Nine Reasons Why We Love AdWords (And You Should, Too!)


If you’re considering PPC advertising for your business, it is more than likely that AdWords will be one of the strongest tools in your arsenal. With over 3 billion queries per day, Google offers a huge potential for serving PPC ads across a wide variety of industries. Google has a strong incentive to make their advertising platform effective and user-friendly, and we consider it one of the best platforms available to PPC professionals. Here are nine reasons we love using Google AdWords for our PPC campaigns, and why should you love AdWords, too.

1. AdWords Ads Have an Engaging Format

Organic search results are limited to a text-heavy format. This means that there aren’t many ways to make your organic search results stand out from the rest. AdWords offers a range of ad formats that are flexible and engaging, from static graphics and photos to videos. Location and call-only extensions also provide compelling information that makes it easier for potential customers to find and contact your business by integrating features like maps and click-to-call buttons into your ads.

2. AdWords Results are Measurable

AdWords gives you measurable results for your ad campaigns. This makes it easy to understand the ROI of your campaigns, and to drill down into the specific successes of various campaigns and keywords. You can focus your efforts on the keywords, formats and audience segments that give you the best results. With organic search, measuring and controlling the conversion rate for those pages can be challenging, if not impossible. AdWords also offers the benefits of easy-to-parse analytics dashboards that are updated daily, giving you an easy way to stay on top of campaign performance.

3. AdWords Give You Budget Flexibility

One of the features that makes AdWords such a powerful tool is its ability to accommodate a range of budgets. You can easily adjust your ad spend to anticipate and react to campaign performance over time, concentrating your ad spend on high-converting keywords or allocating a portion of your budget for more experimental campaigns. You can also utilize flexible bid strategies to automate your bidding strategy to maximize CPC and meet other PPC goals. However you choose to manage your budget, AdWords lets you optimize your campaigns to get the most bang for your budget by offering the ability to control their ad spend on a granular level.

4. Faster Results than SEO

Organic search results can be a challenging field to control. Google’s SEO algorithms are complex and ever changing. Even if you’re doing “everything right” when it comes to SEO, it can take months for your web pages to rank in search results. Google generally approved in about one business day, so you’ll be able to start serving your ads to viewers almost as soon as you start running campaigns.

5. Flexible Time Management

For many of our customers, the goal of PPC campaigns is to drive call-based conversions. As a result, they want to increase the likelihood that people will see their ads during office hours. AdWords gives advertisers control over what time of day their ads are shown. This is especially important for certain industries, such as the legal industry. Additionally, flexible advertising time management can be beneficial for any business or industry by allowing them to target less expensive time slots.

6. Granular Targeting Options

With such a massive pool of browsers using Google around the world, it’s important that advertisers are able to focus their ad campaigns on the viewers that are a good fit for their business. AdWords offers the best targeting options for PPC ads. This ensures that advertisers are more likely to reach their target audience while minimizing the amount of irrelevant users who see their ads. Advertisers can adjust variables such as locations, keywords, placements, and device to pinpoint users that fit their buyer personas more precisely.  

7. Remarketing

The benefits of remarketing are measurable. Studies have shown that ad viewers who are engaged in remarketing campaigns are up to 70% more likely to convert. Many advertising outlets offer a single opportunity to capture a prospective customer’s interest. But by leveraging remarketing campaigns, you can put your ads in front of the same viewers again and again. Remarketing with AdWords let you stay connected with your visitors on world’s biggest display advertising network. 

8.  Time-Saving Campaign Management Tools

Managing PPC campaigns can be a time-intensive endeavor. The platform has a variety of built-in tools to help you manage your campaigns more efficiently. Tools like Keywords planner, Adwords Editor, and the Merchant Center help advertisers tap the full potential of AdWords while saving time and remaining efficient in their campaign management activities.

9.  Great Customer Service

For problems large and small, Google has a customer service team at the ready. Their services include a weekday help hotline and a 24/7 online chat line. For advertisers who spend more than $10,000 monthly, Google offers dedicated AdWords representatives to walk you through ad management and advise you on the best way to run your campaigns.

Webrageous and AdWords

AdWords is a powerful platform for running successful PPC campaigns. It can also be a challenging tool to learn to use. To take advantage of the full potential of your AdWords campaign, consider working with Webrageous to managing your PPC campaigns. We have years of experience managing high-performing pay-per-click campaigns. We work closely with our AdWords representatives to ensure that our clients always see the best results possible for their advertising goals. Contact Webrageous today to learn how we can help you harness the power of AdWords and reach your PPC goals.


How to Optimize a “Limited by Budget” Campaign

limited by budget campaigns

Whether you have been running AdWords campaigns for a while or you are new to PPC, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ve seen that bright orange “limited by budget” notification on your AdWords dashboard. But what you might not realize is that you can use these budget notifications to your advantage to keep your PPC campaigns running smoothly. Here’s what you need to know about “limited by budget” campaigns and how you can adjust them to maximize their performance and optimize your ad spend.

What does “Limited by Budget” Mean?

Google AdWords campaigns may receive “limited by budget” designation whenever your budget is lower than Google’s recommended budget daily budget for a given set of keywords. This could mean that your budget is too low to serve your ads at all, or that it is too low to serve your ads more than a few times per day. While it’s easy to assume that Google is simply trying to convince advertisers to spend more money on advertising, these notifications can be a helpful performance indicator for your campaigns. For instance, if you’ve set your budget for a campaign to $200 per day and the CPC for one of the most popular keywords in that campaign is $50, you might be maxing out your budget each day after only four clicks. And unless your conversion rate is incredibly high, you probably won’t see great results from that campaign.

Optimizing Your “Limited By Budget” Campaigns

You can still run successful campaigns that are technically limited by budget. However, using these built-in notifications can be a useful technique in your advertising toolbox. By using “limited by budget” notifications as indicators of campaigns that need may need some tweaking, you can optimize your ad spend and improve your campaigns overall.

In some cases, the quickest and easiest fix for “limited by budget” campaigns is simply to increase your budget allocation for that campaign. However, most of us don’t have an unlimited ad spend, so making the most of our budgets is a priority. Here’s how to optimize your campaigns to ensure you’re getting great results within your existing budget.

Use Metrics to Cultivate Your Keyword Strategy

One of the first things you should do with “limited by budget” campaigns is to investigate why your campaigns are hitting budget limitations. Determine if there are a few keywords that are sucking up most of your budget. Some industries — especially the legal and insurance industries — can have extremely expensive keywords that might be eating up your entire daily budget after just a few clicks.

Once you’ve found the keyword culprits, you can take action to keep them from derailing your PPC campaigns. If they aren’t performing up to par, determine why; are they so expensive that you max out your budget after just a few clicks? Or are you getting plenty of clicks, but for keywords that aren’t relevant enough to your services to lead to a conversion? You may want to adjust your bid or pause keywords that take up a lot of impressions, especially if they aren’t converting well.

Break Budget-Hogging Keywords Out of Campaigns

Sometimes budget limitations are caused by poorly segmented campaigns. High-ticket keywords can bring your business valuable potential customers, but oftentimes they take attention away from cheaper keywords with relatively lower traffic, such as long-tail keywords, that might be just as important for driving a healthy lead flow. Consider creating separate campaigns for these “budget hogs.” This also helps to ensure that your ads also get some airtime for less expensive keywords that may be a better fit for your advertising goals.

Build and Manage Your Negative Keyword List

Building a healthy negative keyword list is another important aspect of optimizing “limited by budget” campaigns. By cultivating a list of keywords that you don’t want to target, you can ensure that when your ads are served, they’re reaching the right audience. Making sure that your ads are a good fit for the viewers that AdWords serves them to can help decrease your average CPC and improve your conversion rate overall.

Be sure to revisit your negative keyword list on a regular basis to make sure that it is comprehensive and accurate. Consumer search behaviors can change over time, so you may need to add or remove negative keywords from your list over time.

Use Ad Scheduling to Stretch Your Budget

Another data set to examine on your “limited by budget” campaigns is when you are maxing out your daily budget. For some high-traffic keywords, you may be hitting your budget limit early in the morning. This may negatively impact your campaign’s efficacy because in some cases PPC ads demonstrate better performance at specific times of the day. Additionally certain times of day may be more competitive, driving up the cost of ads. By scheduling your ads to run during time periods that are less expensive, you can stretch your existing budget further. This can be a useful tactic if you are running call only ad campaigns, especially if you have a specific time range in which you would like prospects to call your business.

Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns with Webrageous

Managing successful PPC campaigns isn’t always a quick and easy process, but it can bring great returns if you can devote time and resources to running your campaigns well. Whether you have limited time or a limited budget, effective, affordable PPC campaigns do not have to be out of reach for your business. Webrageous can help optimize your campaigns to perform well with the budget that you have, and ensure that you’re getting the best results possible from your PPC efforts. Contact us today to learn more about how our experience and expertise can help you reach your PPC advertising goals.

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Affordable Online Advertising a Stone’s Throw Away

Online advertising is now more affordable than ever when compared with other forms of advertising.

Affordable Online Advertising
Online advertising has provided a way for even the smallest business to afford efficient advertising. Through online advertising, businesses can choose how much they can afford to pay and still target the precise audience that is actively searching for their product or service.
However, since online advertising took off, huge numbers of businesses have discovered just how affordable and efficient online advertising is. This made the competition even more cutthroat. It also means that the smaller businesses need to fight harder for their keywords.
The challenge now is how to run a successful online advertising campaign and keep it affordable. The good news is that it can be done with the right help.

Affordable Online Advertising Made Possible

With expert help by online advertising management specialists, affordable online advertising is now possible. It is a matter of getting expert help to ensure that your campaigns achieve successful results on your budget.
Pay Per Click management company Webrageous is able to do this. With our many years of experience managing online advertising campaigns, we have honed our techniques in fine tuning our clients’ campaigns to ensure that they achieve the best results within the budget that they can afford.
With affordable online advertising, there is no reason to go outside your budget. That’s what makes it so efficient. You can bid as much or as little as you want on your chosen keywords. The trick is in staying within the budget and achieving a high ROI and a high number of conversions.
In order to do this it is recommended to find an online advertising management company that can specify your campaigns so you are only paying for clicks that are most likely going to turn into conversions.
For a look at how Webrageous can make your online advertising campaigns successful and incredibly affordable, read this article.

How It’s Done

There is absolutely no reason why affordable online advertising can’t be possible. The Internet is basically a giant source of customers that are actively seeking what you’re providing. It is then merely a matter of pinpointing your campaigns to those customers.
Pay Per Click providers such as Google AdWords offer specific targeting options that allow you to focus on customers based on region, language, age and gender, among others. By targeting customers within a small geographic area you are already making your online advertising campaigns much more affordable.
Google AdWords also provides reporting tools to see where you are having the greatest successes and failures. An online advertising expert carefully studies these reports to see where the campaigns need to be changed and how they can make the campaigns more affordable.
The reasons for hiring an affordable online advertising expert are multiple if you want to keep your online advertising campaigns as affordable as possible while also achieving high returns on your spending.
So do not come to the conclusion that your business is too small to warrant hiring an expert in online advertising management. When the right help is sought, you can enjoy effective but affordable online advertising.
Webrageous can help ensure affordable online advertising campaigns after signing up with us. From there, you only have to watch the conversions begin to soar above the money that you are spending on advertising.
So contact us today and get your affordable online advertising campaigns started.
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