Webrageous has been managing Google AdWords accounts for law firms since about 2004 across many different verticals. We would like to share with you the top keywords to use for law firms. This will help you for both search engine optimization and AdWords. And if managing your Google AdWords account seems like too much work then check out our 60 day risk-free trial page.

These are more general keywords but you can visit some other pages we have created for  keyword ideas in specific verticals including bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. Those are the main practice areas where we have particular expertise. Plus pharmaceutical/medical device liability. But we are keeping that valuable keyword list private!

Hire a law firm

local law firm

law firm rate(s)

law firm specializing in [INSERT SPECIALTY]

best law firm

top law firm

law firm near me

[CITY NAME] law firm

[STATE NAME] law firm

[COUNTY NAME] law firm


If you are deciding which area to specialize in remember that family law  has the quickest return on investment. Bankruptcy tends to have a little lower return on investment. Criminal defense  is very hard unless you specialize in  sex crimes and/or drug crimes ( particularly drug distribution ).  The return on investment if you do DUIs is very low with paid search.  Personal  injury campaigns  are highly profitable  but you are paid only after a settlement or victory and that can take several months  for many cases.

Here’s our testimonials video so you can see how happy several Webrageous clients are that they have relieved themselves of the nitty gritty details of managing paid search:

If you consider  how much time you could waste  getting  your AdWords account  fine-tuned  doesn’t make sense then give us a call at 855-945-1596  to see if we can manage your account under our risk-free trial for 60 days?  It is rare when we can’t more than cover  our management fee  by delivering more qualified leads to your law firm.   It just makes sense to spend less time managing AdWords  and have more paying clients  that more than cover the cost of management.

Remember that  you will have to spend  time not just  managing your keywords but also writing  great ad text,  managing negative keywords,  properly setting up call tracking  and conversion tracking ,  as well as  finding  an expert in landing page optimization

Please check out our results videos below!