The Google Analytics Intelligence Tool has been in operation for about a year and it is designed to help the PPC Manager better analyze their PPC Campaigns because this tool provides data mining and other techniques. Therefore, this tool is already very useful to a PPC Manager looking for ways in which to optimize their campaigns.

However, the important news today is that Google has made an excellent upgrade to the Google Analytics Intelligence Tool so that the effects of working with this tool are even more dramatic and positive.

So, what is the upgrade?

Google Analytics, in one of their recent posts on the Analytics blog, wrote:
“When Google Analytics detects causes to a major change in traffic, this section will display up to 5 segments that have contributed to that particular change.”

What does this mean for the common PPC Advertiser?

It means more control and the possibility of immediate attention to the optimization of a campaign in response to the style of user behavior and user identity in real time.

Google allows you to create custom alerts from this tool that will be sent to your email or sent via SMS. This means that when you receive an alert about a significant change in type and amount of traffic visiting you site, you can log in to your Google Account and get to work.

Therefore, if the Analytics Intelligence Tool sends you an alert to say that you are now suddenly receiving a lot of traffic from internet users who have a collective interest in discounted products, for example, you can begin to optimize your landing pages immediately in order to show all of the special offers that you have in operation at that time and you can begin these optimization changes from wherever you happen to be at the time. This tool is essential for the VERY busy, on-the-go PPC Manager.

Webrageous Studios is the PPC Management Provider for a US law firm which specializes in the recall of medical devices and medical treatment. The PPC Management of the campaigns for this law firm are strengthened greatly thanks to the use of tools such as the Google Analytics Intelligence Tool.


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When information on the Internet or in the news is “hot” regarding a recalled medical device or product, Webrageous Studios is able to tap further into that market by:

  1. waiting to see developments in the type of traffic that comes to the law firm’s website
  2. before then optimizing those landing pages and the advertisement texts that will draw users to the site in response to the increased interest in that particular medical recall area.

To take more advantage of the developments that Google has made regarding its Analytics Intelligence Tool recently, it would be important to brush up a little further on the ways in which websites can be further optimized for search engine purposes and be ranked higher by Google thanks to the content found by its crawlers.

At the same time as optimizing a website, a PPC Manager needs to learn how to work with website designs that are easy to navigate and attractive to the internet user, making them happy to browse. In short, the stubborn PPC Manager needs to learn to work peacefully alongside the website designer or design team.

To help you in this area, Webrageous Studios has compiled 4 Top Tips that allow the PPC Manager and Website Design to Work Together in a single article and has published it on their website.