies.

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Do you Want to Submit an Article to Webrageous?

Right now our main interest is in hiring writers who can write on the Webrageous blog or get articles submitted to great sites like Search Engine Land. Many people come to this page looking for somewhere to submit their articles and just get them accepted. But we actually want to pay you! The catch is that you won’t be able to publicize your site on our blog. But if you still want to publicize your site it might be possible to co-market our sites on top industry publications. you would write the article and we can subsidize your efforts so that we both get some publicity and you can get paid for it! Please visit www.Webrageousemployment.com for more information and to contact us.

Below is some old information about submissions to our blog when we were accepting guest posts.

Well folks we are not ready to delete this page quite yet and never accept submissions ever again but we are leaning towards that because of the low quality articles we have received. If you really have some amazing quality articles that are well written and proofread and valuable to readers you can send them but we cannot promise a response. Please send a post which is ready to be uploaded which only has one link back to your site. If we are interested we will email you back and post it. To be honest over 90% of the time you won’t hear back from us and that just means we are not interested.

Do you want to submit and article to Webrageous? Do you want to be a guest writer about pay per click featured on our blog or website? Would you like to contribute your pay per click knowledge via our websites on a regular basis or are interested in writing a one-hit pay per click wonder?

Submit an article to WebrageousEverything is possible with Webrageous and we would love you to submit an article to us about pay per click advertising / management at any time.
Webrageous is an expert in pay per click advertising, pay per click management and Google AdWords marketing. As such, we produce a wide variety of blog posts and articles on these subjects designed to help interested readers make improvements to their pay per click campaigns.
If you want to submit an article about pay per click management, pay per click advertising or Google AdWords and join the Webrageous Writing Team, continue reading the rest of this short post to find out how. (more…)

Webrageous Studios’ Updates

Webrageous Studios, a Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Company, has been developing its services quickly over the past few months. The company has increased its Pay Per Click client base, it has been hiring and training more Pay Per Click Managers to join its expert Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Team and it has put plans in place for some serious improvements to its blog and website.
Webrageous Studios, which began as a website design company in 2001, has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of David Chapman, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Not only does David Chapman ensure that each of his Pay Per Click Managers are Google AdWords Qualified and thoroughly trained in all aspects of the work, but he also prides himself on the fact that Webrageous Studios offers a highly personalized service thanks to the relatively compact size of the company.
In addition to expanding its client base and to recruiting a number of highly qualified and experienced Pay Per Click Managers in recent months, Webrageous Studios has also focused heavily on improving the content, usability and design of its blog and website to provide an even better resource service for its clients and readers. These developments will be visible to all our readers soon. (more…)

What is Pay Per Click Call Tracking?

You are a fairly typical US business owner of some kind. You might be in retail, cosmetics or law. Maybe you work for a huge organization, perhaps even a medical clinic. Whatever line of work you are in these days, you probably have an online presence of some kind. Your business needs Pay Per Click Call Tracking.
Even if you don’t have your own website, the Internet is such an all-powerful force in today’s world that someone else will have mentioned your business at some point somewhere on the Internet, whether that be on another website, blog or even a social site, such as Twitter or Facebook. It is almost impossible to not be touched by the Internet in at least one way in your life.
Pay Per Click Call Tracking is an invaluable tool for any business which receives lots of customers, whether it be in the form of a purchase or a simple inquiry, over the telephone.
Have you ever though to yourself… “How did that telephone customer find my telephone number?”
Maybe you’ve thought about this question so much that you have even asked some customers to explain. Perhaps their answer was, “from the Internet.”
But was that answer actually helpful to you or not? Our guess here at Webrageous is that it probably was of little true use and this is why Webrageous Studios believes that every business should have the Pay Per Click Call Tracking feature in place. Webrageous offers its PPC Clients its very own call tracking service as part of the services it offers as a PPC Management Company.
Allow us to explain a little further… (more…)