Why you should invest in a PPC mobile campaign ASAP

If you’re an online advertiser, it is a fantastic idea to invest in a PPC mobile campaign. While it is not absolutely necessary, doing so can benefit your company greatly.


Marin software recently released a report stating that mobile devices will drive one third of paid clicks in the US by December 2013. Do you want to potentially increase business by 33.3 percent? Then you should invest in a pay per click mobile campaign.


One of the exciting elements of mobile advertising is that you can show a different set of advertisements and set different bids based on the mobile device you are targeting. Like all Google AdWords campaigns, you can also target by location and time.  People use their smartphones constantly, so targeting users on mobile devices is an obvious choice. As smartphones become both cheaper and more advanced, mobile PPC advertising is becoming more important for businesses. (more…)

The iPad, the cell phone or the laptop? Which is the best device for your PPC campaign?

While 2013 is considered the Year of the Snake by Chinese astrologers, for Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign managers advertising on the Google Display and Search Networks, it may as well be known as  the Year of the Tablet.

96325093Last year  128 million of these devices were shipped, an increase of 78% since 2011. PPC campaign managers must engage these as well as mobile users in 2013 as they represent a large and promising  slice of potential conversions.

Integration of devices

Google has recognized the importance of the tablet market as well as the similarities between tablets and desktop computers. In both cases, the display settings are quite comparable as website surfing on tablets offers the same look and feel as the desktop computer experience. The similarities also mean that people search the same way on both devices, often utilizing the same type and number of keywords. In the future the two will become one, with tablet bidding merging seamlessly into desktop campaigns. (more…)

Are mobile advertisements worth it for your PPC campaign?

Google AdWords mobile Pay Per Click advertising campaigns can give your website the push it needs to capitalize on the growing smartphone market. Mobiles offer us previously unknown opportunities to create and consume content, purchase products and utilize services at sometimes lightning-fast speeds. However, should mobile device users be specially targeted through mobile advertisements?
mobile advertisementsMobile search is growing at a rapid rate and with it equal opportunities for businesses to break into this highly valuable paid search advertising. Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising experts are encouraging businesses to get ahead of the competition and start their mobile advertisements immediately. If this were the stock market, the time to buy-in would definitely be now.

How is Mobile Search Special?

Currently the market for popular keywords on desktop search is extremely competitive and can be a challenge for less established PPC campaigns. More than likely, a lot of your competition is not yet utilizing mobile advertisements, so why not strike while the iron’s hot? The proof is in the balance sheet — creating mobile PPC campaigns can increase your business’s exposure at a lower cost to you (generally lower CPC rates) while shoring up your return on investment.

Mobile Keyword Tool from Google: An Introduction

The time has come for advertisers to go all out when it comes to mobile.

The use of smartphones and having continuous access to the internet via your mobile while you’re on the move is changing the face of online marketing once again, and Google has responded with yet another fantastic AdWords tool in order to meet this current development head on. This tool, as always, keeps every advertiser a step ahead of the rest.

Introducing Google’s Mobile Keyword Tool

The Mobile Keyword Tool can be found in the “Advanced Options “tab in your AdWords Account and it is fairly simple to use.

It allows you to get keyword ideas not just for desktop searches, but for mobile WAP searches (most feature phones) and full internet browser searches (iPhone, Android, and other high-end smartphones) as well.

What does this mean?

It means that you can optimize your keyword lists for mobile searches with more success and know-how. It also means that you can study those mobile keywords by average CPC, competition level, search share, and other metrics in order to target mobile search campaigns.

Why should the average PPC Advertiser suddenly start putting all their effort into the development of keywords and campaigns for the mobile search network? (more…)