There are many sites, blogs and YouTube videos that offer PPC tricks for anyone new or old to Google AdWords and PPC Management. In this blog post Webrageous Studios would like to highlight the following three PPC tricks of the trade as being the three top tricks from its experienced, trained perspective. Webrageous Studios is a company that only hires Google AdWords Certified PPC Account Managers to run its PPC campaigns and work with its important PPC advertising clients and it is a highly reputable PPC Management Company in the eyes of some highly trustworthy third party PPC authorities, including the Better Business Bureau.

For these two reasons, it considers itself to be enough of an authority within the area of PPC Management to be able to offer the following advice on PPC tricks. After a considerable amount of time, research and thought into the matter, it has decided that the three following PPC tricks are the three most deserving tricks to highlight to the Webrageous Blog.

So, the top three PPC tricks of the trade are…

  1. there are no PPC tricks
  2. anyone offering PPC tricks is a fraud and should be ignored immediately
  3. PPC tricks will never replace solid PPC Management knowledge, experience and training

After constantly being bombarded by so many different get rich quick PPC Management Blogs on the Internet and after seeing so many insider PPC trick videos on YouTube, Webrageous Studios has decided to speak out and set the record straight.

There are a number of highly trained PPC Management Companies available, including Webrageous Studios, full of PPC Managers who work hard, diligently and maintain a sense of the utmost professionalism at all times. PPC tricks and get rich quick schemes on the Internet do not only fool the poor PPC Advertisers who fall for the information, but they discredit the work that companies like Webrageous Studios do on a daily basis and they make it seem as though PPC Management Companies are superfluous to the system.

They are not.

There is no substitute for knowledge, training and expertise. PPC tricks do not exist. The PPC trick is the equivalent to the dodgy wiring set up in your new home; the dodgy wiring put in place by that dodgy electrician who offered you a dodgy business card with someone else’s name on it crossed out with a black marker pen. The electrician was dodgy. Get it? And you employed them because they were cheaper and said that the job could be done in a few days, whereas all the other companies you had spoken to had talked about a job that would take weeks and weeks.

PPC tricks = dodgy electrician. Don’t fall for it.

In order to provide a full understanding of the level of corruption surrounding PPC tricks on the Internet, read the full article on the subject on the Webrageous Studios Website.