You are a fairly typical US business owner of some kind. You might be in retail, cosmetics or law. Maybe you work for a huge organization, perhaps even a medical clinic. Whatever line of work you are in these days, you probably have an online presence of some kind. Your business needs Pay Per Click Call Tracking.

Even if you don’t have your own website, the Internet is such an all-powerful force in today’s world that someone else will have mentioned your business at some point somewhere on the Internet, whether that be on another website, blog or even a social site, such as Twitter or Facebook. It is almost impossible to not be touched by the Internet in at least one way in your life.

Pay Per Click Call Tracking is an invaluable tool for any business which receives lots of customers, whether it be in the form of a purchase or a simple inquiry, over the telephone.

Have you ever though to yourself… “How did that telephone customer find my telephone number?”

Maybe you’ve thought about this question so much that you have even asked some customers to explain. Perhaps their answer was, “from the Internet.”

But was that answer actually helpful to you or not? Our guess here at Webrageous is that it probably was of little true use and this is why Webrageous Studios believes that every business should have the Pay Per Click Call Tracking feature in place. Webrageous offers its PPC Clients its very own call tracking service as part of the services it offers as a PPC Management Company.

Allow us to explain a little further…

  • You have a website
  • That website has lots of pages
  • That website has lots of landing pages for many of your PPC advertisements
  • Your telephone number is present on many of those landing pages

How do you know which advertisement, which landing page, which section of your website is doing the real work at drawing in your telephone customers? Pay Per Click Call Tracking can answer all of those unanswered questions.


You don’t have a website but people tell you that they found your details on the Internet

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Pay Per Click Call Tracking can help you track where those customers who find you on the Internet come from in detail: the websites and web pages that they have been looking at in order to find you.

Don’t you want to know about the origins of your customers? Couldn’t that information be really useful to you? If you think it could, read the article 5 Reasons to Get Pay Per Click Call Tracking for more evidence in favor of employing the call tracking feature into your advertising evaluation plan.