10 Powerful Case Studies for Selling Social Media

Challenges in Selling Social Media

Selling Social MediaFor businesses, there is both a fierce attraction and an intense fear of selling social media. While it is a cost-effective but powerful way to connect with customers, both new and established, it is also seen as a medium with very little control and with a level of immediacy that is not as compatible with corporate hierarchy, even for medium-sized businesses.
For businesses accustomed to press releases and ad campaigns, selling social media can be a frightening thing. However, with the risk comes the potential for great rewards and many businesses that have seized these opportunities have done very well.

Selling Social Media: Who Did It Right?

Here are ten great examples of businesses that banked on the benefits of selling social media and had their efforts pay off in a big way. (more…)

Three Forms of Online Marketing

The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool for anything and everything in today’s time-conscious world. If not utilizing the Internet in some way already to market a product, service or business, then you will most definitely be one of the very few yet to do so. Maybe you believe that online marketing isn’t really for you; that you really don’t need to make any use of online marketing; that you do just fine without it?

Perhaps this is true. However, maybe you haven’t considered all the facts? Maybe you haven’t realized that there are many forms of online marketing to take advantage of?

Below are three of the most popular forms of online marketing, each serving a different purpose and requiring a different approach in order to achieve success.

  1. Online Marketing in the form of PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising
  2. Online Marketing through Social Media Networking
  3. Online Marketing through Content Network (via websites, blogs, social media networks, etc.)

Click on each of the links above to read about each form of online marketing in more depth and learn how each form could be useful to both you and your business, service or product.

Online Marketing has a lot to offer and if you are still not making use of its incredible reach, you really are missing out, despite how good business may appear to be to you on the surface.

Use Social Media Tools to monitor Off-line Advertising Campaigns

Social Media Tools to monitor the advertising success of online campaigns is one thing and a process that naturally makes a great deal of sense. If you are advertising online, then monitoring online what is happening because of that advertising is easy to do through computer-generated data and the like.

However, do not dismiss the idea of using social media in order to measure the success or monitor the effects of off-line advertising campaigns. It can be done and has been done, most recently in fact during the Super Bowl 2010. (more…)