Google Improves Analytics Intelligence Tool

The Google Analytics Intelligence Tool has been in operation for about a year and it is designed to help the PPC Manager better analyze their PPC Campaigns because this tool provides data mining and other techniques. Therefore, this tool is already very useful to a PPC Manager looking for ways in which to optimize their campaigns.

However, the important news today is that Google has made an excellent upgrade to the Google Analytics Intelligence Tool so that the effects of working with this tool are even more dramatic and positive.

So, what is the upgrade?

Google Analytics, in one of their recent posts on the Analytics blog, wrote:
“When Google Analytics detects causes to a major change in traffic, this section will display up to 5 segments that have contributed to that particular change.”

What does this mean for the common PPC Advertiser? (more…)

Tip of the Day – Google Places: Check For Outdated Address Information

google places outdated informationPPC Managers listen up… Google Places can be an excellent feature to use if you are thinking about building a brand for the company that you are working for. Branding Campaigns are effective PPC Campaigns for those companies and businesses which have a lot of competition and need to set themselves apart by making their brand names more important than what it is they actually do.
For instance, the brand Nike is perhaps more important and more popular as a brand than it is as a manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing. In fact, a lot of the Nike advertising hardly ever focuses on the product for the product’s sake. Wearing Nike sports gear is more about feeling good or being proud of being a well-rounded woman (one recent campaign featured a female with curvaceous glutei muscles and who was proud of her shape, whilst wearing her Nike outfit) for example.
However, today’s tip for Google Places concerns the verification of all company details that are listed across the Internet, making sure that these details are up-to-date. (more…)

Using AdWords Sitelinks for Your PPC Campaigns

Google AdWords has so many tools and abilities made readily available for every PPC manager, that not making the most out of any of them could be considered as such a waste. This is why it is quite baffling to know that there are still so many PPC advertisers out there who are not maximizing the use of the AdWords Sitelinks PPC Management feature.

What are AdWords Sitelinks?

Google AdWords Sitelinks is a feature of the PPC Advertisements that has been in operation for quite some time now. It allows the PPC advertiser to list more than just one URL at the bottom of their PPC advertisement in order to give internet users more options and more of a guarantee that they will land on the page that they are actually looking for.
Basically, the Sitelinks feature is another optimization tool that can be used in order to ensure that users are carried towards the point of conversion via a quicker and more efficient manner.
Using the feature is extremely easy, and can be done by anyone who manages their own PPC campaign. You can update the link text and the URL’s as often as needed, for example, and editing your sitelinks does not mean that your data will be reset as well. All data is preserved to promote continuity and to help you track your campaign’s success more efficiently.
Below is an example of a PPC Advertisement on the Google SERP that utilizes the AdWords Sitelinks technique.
AdWords Sitelinks
If you are still not using the Ad Sitelinks feature in your PPC campaign, then now is the perfect time to begin. Google AdWords recently released some interesting data which shows the success rate that comes with the use of the AdWords Sitelinks feature. Read further about PPC Advertising success using Ad Sitelinks on the Webrageous Studios website.