Webrageous Studios Advises on Google AdWords Bidding

Google AdWords BiddingBidding and Bidding Management in Google AdWords can be a tricky area for many reasons. Webrageous Studios recognizes the difficulty in finding the correct balance of each individual campaign when bidding and it is only through time, patience and gathered experience that any Pay Per Click Manager can begin to see the outcomes of bidding activity ahead of time.

Making the Most Out of Google AdWords Bidding

Webrageous Studios has developed a number of different ways of approaching Google AdWords Bidding over the years and ensures that every single Pay Per Click Manager working for the company is given a full insight into and plenty of training in the Webrageous method.
Naturally, every single business is different, every single campaign is different and every single Pay Per Click Advertiser is looking for different outcomes. Webrageous Studios is fully aware of the individuality linked to Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising and this is why it offers a personalized service every single time to all of its Pay Per Click Clients. However, that does not mean that certain rules of thumb cannot be applied as a general approach to Google AdWords Bidding. (more…)

Webrageous Studios’ Updates

Webrageous Studios, a Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Company, has been developing its services quickly over the past few months. The company has increased its Pay Per Click client base, it has been hiring and training more Pay Per Click Managers to join its expert Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Team and it has put plans in place for some serious improvements to its blog and website.
Webrageous Studios, which began as a website design company in 2001, has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of David Chapman, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Not only does David Chapman ensure that each of his Pay Per Click Managers are Google AdWords Qualified and thoroughly trained in all aspects of the work, but he also prides himself on the fact that Webrageous Studios offers a highly personalized service thanks to the relatively compact size of the company.
In addition to expanding its client base and to recruiting a number of highly qualified and experienced Pay Per Click Managers in recent months, Webrageous Studios has also focused heavily on improving the content, usability and design of its blog and website to provide an even better resource service for its clients and readers. These developments will be visible to all our readers soon. (more…)

Webrageous Studios and Google

Webrageous Studios is a very special PPC Management Company for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is the incredibly successful relationship that it has developed with Google over a long period of time.
Webrageous works alongside a specially devoted team of Google AdWords experts
so that all of the PPC Campaigns which the company manages can benefit from outstanding analysis and attention at all times.
When Webrageous Studios has a query or needs some specific support, the Google AdWords team is there to help without delay. Webrageous always works with the same group of Google AdWords experts and for this reason the PPC Management offered by the company is always above average. (more…)

The Importance of Divorce Lawyer PPC Advertising

divorce lawyer PPC advertisingPay Per Click Management is the kind of online marketing that works for businesses that have products to sell, right? It is the kind of online marketing that only works for travel companies or online shoe stores, those kinds of businesses that appeal to a large consumer market and which tap into that materialistic nature of the regular human being?
Well, no, actually this is true. Online shoes stores and travel companies are highly marketable online businesses. This does not mean, however, that online marketing can only be applied to businesses that sell commercial goods. More often than not, online marketing, especially in the form of pay per click advertising, can help businesses that offer services, too.

Divorce Lawyer PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click can be an extremely lucrative form of online advertising for divorce lawyers too, particularly if the Pay Per Click Management Company that you have employed to run your advertising campaign happens to be Webrageous Studios.
Webrageous Studios is an Expert in Divorce Lawyer Marketing via Pay Per Click Google AdWords. Through our experience in divorce lawyer PPC advertising, we are able to bring clients directly to the firms that they need the most.
How does this help the law firms? Basically, once an effective divorce lawyer PPC advertising campaign is in place, especially one that is run by Webrageous Studios, clients who are having a hard time looking for what they need can be shown the right direction to take. Remember that clients of divorce lawyers have special needs. They require confidentiality and delicate care, given the situation they are in. This is why divorce lawyer PPC advertising requires every content and ad to be tasteful and sensitive.
Experience how divorce lawyer PPC advertising through Webrageous Studios can make a difference for your firm. Let us know how we can help you now.

Online Marketing for Divorce Lawyers

Online Marketing for divorce lawyers in the form of PPC Management is best achieved if employing the expertise of a PPC Management Company. However, it is important to choose a PPC Management Company that has experience and success in the online marketing of divorce lawyers in particular.
Logically, if you are employing a PPC Management Company to improve the online marketing success of your divorce lawyer business, then it makes good financial and business sense to work with a company that already has experience and know-how in the field. (more…)

Divorce Attorney Online Marketing: An Overview

divorce attorney online marketingHow might a divorce attorney go about marketing their business?
Without giving much thought to the idea, a foolish and inexperienced divorce attorney might try the following marketing techniques:

  1. Tell a friend that they saw that same friend’s wife or husband dining romantically with someone else and then finish the conversation by giving that then sad and distraught friend their divorce attorney business card, accompanied by a look of deeply feigned compassion!
  2. Sit outside a marriage counseling unit with a large batch 50% off divorce attorney voucher handouts and simply wait for the troops to march on in!
  3. Get a part time second job as a post man/woman and burn all the cards or packages sent to loved ones on Valentine’s day; posting divorce attorney marketing leaflets through each letterbox on his or her route instead!

Obviously, divorce attorney marketing techniques such as those suggested above are, quite frankly, just a little drastic, not to mention more than a little amoral. Coming from a field like this, you have to make sure that your credibility stays intact.
Indeed, there are far better ways of marketing yourself as a divorce attorney; ways that are both less cruel and far more effective. This is where proper divorce attorney online marketing comes in.

Efficient Divorce Attorney Online Marketing

One of the best divorce attorney marketing options lies in the application of PPC Advertising through online networks such as Google AdWords. Webrageous Studios is a highly specialized and incredibly successful PPC Management Company that works on efficient and effective divorce attorney online marketing in order to improve their PPC strategies.
To learn more about the recent successes experienced by other attorneys through divorce attorney online marketing thanks to the help and support of Webrageous Studios, read the article posted on the Webrageous Studios Website. The article details specific examples of divorce attorney online marketing successes and it also lists the many different areas, such as divorce mediation, that Webrageous Studios specializes in.

Pay Per Click for Divorce Attorneys

60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementPay Per Click Management is becoming more and more complex and competitive by the day, particularly if managing Pay Per Click Campaigns through Google AdWords. For this reason it is important to search for a trusted and experience Pay Per Click Management Company that can take care of all your advertising needs for you whilst you concentrate on running your business. That’s why we put together a page that  highlights the results we have achieved for several of our divorce attorney clients.

However, what is perhaps even more important is to find a Pay Per Click Management Company that has sufficient experience and success in managing advertising campaigns within your line or area of business. Therefore, if you work as a divorce attorney Webrageous Studios should be your first choice. We have been helping divorce attorneys for 10 years now. We have deep bench of experience and great success helping divorce attorneys,personal injury attorneys,bankruptcy attorneys and pharmaceutical liability attorneys.


Click Fraud Rate is on the Rise as Shown by Recent Numbers

Next six Click Fraud in PPC Advertising is of course a concern for everyone and anyone who has something to do with the PPC industry in any way.

You might be a PPC Manager, a Google Employee or a PPC Advertiser. Whatever your connection to PPC Advertising is, it is important that you are aware of the fact that there are a number of recent reports which state that there has been an increase in Click Fraud this year.

Click Fraud: The Recent Numbers

In the second quarter of 2010, Click Forensics reports that Click Fraud has increased from 17.4% to 18.6%.

It also stated that the following countries outside of North America are at present responsible for the highest Click Fraud Rates in the world:

  • Singapore
  • Pakistan
  • Japan
  • Ukraine
  • China

However, Anchor Intelligence is reporting different figures. It states that Click Fraud Rate is at 28.9% at present. This is clearly a huge difference of opinion and therefore, at the same time as being aware of Click Fraud and how it might affect your PPC Advertising, please make sure that you bear these differences in data in mind when reading any material about the subject that you find on the Internet.

Perhaps it would be fair to say that not all figures can be trusted considering that there seems to be such a huge difference in research findings.

Having said that, do read the studies linked to in this post thoroughly and do contact Webrageous Studios if you have further questions about the subject or are looking for advice about how to protect yourself from Click Fraud. Webrageous has lots of experience in this area and has been successful in getting money back from both Yahoo and Google during a number of examples of click fraud.

Google AdWords Management for Divorce Attorneys

Webrageous Studios has been managing Google AdWords accounts for family law attorneys for over 10 years now. We encourage you to check out our page which highlights the results we have achieved for divorce attorneys.
Webrageous Studios is a Google AdWords Certified company, which is an important factor for any PPC Advertiser to take into consideration. However, if you are a divorce attorney looking for specialist PPC Management Services, then Webrageous Studios is an excellent choice. Webrageous specializes in a broad range of divorce attorney campaign management, including child custody and uncontested divorce, just to name a couple of examples. For this reason it is worth finding out a little bit more about what we can offer you. (more…)

Webrageous Studios has an RSS Feed

Just a quick update so that everyone is aware. Webrageous Studios now has an RRS Feed, included in this post below:

Webrageous Studios RSS Feed
Why is this important?

Well, now you will be able to subscribe to our feed and receive all those important updates directly to your inbox or reader on a daily basis. In this way, you won’t have to remember to open up a new window every morning in order to read what’s new.